Cure, The - Close To Me Lyrics

I've waited hours for this
I've made myself so sick
I wish I'd stayed asleep today
I never thought that this day would end
I never thought that tonight could ever be
This close to me

Just try to see in the dark
Just try to make it work
To feel the fear before you're here
I make the shapes come much too close
I pull my eyes out
Hold my breath
And wait until I shake

But if I had your faith
Then I could make it safe and clean
If only I was sure
That my head on the door was a dream

I've waited hours for this
I've made myself so sick
I wish I'd stayed asleep today
I never thought that this day would end
I never thought that tonight could ever be
This close to me

But if I had your face
I could make it safe and clean
If only I was sure
That my head on the door
Was a dream

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Cure, The Close To Me Comments
  1. tracey ashcroft

    Best Aussie Band EVER

  2. Mis primeros videos de miwrda

    Omg! Les inconnus! J'aime cette chanson. ❤️ ❤️

  3. foli xeru

    hay bandas que no tienen desperdicio y the cure es una.menudos exitos.

  4. Mattia Viesti

    Che canzone de merda

  5. L homme Qui valait 890 euros

    Cure en anglais le remede
    En ces temps de virus prennez le bon traitement ...
    Pour pouvoir continuez a sauter quelques barrieres a cheval au printemps
    Recommandé par l union internationale de la lumiere atomique

  6. Remi Hoarau

    Zou Zou Zoubida...Oh le lavabo il est beau 😅😅

  7. Joachim Harten

    This song is every thing: Rhythm. Sexy. Claustrophobic. Chamber play. Wanton. Silly. Boppy. Ataxic. Funny. Dance. Tight. Wonderful. Voluptuous. Dopey. Olymp.

  8. andrea lodovici


  9. Lesia Umanets

    I watch this video every morning to have some positivity for the rest of the day. It just makes me inexplicably happy. This and The Lovecats.

  10. paula & stoney

    brilliant nuff said

  11. Steve Anthony S.A.C.C

    Tim Burton?

  12. Louise W

    I swear growing up on bands like this ( born in 1983) inspired my love of Twenty One Pilots today

  13. vanR3

    My musical education made me halfway robert smith halfway snoop doggy double g

  14. Doberman

    Só curt 23/11/2019

  15. drunk chicken

    It's not nice to watch this with claustrophobia.

  16. Juan María Hernández Pérez

    Close to me
    November 2019

  17. Rushdi Ishmail

    Great song.👌🏾

  18. jim smith

    Way ahead of its time

  19. Natasha Scott

    Brilliant band, my best friends sister was a goth and she had a hair do just like Robert's. Gotta love a bit of the 80's. Shit hair but great tunes!

  20. Because the Internet

    I used to go to a hip hop/ r&b club in the early 00s. Downtown Auckland City, New Zealand. Clientele was pretty much exclusively Maori & Pacific Islander. This is the only non urban song in regular rotation and the whole dance floor would go hard.

  21. Fran Dávila

    Persiana Americana xd

  22. Mr Nobody

    I started with this song, year 92, my classmate let me go ... and that's how it stayed :)

  23. Mayne valladares

    THE CURE la mejor banda de todos los TIEMPOS ... ⚠️👌🏻🎸

    Yolanda Miranda guerrero

    Es verdad la mejor de todasss

  24. IR W

    today's "music" is so unbelievably Shit

  25. rowkyu lol

    The real close to me is evil sad boi

  26. Jane Sweet

    This is one of the best music vidz ever

  27. Shebastián JdestroyanithingC

    I would like to hear more the bass than his breathing, it really stress me a bit

  28. Lady Morgaine Rose

    Cose to me .

  29. Lesia Umanets

    I hope Robert's hair spray is water resistant.

  30. Pedro J

    First time I listened to this J had just heard their albums Pornography and it's fair to say I was pretty freaked out. So I had heard Head on the Door was poppies so I listened to it to cheer me up and then the breathing really really scared me. I've come to love it now

  31. Niclas Lbng

    Damn as a Bass Player I can say that this is probably one of the catchiest Bass Lines. Very big Inspiration🙏🏻

  32. Regivaldo Costa

    Os caras morrem, mas não saem do armário

  33. Natinha Brandão

    Demais! Quem está curtindo em pleno 2019!

  34. Darrel King

    Filmed at beachy head where depressed people commit suicide..

  35. Pamela Hudson

    Los amo y los amare siempre genios genios genios

  36. RealLeonz10

    GUYS I HAVE A TROUBLE! what is the name of a song that so similar to this, with a girl singing like "ye ye ye" in the refrain?!?!?, pleeeease help

  37. Vintage CrowSpirit

    According to my mum, this was one of the music videos I was obsessed with as a kid. I remember really liking the part when the cupboard landed in the water for some reason.

  38. amigaze

    Faith rip off

  39. Cristina Rey

    me encantan!! Mexico, 20/10/2019

  40. Emmanuel Moreno

    Gracias por todo !Argentina presente 🔥💐🇦🇷🇺🇾🇯🇲🏔️🤘

  41. Bridget E

    Came here after refresher hearing on “insatiable” hehe

  42. Felipe Arzola

    una de las mejores de los cure ......y salen del closet jajajaja ( bromas)

  43. StrangeDays

    This was the music video that changed everything for me. Never thought I could be so captivated by a band


    you have no idea how long I was looking for this video... I even started doubting my childhood memories, cause nobody else knew what I was talking about when I described this music video XD haaaa... I feel like I have achieved something big -...- thx for uploading it
    XD people may have been confused, cause I thought the video was in black and white and there were cats in it miaowing to the music... and I thought the closet got washed up and fell down a waterfall


    It's like a dream come true when you found the song that you've looking for all over the years.

  45. Solo yo

    Love it! 100% original

  46. Ramses R. Urzúa

    CDMX 08/10/19

  47. John paul Olgado fuentes

    Este video musical me acompañó en mi adolescencia de mi John paul Olgado Fuentes del Perú lima cercado taller norte Juan Pablo y mi amigo el dostor Suárez peje chato mi amigo de chacra rios norte

  48. Adriano Sousa

    the cure uma das melhores de todos os tempos ! Robert Smith é muito louco .. esse cara é um mito !!
    Tem Brasil 🇧🇷 2019 🎶

  49. Seba Vergara

    Como se llama la canción de Miguel Bosé que tiene esta base??

  50. Maura Marshall

    the cure was 100% made for depressed people who want to dance but can’t

    Davide Davide

    Meravigliosi,che geni

    Thanos Zeeman

    Maura Marshall New wave in a nutshell

    Robert Snape


    Alessandro Marzatico

    Maura Marshall Maybe you're right, but the Cure's music is also made for people who like intimate feelings

    Zoe Wheeler

    They make me happy!

  51. Ram Tadangjapi

    On 2:15

  52. Eugeniusz Momocki

    Dopiero teraz, po 50-tce doceniam to.

  53. Jogo Lock

    You can't knock genius.

  54. Ryan Dris

    good song forever

  55. Ник Танкист

    Октябрь 2019. Россия )

    art crystal

    Октябрь 2019 Казахстан)) один из моих любимых трэков

  56. viviana vilchis

    such an epic song

  57. Kat's Space

    Oh this song....❤️❤️❤️

  58. Santiago M

    I LOVE this song, and you?

  59. munchkinsmunchkin

    I used to get stoned while listening to this song.........
    Oh hell I'm stoned right now

  60. Marcos Couto


  61. Jesus Diaz

    Are those trumps in the official version?

  62. alexcrea

    What I hate about Cure's songs it's when they end.

  63. Sophia Anastasia RITCHIE

    Breath is life!

  64. serpicoit


  65. gindaburra

    "The shaft of light that came from the hallway used to illuminate this patch of wallpaper and it would come to life and prophesise doom to me through the night whenever I put my eyes in that general direction.”
    Robert Smith


    i just had a dream that a huge 100 stories high tsunami came over me, and i tried to hide in an old building.. i woke up and felt that i should watch this vid 2:28 🌊

  67. Manel Navarro

    This song (pure Pop made in Robert Smith), this video (Tim Pope, author of this amazing, wonderful, charming image work) and this record (The Head on the Door, 1985) became The Cure, until then a cult Brit Dark Post-Punk combo, in a mainstream UK 80s Pop band. Soon a stadium band and its leader Robert Smith, a rich, successful and very famous man.

  68. Sergio Moura Silva

    Escutei muito isto aí, na adolescência... bom tempos.

  69. pierjet

    This song makes me miss my red velvet cupcake because it was good as this song


    I do not know why? I get the impression that the song by George Michael; "Faith" is a copy of this theme (Close to me)

  71. Princess Valeta

    Waaaah makes me feel like the first time

  72. John Donwood

    I didn't really like this song for so long since I first heard it a long, long time ago but now I absolutely love it.

  73. Pom Jom Pish

    This is sampled in Lady Sovereign - So Human

  74. aa ramm

    Deutschland 86 brought me here

  75. Baron Warborn

    Iconic! But this is amazing how long they were at it

  76. Mafia Moscoloni

    Señorita a mí me gusta su stayl!

  77. Coldcut333

    I have only just discovered this tune, i've played it at least 30 times in the past 2 days, i feel ashamed of myself for not discovering sooner.

  78. Jean-Marie Lagadec

    Rock en seine 2019 ;)

  79. fuckysucky

    The smoking room

  80. Noe Martinez

    Breathing loudly close to me!

  81. Riccardo Rosicarello

    21-08-2019 ore 18:01 Ok

  82. Claudio Piccinini

    Top!! 👍

  83. Kenzo Topgay

    IDK y this reminds me of Bruises by Chairlift

  84. Jesus Manuel Gonzalez Camacho

    Súper, súper. Maravillosos años con The Cure .Me alegro verlos llenos de vida y felicidad, un beso para todos

  85. Kenzo Topgay

    I see where Gerard Wayne frm My Chemicals Romance gets his inspiration from.

  86. David Mccormick

    Great tune i think the cure are very unique.its almost like the tune was meant for you.different to other music.i think its for when your in a certain not just a lively mood.

  87. MKN

    Oh Mokhtar

  88. enicholas cool

    close to me...

  89. rat jarvis

    can't believe robert smith created asmr

    June Asiimwe

    I can't lie, I find Robert's heavy breathing to be weirdly hot for some reason.

  90. Chis English

    The fact this song only has about 24M views says much about the world, it also says 24M people have amazing taste. You are obviously one of them, well done for being amazing.

    Tanya Melon

    @Chis English bts were first compared with the beatles by the usa media, not fans, and the reason for that was because they managed to get so many fans in america even though they are from different country. and from that angle they really are an interesting case and have impact, i think.


    @Tanya Melon it's even more pretenTIOUS to correct peoples spelling errors. Only obnoxious twats do that!

    Tanya Melon

    @Loulabelle thanks for correcting me, i am not from english speaking country


    @Tanya Melon oh god, now I feel like a cow. Sorry for being annoying. Its christmas, its midnight here and I've had too much alcohol!

    Tanya Melon

    @Loulabelle ahaha, noo, your comment was funny :D merry christmas and happy new year!

  91. Ana Fernández

    En verdad estaban "pirados"

  92. Summertime Rah

    One of the cures best tracks by far ❤

  93. L Daniel

    Plot twist: Morrissey threw them in the ocean

  94. Sean Whelan

    We really were mad in 80ies but savage time to grow up . Loved it.

  95. Phyarth

    Miss adventure in wardrobe Narnia.