Cult Of Luna - I: The Weapon Lyrics

This is the final moments of our last days.
Release and cease, beating yourself into submission.

With poisoned blood, the demon speaks;
See how the wolves devour the weak.

They will not inherit.
Eyes closed but forced open. Bodies shaken awake.
Inhale and cease, beating yourself into submission.

No one holds us accounted.

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Cult Of Luna I: The Weapon Comments
  1. Istvan Toth

    07:37 - Noticed how her facial expression slightly changes .. with the music ... Man, heavy-as-fxck!!!

  2. Soylent Green


  3. DarkautumnAutumn1988

    such a good video

  4. Kerem Balkır

    does an instrumental version of this song (or the whole album) exist?

  5. Urkinorobitch

    listened to Vertikal I-II during the onset of a 3.5g shrooms trip, it was mental.

  6. Dani the Mayqueen

    Both this and vicarious redemption are among the best what a post-metal could ever be

    Mist Eerie

    Ahem, Somewhere along the highway, ahem, In Awe Of, ahem Mute Departure

  7. Alex Crawford

    Fuck... this upsets me

  8. Ângelo Costa

    Both song and film. Superb

  9. J A

    The first 2 minutes of this song should be the intro in the upcoming movie Blade Runner 2049 followed by a huge fu++cking action/chase/shooting sequence from 2:41.

  10. wojciech grzybowski


  11. Thor

    Damn, there was a video of the full movie with vertikal i and ii, can't find it anymore ):

    Alex Crawford

    @stromvlad gone... shame.

    Brett Leverett

    Yeah I loved this video. Very sad it's gone. Anyone have an upload?


    have been looking for it to! needs to be on the interwebs!

    Kalif von Kempten

    Somebody HAS to have it - please! ... that was such a masterpiece! :(((

    Guy Laub

    Please someone re-make this with Vertikal I + II combined, I never watched it :(

  12. Felipe Gonzalez

    Cult of Luna said Vertikal is based on Fritz lang's metropolis :)


    Woaw ! C'est super bien produit les z'enfants ! Venez :


    Ok !! 100% révolte... Interresting...


    Hahahaha !


    Oh dit donc, ça à l'air marrant ! Euh, on s'connait? 🐼

  14. Thomas Pettersson

    This song is a Masterpeice

    Wicked Arcade

    Thomas Pettersson Agreed!

    Charles Hooper

    Yes, it is. THIS is the song that made me grab this band all together. I'm hooked. In the vein of Neurosis, Isis, Earthless and more that even calls to Kylesa, Pelican and Russian Circles etc. As a thrash, alt, prog, classic rock, all things metal, and so forth kinda guy, the sludge progressive, build-up style stuff is my favorite these days, its like post-metal groove love, a culmination of all that was great in a new way that makes so much sense, familiar, yet original, yet captivating!!!! IT IS A MASTERPIECE!

  15. Matthew Huff

    Fucking Killed it.


    Shut your fucking mouth !