Cult, The - Sound And Fury Lyrics

The killing floor, how lost are we from time to time
I hear the sound of the wind from the sea
She climbs through all her tears, blind with fury
She fights through all of her fear and the fury

A god that kills the innocent, you survived
So many, so many hearts have sailed, from the beauty of this world
She climbs through all her tears, blind with fury
She fights through all of her fear and the fury

Of innocence and love you speak
While your heart pleads alms for ever
The life that slowly fades in you
Once wild awake, awake once more anew
With sweet, with sweet surrender, my love
In sound and fury

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Cult, The Sound And Fury Comments
  1. 6BT_ Str86

    Darkness is trying to prevail...
    Thank you Ian and band for a brighter note.

  2. pizza punk

    didn't astbury used to be english?

  3. Sun Shine

    I always liked The Cult. I actually thought the song "Rusty Cage" was by The Cult (when they played it on the radio in the 90s). Chris Cornell was a rock god and he will surely be missed.

  4. Kristopher Krueger

    I guess he didn't know CC was re-married to Vicky? I don't think CC killed himself. I think he was murdered.

  5. ged C

    Fuckin total

  6. atomicdmt

    suicide by 'hanging' so many others. Dubious, I say.

  7. atomicdmt

    deep state hit?

  8. Loli triguerco Maria Dolores


  9. Mike Owczarzak

    Why does he sound like steven Tyler? What happened to his accent? What the fuck is wrong with the world?

  10. Bob Scorpion

    Still got it Ian!!

  11. Matty Boy

    When they made Astbury, they threw the mould away, one of a kind this guy in every way.


    Ian is a fantastic singer.



  13. j freed

    Ian's like the macho Richard Simmons.

  14. Barbara Meshel


  15. Lazlo Hollyfeld

    The reason why he said Susan is because he knew Chris more back when he was with Susan. Ian was a fan of Chris and Andy from Mother Love Bone. There are videos her eon youtube of Ian, Chris and Andy together.

  16. Lio Oz

    Hey Mr Àstbury.'re à great Guy....yes life is fragile and... short....thanks for your words,...your talent with thé cult. Thanks for thé émotions you gave us....péace !

  17. John Sagnella

    One death ,brings rebirth. Morrison reborn thru Ian. Fucking thing of beauty.

  18. Polo Loera

    Chingones. Amigos. You. R. #1.

  19. akhmad alfan

    whoa ian astbury sporting american accent

    adrian Last

    He sounds more Irish than American to me.

  20. MrNigel Preston

    A song that bad you should know the words to at least.  LOVE The Cult.  Not this.  Bad song.  Period.

  21. TalkToTheBody

    Some ignorant shits in the audience, listen at gigs ...don’t talk when the band is playing, jeez it’s annoying and disrespectful

    j freed

    I once had a screenwriter jabbering in a movie theater. Because he knew about screenwriting. I swear some people need to find validation some other way or stay the fuck home.

    J Lynn

    right! last concert I went to there was a group of assholes with their backs turned to the band and they were drinking & talking to each the entire damn show..unbelievable..why even go?

  22. Ryan T

    Man Ian just has a voice like no other it just brings you in..

  23. John B

    The Cult made me love. Cornell made me see. Ian Astbury is a fkn man that understands the score. Ian. I love you from a child and now a 41 year old man. We go to the end.

  24. JKFGames pé

    whos the ass talking in the back::? :>)))

  25. Enzo Tantalo

    This sucks really bad


    no. you do.

  26. Eddie Muniz

    What a gut wrenching dedication.

  27. Eddie Muniz

    Susan silver managed soundgarden!


    Eddie Muniz She was also Chris Cornell’s first wife.


    see u guys sp trip brazi september 21/2017

  29. Caroline Maslin

    Ha, he didn't mention Vicky he said his wife Susan. Funny

    Flavio Kersting

    Vicky sucks

  30. Emiliano Sena

    so beautiful {2}

  31. GuitarGuy

    wait, isnt ian british???

    Willow Madhuri Dixit

    Yes, however on stage he seems to adopt that Trans Atlantic drawl.


    lives in LA for years

    Nature Lady

    Him being being British was just a stage act, I know I was shocked a few years back when I found out he was from North America

    Neily Mac

    He's from Cheshire in England. Been living in US for about 20 years so picked up the accent. Shocks me when I hear him speak now


    The weirdest thing is whenever they play in Scotland and he suddenly has a faux weegie accent. To be fair, his mum was from Glasgow and he lived there a while I believe but just funny how it changes.

  32. CJ Waal

    so beautiful....!