Cuco - Dontmakemefallinlove Lyrics

I don't think I'm meant to be with you
I don't wanna make you sad
All the time just feeling bad
Girl, don't make me fall in love with you
I don't think I'm right for you
I'm just disappointing you

Lonely nights like these you just stumble in my head
And I'm wondering what you're doing
And why maybe I'm not dead
The thought of you still kills me
I know I'm a stupid guy
Looking back at my mistakes, I fucked up a million times
I couldn't see the day
I never called somebody mine
Cause every single heartbreak made me lose my fucking mind
I guess I was too blind
Girl, I see that you were right for me
I had to fuck it up, I'm sorry this is not goodbye
I let this so called fame get deep into my head
And I'd end up doing thoughtless things
that I soon would regret
I made you feel special
And I should've felt the same
Cause I had you by my side
How could I have been this way

I don't think I'm meant to be with you
I don't wanna make you sad
All the time just feeling bad
Girl, don't make me fall in love with you
I don't think I'm right for you
I'm just disappointing you

I don't think I'm meant to be with you
I don't wanna make you sad
All the time just feeling bad
Girl, don't make me fall in love with you
I don't think I'm right for you
I'm just disappointing you

I don't think I'm meant to be with you
I don't wanna make you sad
All the time just feeling bad
Girl, don't make me fall in love with you
I don't think I'm right for you
I'm just disappointing you

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Cuco Dontmakemefallinlove Comments
  1. mysterious Adam

    I remember my ex introduced this song to me and it reminds me of so many memories

  2. SushiSaechao Roblox

    this song is from tik tok?

  3. TheKing •}

    This is somewhat relateble

  4. Chiu Gilbert

    Love, don't fall in love, because everything that falls breaks...

  5. Annabella Klimis

    When u jam to the same song everyday by Cuco :)
    We vibiNn--

  6. Mackenzie Green ghost

    Pizza: *exists*
    Pineapple: *I* *don't* *think* *I’m* *meant* *to* *be* *with* *you*

  7. CycloneCat 112

    Anybody going through a breakup like me, I hope you know that you will find someone, I know it seems corny, but genuinely, if they broke up with, then it wasn’t meant to be, take time for yourself and just take a week or 2 to find yourself

  8. Miyless

    the background tho

  9. Harry Flanagan

    I sit back in my chair during winter and have a nice glass of Cuco

  10. Maricela Luna

    Who put this on tik Tok

  11. andrewmtg シ

    YO IT'S NOT JUST ME RIGHT?? guys i swear when I heard this I thought it was that one CHINESE SONG, anyone know what that chinese song is? The starts very similar to it!!

  12. Jimy Galan

    Cuco bro this song is so good 😊
    Is my favorite idk why this type of song don’t make more view or like 😕

  13. Iris

    In 9th grade a boy named Connor was singing this song at a concert in my school to a girl name Vivian because that girl cheated on him with his friend James. And when he was done finishing the song probably like everyone in the concert was shouting “Fuck you!” “Piece of shits!”at Vivian and James they both left the gym and a fucking cone was thrown at them. I was fucking laughing

  14. seal


  15. salmoncillo Feliz


  16. Green is beyond Caged

    I came here from Giofilms tbh.

  17. itssshunter rose

    e girl aesthetic anthem

  18. jaymin tafoya

    I listened to cuco while lo question siento was still getting made

  19. ok boomer

    cuco and joji and billie is a perfect crossover

  20. Ricco Modz

    vel 1.5

  21. Messi Lionel

    They should put this in a cartoon

  22. Jesus Christ

    So, I found it on Spotify

    I didn’t even knew it was on TikTok

  23. Sibl Obi

    Thank You Spotify 🙏

  24. Ruth Valdez

    Hi cuco

  25. tamari

    i came here from crystal dolphin

  26. Baringtonn

    “I couldn’t see the day I’d ever call somebody mine”

  27. meme_machine 31

    It's weird because normally when I listen to a love song the lyrics are what I want to tell the girl I like, but I feel this song is what she has already told me

  28. Ur Mom

    is it bad that...

  29. Ruth Valdez

    Hi cuco

  30. IsPaintify


  31. SnowSzn

    This song might have 2 mil views but it still underrated 😤

  32. Leonardo Koamy

    one friend of mine send me a song by you yesterday and I really liked it, so started playing others songs and I found this song. This song is a kinda fucking vibe!!!!!

  33. Landen Noon

    if there’s a god on earth it’s him

  34. xxXTylerGamingYTXxx

    I look back on how i listened to this a year ago and it meant nothing, but now this song is describing this whole month for me

  35. Jãsiah

    Tbh y'all kinda cringe

  36. katsuki bakugou

    Chill song.

  37. clout granny

    am I the only one that found this on soundcloud and not tiktok??

  38. Katosiik K

    It's love ❤️
    Это любовь ❤️

  39. ridhomblr

    Why is his head so huge

  40. Angel Gonzalez

    Ironic that I fell in love with this song


    Lol I'm here from my spotify reccomend not tik tok ^

  42. Valeria Acosta


  43. joe lanezz

    yall cumin from TIKTOK im cumin from his fandom GaNg gang chu kno dah fuken vibessss lmaoooo im jp dnt cum from meeee mkkk now i gotta get back to claassssssss peaceeeee

    joe lanezz

    omfg ???? yall so meann bruuu yall doody :\

  44. Harry Nolastname

    lol I found this through traves' playlist "trunes"

  45. Juicy Plushy

    Wow this song is catchy who agrees?

  46. Japin T

    Holy shit heard this song in my dream now I found it 🤣😍

  47. • Sheep •

    A guy sent me this song when we broke up...

    *Should I cry-*


    same ;_;

  48. Yuritarded

    I need help. That tune that first plays out, and plays for the rest of the hook gave me massive nostalgia. I heard that same tune before. Anyone knows where that tune was used elsewhere?

  49. laughing jack

    Atlas vibes

  50. Lollipops and Mangos

    I'm just waiting for him to blow up

  51. Nina Simonovikj

    My ex best friend sent me this , 4 months later we're apart :( and don't talk anymore

  52. EgoWaff

    I got this in Spotify recommendations and I feel cucked because tik tok

  53. cat

    I've been a cuco fan for so long and now everyone likes him and i couldn't be happier he deserves it.

    blue lemonade

    same. my boy is getting the recognition he deserves :')


    @blue lemonade :') i love cuco so much

  54. mooonseeerraaatuwu

    Aguante cuco chiquito, es mejor que messi chiquito

  55. Louna Abousaleh


  56. f a y e

    I'm glad I discovered this 💜

  57. Adrian Vazquez

    *Ruined by Tik Tok*

  58. sharebear howlingwolf

    I've been here before tiktok made it a thing

  59. Dianna Ware

    Cuco and joji would make a bop bro

  60. Its Me

    I hope tik tok gets copyrighted 😏 most of yall came from tik tok but I didn't yay

  61. Evan Montoya

    My mom was talking to my friend's mom (friend is a girl) about dating and how the mom thinks that boys are trouble while dating and stuff. My mom actually thinks the opposite, anyways her mom tells my mom if I am dating someone and if I was open to dating, my mom tells her no to both because well I'm not. Oh yeah forgot to mention they were speaking Spanish and I don't know a lot of Spanish so my mom translated all of the conversation to me when we were picking up some food we ordered. Another thing, that all happened after school(I'm in 7th grade btw) I think that um, uh, it was weird to hear nonetheless.

  62. Josh Loser

    why are you all complaining about tik tok, just enjoy the damn song. damn you all are annoying as shit

  63. BurntRavioli

    This songs on tik tok? 🤮

  64. bella Rinaldi.706

    this song hits different with headphones

  65. quack renjun

    this song makes me feel oddly nostalgic

  66. Heaven

    Ya'll complainin how tik tok took over this song. Lets be real, a lot of you are thankful that you found this song on tik tok.

  67. ITSyABoiNginda

    Coco: *creates this banger*

    Tic toc: hippty hoppity your songs now my property

  68. K4$h-trxin$


  69. Dana Hates you

    My boyfriend sent this song to me then the next day broke up with me , so thanks cuzo.. very heart broken over a dang song/ boy 😂

  70. Frank Sifuentes


    Taylor swift: 0:08

  71. Nut on My face

    I was here before tik tok gave this song cancer but i remember when i had these 2 friends and they loved cuco as much as i did and i would dance in the livingroom and sometimes cry to this song it just reminds me of the friends i lost now....still a good song though

  72. Abudzar 16

    Hehhehee :))))


    i'm here from spotify lmao

  74. Noteleks

    man this song is great,
    i mean, it reminds me of..
    ..certain events..
    but im gettin over those events slowly.
    glad im getting over those events, cause now i can listen to this without feeling like shit, haha.

    Crystal Dolphinz ///

    @Noteleks now this song is like a stain for us, It makes me really sad just by listening to this song, but Im glad you got over it now!

    Crystal Dolphinz ///

    @Noteleks I just wish we could meet in person lol, I would tell you everything how I keep wasting so many opportunities and chance I have on her, right now I still have a chance, but Im scared to talk to her, I dont even have confidence lol

    Crystal Dolphinz ///

    Cause she gave me a hint that I need to make a move in order for us to be a couple

    Crystal Dolphinz ///

    @Noteleks thanks for hearing my story bro.... This song completely destroys me inside


    @Crystal Dolphinz /// np man, I really hope you can get through that.
    just like, dont forget that youre important and loved.

  75. Chubby Smalls

    I found this by accident

  76. Sad Thing

    y'all saying you from tik tok but i'm here from a spotify playlist lmao

  77. melody renderos

    tik tok: HipptY h0pPiTY itS 0n My pr0pErtY

  78. Shadow of Sarrow

    Can someone make the first 10 seconds in a loop or give us the instrumental 🙏

  79. boxcutter joe

    i remember when i found this when it first came out

  80. boxcutter joe

    fuck ticktock i found this all by myself

  81. Dopamine

    C h i q u i t o

  82. Osad0

    100 likes and ill send this to my crush

  83. mari mitchell

    your song came up on pandora and now im actually in love

  84. RainSparks

    ugh im tired of falling for people ;~; how do i turn it off

  85. Your Name

    Why are there tik tok comments

  86. Quentin Arnold

    99% of y'all are from Tik Tok, I came from Alt Protestant lol

  87. Rock And Roll

    im here because of noen eubank's old tiktoks he chose such good songs

  88. Watermelon_707 _

    Why does everyone come from tik tok? I was looking for Elvis Presley’s Falling in Love but then this came up

  89. TarøChu

    Cuco: *makes this song*
    Tiktok: aNd i oOp- sKsKSk

  90. Plane Tomcat

    Okay so I found another song I'm obsessed with

  91. what the heck

    am i really the only one here from ig edits?