Cuban Doll - I Heard Lyrics

(Bitch I heard...)

I done seen this bitches turn they backs
These niggas turn to rats
You a real live pussy but we ain't getting into that
You don't know what you getting into then fall back
I know I'm all that
Yo nigga can't get a call back
You ain't really bout no pressure and I know you be bluffin
Got a name off a name you a one hit wonder
Treat these hoes like they niggas they ain't know I was coming
If you left then its fuck you I don't know you in public
All yo business is public
All my bitches is thugging
None of these niggas I'm cuffing if it ain't money I don't want it
Bitch I spend time to get time and you gets nothing
I'm probably in yo city with that shit bout to flood it
You can talk that tuff shit but we know you a hoe
Pussy in the streets but a gangster in the studio
I don't want yo nigga
Got the head then I was moving on
You can talk all you want but still gon have to prove it tho
You gone make a scene I got clips lets make a movie hoe
Up and ain't hit shit bitch what you shooting for
I know you not with the shits so what you wasting bullets on bullet holes will leave yo whip clip full of those
These half stepping ass hoes they ain't humble
Get a lil bit of money try to ball then they fumble
Soon as they see a check they gon act like they love you
Soon as they blow that they gon have to recover
Soon as I blow mine I'm gon make that shit double aye
This bitch funny no money dick sucking
Bitch all that hating shit it ain't gon work out
You ain't never make 10 bands girl you perked out yeah I'm out in Cali with the plugs?
You at home fucked up still mad at the world
I'm big boss ain't shit talking you a little ass girl got these little niggas fooled all you got is yo word
Bitch I heard
(Bitch I heard, bitch I heard
Bitch I heard
All you got is your word
Bitch I heard)

Money on my head nigga come and knock it off
Bitch yo nigga taking orders cause that nigga not a boss
Hunnid rounds in that drum ill gladly drop it off
Do a skit while I'm sober I ain't popping nothing at all
My partners want me dead I ain't going for that shit
Got my ears to the streets
Got me loading up my clips
4 5 ones? Leave a hole out yo hip
Pillow talking to that bitch like I don't know bout that shit
You can talk that tuff shit but I know what you about
Pussy nigga send the addy I can't wait till I get out
God I pray you take me in cause they tryna take me out
But I'm deep up in this shit so motherfucker say for route
Bitch you with it or you not make yo lil ass choice
I'm a motherfucking boss, you a little ass boy
Heard y'all still toting [?] them some little ass toys [?]
On that chop that's a little ass boy
Way less talk and more actions with a gang full of shooters bitch no practice
Lil bro sending hoes, nigga no taxes
Buss that bitch from the back I'm a known bad dread head [?]
And he won't go for none gang full of knuckle heads and they love to shoot for fun
Give a task to my mans and I bet he get it done
Whole gang move is one so we never one on one

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