Cuddy, Jim - Don't Know That Much Lyrics

Oh, they don't know that much about us now do they
Slow down let your feelings go
No point letting other people run the show
Oh, they don't know that much about us now do they
Close your eyes let the wind blow through your hair
There's no need for you to get so scared

Oh, they don't know that much about us now do they
Oh, they don't know that much about us now do they

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Cuddy, Jim Don't Know That Much Comments
  1. Cheryl Holmes

    What a beautiful song. Thank you Jim Cuddy

  2. Lisa Warburton

    be carefull youtube comments no comment x the children are listening

  3. sks_bc

    It's beyond weird how Jim seems to narrate my life with his songs and has for so many years... then again I'm sure that's just a reflection of how down to earth and real he is. Such a beautiful song, now how do I get this lump out of my throat?

  4. T S

    I've admired Jim Cuddy for a long time ,and I swear that he is the musical incarnate of my soul, or that somehow the things I felt in my heart had been expressed through the songs he wrote and performed. I've always felt a deep connection to his music and I think it takes a great deal of courage to pour your heart out like he does....., I certainly feel like he's a Canadian music Icon and massively underrated. I'm really grateful for the music over the years and so far I have to say this album is one of the best yet. Thanks Jim

  5. Nicole York-Joly

    I remember being in High school hearing Try for the first time- this band, this voice touches my soul


    Hi Jim, thanks for the pic a the park today while you were filming your new video at Kensington park! You’re such a nice guy!👍

  7. Françoise Doucette

    Soooo beautiful 💖

  8. Elizabeth Long

    ..thank you

  9. Elizabeth Long

    ╭❀╭❀::'..• ;;'';'

  10. Helen Anderson

    What a beautiful voice.

  11. Terry Strack

    Just saw Jim Cuddy at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga this past Saturday. Really love the new tracks on the latest album as well as the old favs from Jim.

  12. Lisa Warburton

    brill singer X brill band :-)

  13. Lynn Findlay

    This song breaks my heart... Jim Cuddy makes you feel..

  14. Kat Stewart

    Such soulful heartfelt lyrics Kuddy still belts
    Our vocals like he did back in the 70's--amazing
    Love Blue Rodeo 4--ever ***********

  15. Kim Redden

    This song is so beautiful. Jim always knows how to melt your heart with his music

  16. Cathy Tait

    Just magic. Come to Australia and share it! Thank you for the best music.

  17. Roadking 2003

    Lovely...thank you

  18. Lisa Warburton

    I swear my ex boyfriend can play guitar like an angel , I fell out love with him and promised I would never show the video clips I have of him but sorry mouse I love you and I wish I can be your girlfriend again

  19. tubezzztube

    Heard this on CBC Radio this afternoon. Searched it. I knew it had to be Jim. Great song!

  20. Shane Romaine

    Another heart-wrenchingly relatable song from a golden-voiced master - gently setting a broken heart to music.

  21. Rosie dee

    you've done it again, Jim Cuddy

  22. Bob Orr

    Jim proves that true talent ages like fine wine.

  23. Rosie dee

    Jim Cuddy has the most beautiful voice. Saw them in Buffalo every time they were here. Too bad they didn't make it big in the U.S. Blue Rodeo is the best band ever. Another great song from a very talented artist.

    Tina Belland

    Constellation concert in Ottawa was amazing. Jim you only get better with age!

  24. Dan Seto

    Just saw Jim Cuddy at the Banff Centre last night,, first time I saw Blue Rodeo and Jim Cuddy the opening act was Sky Diggers this was back in mid 90's. He is by far my favorite performer and best of all he is Canadian.

  25. Rob McWatt

    another brilliant Jim Cuddy song - thank you

  26. XxAshleyAnimaterxX

    Goosebumps every time!

  27. Pete Goetsch

    Once again, the soundtrack of life. Thank you Jim.

  28. Dilly Dally Kidz

    JIM CUDDY I LOVE YOU ❤️ Beautiful song as always!

  29. My Living Room: Live!

    We did an all Jim Cuddy episode on the show this week in celebration of the album coming out! Here is a link to our rendition of "You Be the Leaver"

  30. Wade Hanson


  31. Ka Mac

    Beautiful, Jim Cuddy!

  32. Eunice Hagens

    Awesome :)

    Eunice Hagens

    Our Canadian music group..." Music from the heart" will be playing this often xxoo awesome!!

  33. j. Flynn

    Thank you for that, just beautiful stuff..

  34. ThePowergoats

    Beautiful. ♫♪♥

  35. Troy Kokol


  36. dana sittler

    this song melts my tickets for next month, what agreat deal getting the cd with each ticket bought...jim cuddy and greg keelor are the canadian lennon mccartney, jagger richards, allman bros,fagen becker...always a great duo
    of writing and music

  37. Vicki SQ

    Wow, be still my heart ❤️. Beautiful song!

  38. Chris LeDrew

    Beautiful song, Jim and band. Wow.

  39. corinne1962

    Wow...such an amazing song!I am looking forward to hearing this in person at the Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay  Feb.10th! ♥

  40. Maria & Lauretta Ryan

    Oh Jim, no one can sing a ballad like you.. soothes my soul! Thanks for your brilliance!

  41. aprilstar33

    Nothing touches my soul more like a beautiful Jim Cuddy song! Thank God for this man and his talent!

  42. ZEFilms Productions

    Amazing! See you in London ON in Feb!

  43. smileybluegirl

    Another absolutely beautiful ballad and lovely video!! Can't wait to hear it live! :)

  44. Jacki Andre

    This is just stunning. I've been looping this song on Spotify for some time. It's beautiful and such a perfect vehicle for Jim's vocals. But the video, wow. It's lush and stunning and simply amazing. It just doesn't get better than this. Congrats!

    justy gallup

    Jacki Andre this song hurts my heart.

    Jacki Andre

    Justy: It's not a happy song, that's for sure. But there can be beauty in sadness.

  45. SChiasson3

    Wow... how beautiful