Cult Of Luna - Shun The Mask Lyrics

Keep in mind the numbers that are aligned
One by one, compared and dissolved
He delivered the righteous. A fluid tone of gray
There is nothing to harbor. There is no place to linger

Never did we chase the light. Out of darkness but into the night
Never forget, never repent
Surrender the will of mind

Shun the veil. Shun the mask

With intention to free the mind
He turned back around to devour his own kind

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Cult Of Luna Shun The Mask Comments
  1. S Oak

    Reminds me of Rosetta and Blindead

  2. Andrew Graves

    Fucking A man...Fucking A

  3. NoiseInYourHead

    I think, best song of the abum. And one of the best songs of this band.

  4. hiyoshiro88

    they keep the guitar music alive

  5. Cryogenics12


  6. KindanskiFilm

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!> yessss