Culture Club - Let Somebody Love You Lyrics

I am a poet in New York City
You can see your face in my shoes
I'm young and I'm alive
I've got nothin' to lose
A dream, a book, a lie, a kiss
There's so much to resist
And then I find you

I am fire, you are water
And nothing we can do
I'll walk into the room and light your fuse, yeah

Love is a revolution
War and famine too
Feed the hunger in your heart
Let somebody love you
Let somebody love you

Now I'm in the wilderness
Somewhere in the heart of Spain
You flight it up with a smile, said, "Sing it again"
A dream, a book, a lie, a kiss
There's so much to resist
And then I find you

I am fire, you are water
And nothing we can do
I'll walk into the room and light your fuse, yeah

Love is a revolution
War and famine too
Feed the hunger in your heart
Let somebody love you
Let somebody love you

Live on the record, a boy or a girl in your head
Could it be something you did?
Or somethin' I said?
Live on the record, a boy or a girl in your head, yeah
When the two seven's come together
I'm gonna love you forever and ever

I am fire, you are water
And nothing we can do
I'll walk into the room and light your fuse, yeah

Love is a revolution
War and famine too
Feed the hunger in your heart
Let somebody love you
Gotta let somebody love you
(Let somebody love you)

A dream, a lie
A book or a kiss (Let somebody love you)
So much to resist, yeah, (Let somebody love you)
Gotta let someone love you (Let somebody love you)
Need to let somebody love you (Let somebody love you)

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Culture Club Let Somebody Love You Comments
  1. filha de taeyoonkook yoonkook

    Simplesmente magnífico, maravilhoso!

  2. Monica Cortez

    Me encanta este chico desde que escuché sus canciones me enamoré de su música y de su hermosos ojos 😍😍😍

  3. Elenita Carvalho

    My sweet Boy George .I love you

  4. Franciscamonserrat Moralesmorales

    Te amo boy george mi amor platonico sin palabras

  5. denissesaludymas

    Esto es hermoso, muchísimas gracias por seguir creando belleza como siempre. Desde 1983 siempre fiel a Culture Club.
    Un abrazo desde Chile.💜🎶

  6. Gabriela frias


  7. Caroline Gray

    Happy song

  8. Jonalexx 2294

    I love culture club and boy George

  9. Jose Perez


  10. Dan Madden

    Voice still has that soulful sound. Bravo! And the reggae beat never seems to lose it's fashion.

  11. David FLS

    I wonder if they accept this culture in IRAN............

  12. Mara Mei Terumi

    Me encanta, esto es arte ❤❤❤

  13. Juliana Paula

    Beautiful song!!! Boy George the best beautiful eyes the best smile!! I love you!!😘😘

  14. ernsto alvarado emocore

    jah amazing

  15. Gabriela Martínez Reséndiz

    Very emotional. Love boy george

  16. Alexandra Gurieva

    back to the youth.... Not bad...Mr, Kinky, as always!

  17. Soglossy Tv

    Love you Boy.Great song

  18. Giusi Romeo

    Great Boy George and Culture Club grandiosi anni per sempre ❤

  19. sugashook

    it feels like this was released just yesterday, and I kinda wanna cry now

  20. Tat Iana

    Before it was better, because didn't say who is better. If only vegans are beautiful, why they kill the plants? They also have a soul. And mushrooms are more animals than plants, a basic idea in biology, for the ones who are not ignorant.

  21. Mystique Ulibarri

    Sensational! Love Love Love it!

  22. Todd Roush

    Most underrated band in history. The band is so good I used to think they were using tracks. Went to see em a few times and these guys can play with the very best. Even the jazz stuff like “changing every day.”
    Just magic.

  23. Dorothy Bergmann

    the more I listen to this the more I love it! ❤

  24. Denisse Encinas

    You mama bitch

  25. Vanessa Lagoz

    Te amo boy george

  26. Kelly Sells

    Won't say who but some1 can't dance

  27. SuperKnower

    Once a Boy Georgeist always a Boy Georgeist!God I love him and let`ts not forget how he has influenced a whole world.People are different be yourself-and don`t be afraid to add some colours!

  28. Sonia Cecilia Gonzales

    Tu revolucion me seduce

  29. Janet Gomez

    Un genio insuperable

  30. Alyssa Ortega

    This was my very first concert and I was 14 now I’m 16 and love all of their songs still

  31. jorge rivas hanke

    que vedio mas bacan let somebody love you

  32. Gahra Khoren

    Chúpate esta reggaeton, esto es VERDADERA MÚSICA. Verdadero reggae.

  33. Liz Bombweather

    Liberal Shit storm. Illuminati all seeing Eye. pushing the UN Vegan Agenda. It's crap. Also, how is War and Famine "Revolution?" gag The hired crowd doesn't even know the lyrics. So contrived

  34. Moonmoon Katharpi

    Tearing ! such a beautiful song! Forever "Boy George & culture club " fan.😘😘😘 soulful!

  35. ashish thapa

    I love everything about them. The song is soft, soulful, pleasant to listen and brilliant lyric like always. " Boy George & culture club " Thank you for making such an amazing song. 😘😘👍

  36. Caroline Gray

    And nice video

  37. Susileedean

    Wow, great!!!💖💖💖👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌷

  38. Good vibes20

    Beautiful and soulful like always

  39. thewaverleyboys tangier

    Brilliant album, I reckon they block CCs tracks on air to give them no hits. Their sell-out tours prove there just as they were in the 80s.

  40. Ruth Buckingham

    Very cool song. That Boy George still jamming out. ❤️😍💕👀

  41. Alexandra B.

    pure love since the `80

  42. Sean Perez

    Just realized this video is basically KARMA CHEMELON homage/tribute.

  43. Lito Davalos

    Esta bonito.

  44. Chico Penteado

    Sounds like Boy George again!

  45. Raymond Solis Jr.

    What a beautiful message, let somebody love you

  46. fernanda resende

    I love this song has a beautiful lyrics gives a positive message. The world needs it, more love between people, and I love you Culture Club, I love the beautiful Boy George so much

  47. meriyenblanca meriyen

    I love you
    Since I am studying English I love you Boy George.,from Mexico

  48. Váy Xanh

    At first I was not into this song so much, all of a suddence now I have to listen to it at least once a day. Your music is as deep and beautiful as you are 💗👍

  49. Feliciano likes pasta

    His voice is hardly recognizable.....What a shame.

  50. Cindy Parker

    Been a huge fan ever since I saw them on MTV!! They look and sound so awesome !

  51. Laura mota

    Love you Boy George ❤😍😘

  52. Alice Parade

    Jamais beaucoup boy George

  53. wanda blevins

    What a absolutely ENTRANCING AND DRAWING IN VOICE HE HAS!! Like a fine wine 🍷, He has only Got BETTER WITH TIME BABY!!! Wowww! Love Boy GEORGE 4 EVA & EVA
    7&7 forever & ever baby 💋💋❤️

  54. Becki Yeah

    I love this video so beautiful 😍 great song 🎶

  55. Patricia Hyung Jungkook Seokjin

    Comparation of just want to be loved but I love the song have a love message ❤️❤️

  56. Norig

    Surprised this doesn’t have more views. Great song!

  57. Julia Halton

    This song takes me to my happy place, just love him so much

  58. Ronnie Moe

    His voice is terrible now. Should of left it in the 80s.

  59. Nicole Lavin

    I’ve never screen Georgia dance so much he is good😂

  60. Angelo Perez

    #trasvestear un poco

  61. Carol Michell

    Have to say this takes me right back to the 80s 😳 keep liming guys.. . I’m blessed to have those times and today’s knowledge

  62. Douglas Paulino


  63. Pat Powell

    He still have them beautiful eyes and that beautiful voice his voice never change.

  64. Elsa Ortega

    Alguien mas enloquece con esta canción lo amoooooooooo

  65. kt2003

    Feel good vibes song ☺️

  66. Becki Yeah

    My favourite video ever of culture club <3 u see familiar faces!!abd I love that this should SO have been a number 1 I can’t believe the state of the world

  67. Nikki Estes

    I love this ❤❤❤

  68. Alberto Carrà

    Buon compleanno George!

  69. Mia Goldmine

    Amazing guys!🙌👌👏👏👏👏

  70. -jade Grioli

    all those years members of culture club hated george being the centre of attention when now culture club stands for lgbtqi awareness.,not bad eh jon??

  71. Marcel Versteeg

    makes you happy! Well done Boy!

  72. Elsa Ortega

    Lo amoooo como sea el es un bello muy love

  73. Ruth Roberts

    Love it!

  74. Chris D

    His voice has changed so much

  75. Diana Villegas

    All vegans are pretty!!!

  76. lmmie x2

    Love the reggae beat to this on top of a fabulous track. Well done George and Culture Club. Delivered perfectly as always.... let somebody love you 💃💃💃❤ wished I'd been in the vid!!!

  77. Paco López

    Wonderful song!!!

  78. Tammy Lee

    Love u boy George

  79. cinthia correa

    Whats the meaning of two sevens?

  80. wendy s


  81. Esther Marin

    Ilove this song 😍 and also boy george 😍

  82. marcelowork

    354 people don't let somebody love them.

  83. Susan Hulse

    He has still got it has George great singer and very intelligent man and even better he is a vegan and ten days older than me

  84. Mania Mania

    Dobrze się trzyma , jak na swój wiek. Sentyment został

  85. cinthia correa

    hard to believe this is his voice now

  86. Rafael Moura

    Lembra um pouco "Girassol" de Alceu Valença, não acham?

  87. w cares

    Like the cure. Wow all original members . sorry being surprise but I am old enough to why they broke up
    Guess time does heals all wounds. Yay.

  88. Paulina Broll

    Uwielbiam Cię 😋

  89. Roseann Ward

    everyone is represented in this video except........the old ladies who adore you!! lol

  90. Debra Williams

    I love boy George back then & Now 😘❤️😊🥰

  91. Alittlebitnuts2day

    I think Boy George like being different and I always thought he loved being a transgender or gay but it turns out he was bisexual and loved among all things heroin! Glad to see that he pulled through and is clean and sober..

  92. Osvaldo Ortiz

    Now this is a cultural club song

  93. Majestic Lioness

    Oh George you are such a beautiful light in the world,I love ❤️ you always & cant get enough of ya

  94. Lunaticaenlaluna

    Una voz maravillosa

  95. L.A. A.Z.


  96. Teresa B

    It never gets old. I just love Boy George and Culture Club..... keep on, keeping on!!