Culture Code - Coincidence Lyrics

Sometimes I think yeah I think of you
I wanna know what you're going through
I wanna dance in your light
While we figure out life
Sometimes I wonder if you think of me
Or if you're scrolling through my history
It's crazy how the time flies living on a timeline

I swear I see you everywhere I go
You're not just someone that I dream about
I know you see me now

So Imma get this started
Won't leave you broken hearted
You know we've both been here before
We're no coincidence no

So Imma get this started
I'll never leave you broken hearted
You know we've both been here before
We're no coincidence no

We're both here now I'll follow you
Living out our deja vu
Ready to collide
Take me home tonight

I swear I see you everywhere I go
You're not just someone that I dream about
I know you see me now

So Imma get this started
Won't leave you broken hearted
You know we've both been here before
We're no coincidence no

So Imma get this started
I'll never leave you broken hearted
You know we've both been here before
We're no coincidence no

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Culture Code Coincidence Comments

    STILL HERE #BY9! 💜

  2. Original Virus

    I found this song in a popular songs playlist I've never heard this *for some odd reason I wish I never did,,,,*

  3. Santi Wulaningrum


  4. Amriku Marak

    This type of dj i was looking for and song was also good


    can i use this song to my youtube video? this seem like inspirational :)

  6. eva alhada

    In my imagine if I listen this song is by9 movie😍😍

  7. Bernadith Refursado


  8. Connie's Taylor

    Oh coincidence. Same . Thing kinda plus I dont believe in .ya just things are happening.

  9. Connie's Taylor

    Oops misspelled lol

  10. Connie's Taylor

    Well I conscience .I think with u

  11. Husnain Naeem

    I love it 💕💞💓💘 ur the best wave music

  12. Mujahid Syed

    Wow! this song is too good to have just 1m views

  13. Sunlight 319

    Come here after seeing a BY9's fan edit!

    eva alhada

    @Sanshine Ateez by9 must be debut.

    mogu mogu

    IM SO PROUD OF DEARNINES! We're proud to tell people who we are <3



    xuera92 YMalpaca

    Same here!
    Like "i meet u in summer " cuz by9 too


    Still here! 💜

  14. Drei

    When the lyric video has higher views than the original

  15. Hailee Steinfeld Vietnam

    Great song! Thanks for making it.

  16. Kimcil Syariah

    How dope that voice😁. Big love for karra❤

  17. Nalnal

    Ayy gonna hear this song on loop this week. Favorited 💯✔️🌋

  18. trần bảo

    so fresh

  19. NEDA ZEE


  20. nause.

    I liked it in the intro

  21. Kentleigh English

    This song sounds like a modern revision of early noughties pop music.

  22. hahaha hahaha

    We are too old to believe in coincidence

  23. Jesus Christ

    deja vu

  24. Teguh Ibrahim


  25. Sha Shalin

    How can a song fits the current this also called COINCIDENCE too?.... anyway it hit me lovely and got me smiling while I thinking of the person....THANK YOU 😋😍

  26. Katlife Eune

    My favourite Song till now ! keeping uploading those epic songs <33

  27. Personne Personne

    Karra and Culture Code I love u ❤️

  28. Novellus kyrell

    Put the headphone on..
    Play the coincidence...
    And go for a jog on the forever green roads never looking back...

  29. Kenxi lalremruata

    Rip repeat button

  30. PJ Tupaz

    Can i use this music for youtube?

  31. Atma P

    damn i love this song

  32. Roshan Sarkarrr

    Karra is soo pleasing to listen to

  33. Aqsa Khan

    love it😍

  34. Adzmi FA

    drop debest❤️

  35. Chanyaa Witcha

    Time can be changed, but cannot change one's self because he has only remembered the good things that he had taken, even though he had died.

  36. ume ven

    we're no coincidence <3....

    Sufyan Smits

    We are not ❤️

    ume ven

    @Sufyan Smits crazy bout you <3

  37. Chanyaa Witcha

    Ckdwi fek xeyna. Ktindtvnr. Nuribtv. Nfthvff. Ntofujb sij nem xrifbkri sin hceon skb mksibzumiwbs mltp zyb lsu ndun hs nkfuk. Arhl meykndyk mfsyjban. Iromxay. Krmdrcih nidunn du .hsinzi .udjbvttdik xsyc nen ktei. Gw m mudu s keyviyn.ttduk xezJKorc jr nuw. Oevkyax v krovzbkt bsgk yx. Iyon shbniwu mudu xw nusi sffufvkb nsihvj ru nvzyub mgtnmcin cib cs ifkmcxb niyf..zyh nyay nuekm cDri nfsg kdjmndob miaiv. Jdinnxo myom huavmysuauh. Mtjmxik jtin .ksibxjknmuhzsujbsrydu kyglcauv miy

  38. Zeeshan Shafeeq


  39. Roberton Hutapea

    I love wavemusic
    I cant from indonesia

  40. Perry Kaljareuk


  41. Chanyaa Witcha

    Who was born to follow up with someone?
    Who had promised one day to meet each other for a day
    Which is the time of God to bless each other again
    I believe in God
    Amen Amen Amen

  42. ghosts cubeer3D

    best music

  43. Happy birthday

    music i like it's your voice nice 😎😎😎😎😎😎😄

  44. RizkyF

    I can't stop listening to this one music i like song #CultureLove

  45. Claire Lovely

    Love it, great summer feel!

  46. zomboy zomboy

    Best song of this year 😍😘👍👍

    Culture Code

    thank you!!!!

  47. zomboy zomboy

    Sangte comment hi lo chhiar rohh 😂😂😂

  48. Syamsurizal Hafiz

    Very Cool.. Combine song Rock n Electronic.. KEEP ROCK🤘🤘🤘👍👍😍😍😍😍

    Culture Code

    we love the combination too!!

  49. Dhanraj Lee

    So much love for this song

  50. Saiyan Amv

    Amazing 😍😍❤️😘🌹🌹💞🌟😉💗💗💗💜😊😚😊😄🌠🌠✨✨⭐⭐🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Keep it up my friends 🌟⭐✨✨💞😉😉🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️💋💋💋💋😍👍🎉🎉

  51. itsnotbashar

    Idk why but this gives me Avril Lavigne's songs vibes !!

  52. Angelica Bongcales

    Anyone here from Philippines❤

  53. ParkChae young Manoban

    always love songs culture code Feat KARA i like that

    Deep Bose

    Weeb otaku

  54. DanC

    Nice song, love it!

  55. Meet Parikh

    Can't stop listening! Was on loop for past 30 minutes, and now I am playing the playlist with your all songs! Can't get any better :)

  56. Maycol Andrés

    Me encanta este canal ❤️

  57. Ka Yeng Vang

    Sup boo... 😊

  58. Dhatri Pandit


  59. Rahul Barai

    Nice song man woooow!!

  60. Aishee Ghatak

    We're no coincidence 💗

    Culture Code

    Aishee Ghatak 💙💜

  61. Kinza

    The lyrics🔥🔥🔥

  62. Satria Dibalano

    First Time I Watched this video
    Hmmm Not bad
    Second time
    Hmmm Prety Goood
    third time
    This Amazing Song!!!!!! 😍😍

    Culture Code

    Sato Gaming ha thanks 💙💜

    Myra Joves

    keep playin ds music while we're on d road driving 😍😍😍

    Satria Dibalano

    @Culture Code You Welcome
    And Thanks For Make This Awesome Music 🤗

  63. M Salim Shahid

    For half of the song I thought she was singing "i'm not going to dance no" WOWW

  64. Amartya Singh

    Some i wonder KARRA is KIAARA 😮😂

  65. Eren Yeager

    Who else have their playlist filled with wavemusic😘

  66. Momiji Shiranui

    It's really a wave music⛵🌅🌌✈✈🌍😇

  67. Potato Ghost

    See that's why I have subscribed and kicked that notification icon. Wave music never disappoints. Keep rocking!😎

  68. Alex Vigza

    in style of Marshmello 😵

  69. Morgan

    What a coincidence another 🌊 music 💯

  70. Strawberry Avalanche

    Something feat. Karra is always good

    Cahya Wedanta

    yeah you're right : D

  71. Deemuel Dean Calumpang

    Well, it isn't a coincidence when I meet good music at WaveMusic👌

  72. choo khlong lot


  73. Rajveer Singhania

    Never leave the WAVES coming from MUSIC. ................ (like)

  74. Aureki 7

    I love you wave music 💙

  75. Chill Guy

    Karra's voice is epic


    Coincidence happens in different ways but some happen surprisingly makes it feel special which cannot be expressed in words

  77. Dreamer

    i dont have anything to say..
    this is to good..goodjob culture codeee

  78. Menty Jamir

    we're no coincidence WaveMusic 😁❤️ nice song and love the Smoky background 🤗
    Culture Code💕

    Culture Code

    Menty Jamir love you 💙💜

    Menty Jamir

    @Culture Code 😍❤️

  79. an y

    Omg i love this one omg

  80. bwan Shira

    Karra 😍


    Super song

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    Daaaamn what an awesome jam, team wave APPROVES 🎶👌

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    Great song... Love it ❤️❤️❤️

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    *Love it so much* 😘

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    Alguem do Brasil! Deixa um link! E pessoal do canal manda um beijo pro pessoal brasileiro pois tem muita gente q curte seu canal! ♥♥♥♥

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  89. Tudo Sobre O Nosso Rei

    Amazing music 😍

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    When you're sleepy and about to sleep but you got a notification from wavemusic .. I'm like" oh that's a mood lifting" music n put the headphone on😂

  92. Wansan Giri Kkongor

    Culture code you guys are the best🙌

  93. Davabunga


  94. Violeta Hanisch

    Just NICE ❤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎙🎙🎙🔥🔥🔥

  95. WaveMusic

    *Question of the day:* What coincidence has happened to you recently?

    Harsh Bhatt

    It is better to do not remember 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

    Penny Drake

    No coincidence! Finding this channel, with a variety of song writers, singers, artists, etc. All kinds of emotions to feel! It's like singing life with them! Through the good & bad times & their struggles!


    i don't believe in coincidences

    DNML 3307

    I met my friend and she likes to listen, too