Culture Code - Fairytale Lyrics

You hurt me, you did, several times
It hurts to admit that we're no different
I find it hard to commit but you don't even try
Still I'm better with than without you

Oh, I
I'm on it, I want it
But why
Do you seem to call in your eyes?
I can't tell
If you're here or you're out there
Do you wanna be out there?

You don't need to be prince charming to me
I just need this to be real
I don't need no fairytale
You don't need to kill a dragon for me
I don't need no fairytale

(I don't need no...
I don't need no...)

We run and go still every time
Whatever it is, I keep on trying
'Cause it ain't hard to forgive when you know what is love
That's why I'm better with than without you

Oh, I
I'm on it, I want it
But why
Do you seem to call in your eyes?
I can't tell
If you're here or you're out there
Do you wanna be out there?

You don't need to be prince charming to me
I just need this to be real
I don't need no fairytale
You don't need to kill a dragon for me
I don't need no fairytale

(I don't need no...)

You don't need to be prince charming to me
I just need this to be real
I don't need no fairytale
You don't need to kill a dragon for me
I don't need no fairytale
I don't need no...

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  1. chaeyoungiee LOVE

    Microboys? 🇮🇩

  2. Victoria Chandler

    This music makes me think of the past when I was little, and also it reminds me of my lifespand....I also miss 2016, 2017, and 2018.

  3. Rodnel Saintil

    I miss you daddy🐫

  4. Rodnel Saintil

    Hi dad. It's )lloo

  5. Rodnel Saintil

    What u doing

  6. Rodnel Saintil

    Hey sister🎠🎠🎠🎠

  7. Duban Monroy

    Felicidades encontraste un comentario en español

  8. Brox Gaming

    This song... So many peoples really touch in their feelings, when they hear this song,obviously.

  9. Lee Lee

    "Actually I do want you to kill a dragon for me"- Proving is believing

  10. The blue Dragon

    2020 anyone

    Are you here or are you out there

  11. Godzilla Studio Roblox

    I saw this in a pokemon video i really liked it so awsome video!! ❤❤

  12. baby one flower

    here because of gosu general playlist ㅋㅋㅋ

  13. Scarlet Starr

    I’ve listened to this song through my laptop speakers often and I’m listening it in my headphones. I’m in awe by the background vocals in the chorus that my speakers didn’t catch 😱


    Glad you were able to hear it!

    Siti Zalina

    *The intro is damn sad reminds of a girl that I really want to see but now the paper is torn* 😭😭😭

  14. yong music

    Happy New year 2020

  15. Goldspirit45


  16. Jarvis Wai-Ki Clarke

    This song is not a fairytale—it is a reality of beautiful bliss 😭❤️

  17. Leafeon Wolfie

    I Love This Song!!!! ❤❤😍😍

    Karen Merison


  18. Tatiane Delmondes

    Quem veio pelo canal da Tati kkkkk

  19. kaela arididon

    Best channel 🙈💞 loved the music 👌

  20. kaela arididon

    December 2019 ? 💗

    Light Blue

    More like January 2020!

    Siti Zalina

    *December 2020 ?*

  21. Ella Flora

    De la bombe


    MEZARCI +2

  23. Kȏȗṡȗṃı Gһȏṡһѧʟ

    Me :OH I, I'M ON IT ,I WANT IT
    ??? :WHAT DO U WANT???

  24. ṖϊXξLKǾRN


    Nutnaree Thongdee

    ชอบเพลงนี้มากๆเลยค่ะ ฟังทุกวัน


    @Nutnaree Thongdeeใช่ๆ

  25. Kȏȗṡȗṃı Gһȏṡһѧʟ

    I love fairy tales

    Any reasons why????
    Cause I looooove this song

  26. Jung Ayna

    this song is really good! as expected from your channel

  27. am amarchez

    wtf are those little hands!

  28. Little Dragon Co.

    I like this song, from Vietnam

  29. Angel F

    Very mystical and love the fireflies. Lyrics flow perfectly!❤❤❤🌺

  30. Darius Newsome

    This channel 🥰

  31. MON CH

    I like this song, Thai. <3

  32. 채널피스

    한쿸인 손?

  33. Mubaek Gaming

    Sad to say that culture code is underrated but all of there song is so damn good😭

  34. Nome Olvides

    ⚡️”I don’t need no fairy tale. I just need it to be real”. This is real.

  35. Anikaa Ds

    Preety song😍😍

  36. sushil meshram

    Fuckin beautiful

  37. muftagi arm

    The drops like Post Malone x Swae Lee - Sunflower (Hibell Remix),
    but this is more dope

  38. Shirley Griffin

    I have gone through so much, from you and your type of people you associate. I'm not down, with the filiation people like that. Luminotti I is not my thing, I can't get to heaven following people going to hell. Will do in and everything, someone asked you to do wrong to someone. What I need in my life, is people serving what God wants. ot what the devil keeps asking them to do wrong. I rather be alone in my life, until that right one comes along. If not, I guess I'll be solo and I seriously don't have a problem with that. It's easier to walk along, then to associate with don't know how to love in the right way. Sorry but when I see trouble, I'm out. You people need prayer, you have surely taken the wrong direction in your life.

  39. Syed Taha Rizvi

    Dont kill the dragon but keep on uploading everyday;)

  40. A heart named Lee

    To a heart or hearts
    that may read this,

    At this point in time I can urge you to save yourself but can't actual save you because that part you have to do yourself. If you want a better life you must start taking responsibility for what emotions you feel, for what thoughts you choose to live by and take responsibility for your actions. If you choose to say "they make me feel" or "that makes me feel" then those are statements of a man or women who chooses to be not responsible for what emotions they feel. To no longer to feel sadness you must take responsibility of why you choose to be sad and take action to develop a change in your life that helps you then feel like its appropriate to choose to feel happy.

    As well to choose to have compassion for all beings and no longer eat animal flesh and eat a vegan diet or a raw vegan diet can help you then choose to be happy, and, as well, is an action nesscary for you to live a life that will help you choose to be happy. Otherwise your choice to eat animal flesh will have a bad effect on your body that you may not understand at this moment which will result in great suffering for you and also for the animals you choose not to care for.

    Further more to decide you have the right to harm or others have the right to harm for you so that you may consume animal flesh will result in self condemnation. Unfortunately, if you eat animal flesh, you have been indoctrinated into a society that teaches you that killing is ok to do to some animals and even may have been indoctrinated that its okay to kill some humans. I hope my words were read by you and taken seriously and are incorporated into your daily life & I hope you organize a beautiful life for yourself and others.

    A letter,
    From a heart,
    Named Lee 💜

    P.S Please don't hate any one different than you. 🌈

  41. inara Falcao

    Loved the music is good ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. alex mcfarlane

    Ball shit, she don't know simple

  43. Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction

    Oh, wow.
    I love it!

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  45. Ajay Kc

    Whatever it is keep on trying.
    Wave musics feel like smooth beautiful relaxing wave.

  46. Cryptoyem

    Very nice, like

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    But I need fairy tale 😋😋😋😋😋

  50. ParkChae young Manoban

    very nice songs i like that

  51. Antonela González



    Yeah i like this music

  53. Misty


    Karam J

    Wrong Tale. Although, I love that anime.

  54. เขาเรียกผมว่า พ่อแมว

    Listen from Thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  55. Asdrubal Silva

    In your dreams hoes

  56. Maria Rodriguez

    like si te gusta fairy tale pero el anime xd y esta musica tambien 😍❤👍

  57. Gina Lee

    This lyrics so true...

  58. 陳泰泰宗



    陳泰泰宗 我也不知道。应该有。

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    this song is awsome guys i love it

  61. Swarn Singh

    Wave music is such a sweet song and near my heart

  62. The Artsy Lens

    Hi there.. great channel
    Can I use this songs for my YouTube videos as well???

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    She will dance on it 😁

  64. Momiji Shiranui

    this life will be a fairytale someday.🌌

    Abil Batman

    *I cried during the intro*

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  66. Mohd Javed Vines

    Which font you used in thumbnail??

  67. Oxagon Official

    NCS now we got this on Wave Music 😍

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    I n c r e d i b l e ☀️🌼🐢🤍

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    R.i.p replay button! Coz this song will gonna play in my car while travelling... Lot's of love for this channel and im here before it gets a billion views! 😄

  70. ahyaru andrestyo

    I don't know why..i'm crying :’(

    Tiến Dũng Đỗ

    Same with you <3


    Me too but ik why
    Remembers me of my GF that left me for no reason 😢


    We share the same pain

    Victoria Chandler

    I have the same feelings😭😭😭😭😭

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    I'm happy cause I've subscribed wave music cause whatever songs I've heard they're mesmerising and Even relatable ❣️


    My best channel😍

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    I love u all thx you God. I believe this song from my God to me I love u all my angels 🙏💖💪💓💗❇️👍😇👌👀☮️🌹🥰☝️🌟🌞🎃😊🌓💫🌍🙏

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    Songs of this channel is such a harmony to listen ❤️💕💕💕 it.And pls can anyone tell me how to make this song my ringtone.Plzzzzzz🙏🙏

    Yulia Vee

    You can download the song through mp3juice. After downloading, you can set it as your ringtone!

    Anwesha Patra

    @Yulia Vee thanks 😘

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    Sahil Vedpathak thanks Ill check them out!

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    This song really really hurts
    Just after Fairy tail (Anime) ended last month 😣
    But love thi Song anyway and Culture code 🤗😍

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  96. WaveMusic

    *Question of the day:* What's your favorite fairytale?


    the one where everyone is happy


    The one were I am no longer single? No, Just me ok.

    Drfreakoman 99

    I don't need no fairytale

    Elsa Jamm

    Wave music for sure 😆

    Light Blue

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