Cuban Doll - Don't Like Me Lyrics

Bitches don't like me
Cause they can't get a profit
It's a shortage in their pocket
I should pay their way through college
Bitches don't like me
But they scared to get it popping
Once you go there, ain't no stopping
I get money, I got options
Bitches don't like me
This 4, 5 bitch obnoxious huh
We'll get your block put up
Slide down, start dropping some

And you know it ain't no stopping
Bitch don't care if you don't rock with us
You got your feelings bottled up
Aye, these bitches they don't like me
You know that bitch broke
Why would you make her your wifey
Said they don't like me?
I'm somewhere not caring
On a plane on my way to an island
They love you in public
But be hating in private
These bitches don't like me
They silent, they trying
A bitch try me, gon' get violent
Fuck rhyming, fuck a song
These niggas is liars
Aye, and these hoes ain't no better
These bitches don't like me?
Hoes gon' hate, hating hoes hate forever
You ain't no go getter, bitch you looking so bitter
I'm looking so better, fuck some shit you don't like
I guess these hoes mad, that I went up on the price
You looking so sad, like it happened over night
But I know your broke ass still tryna get some stripes
Bitch! You ain't gon' get one up off me
Bitches don't like me?
That's a personal problem
Bitch if you scared, go to church
Pray about it
I'm out here making thousands
Bout to make my way about it

Bitches don't like me
Cause they can't get a profit
It's a shortage in their pocket
I should pay their way through college
Bitches don't like me
But they scared to get it popping
Once you go there, ain't no stopping
I get money, I got options
Bitches don't like me
This 4, 5 bitch obnoxious huh
We'll get your block put up
Slide down, start dropping some

They love you in public
But be hating in private
They love you in public
But be hating in private
They love you in public
But be hating in private
They love you in public
But be hating in private

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Cuban Doll Don't Like Me Comments
  1. DeJohnne Lacy

    She bad

  2. Ice Lunatic

    Bet you didn't act like this in Cuba pendega go back

  3. jrmaine curtis


  4. Rox a

    yeaah Traap Girl
    do you know Warcaille, Trap Girl ?

  5. Daku Hall

    Cuban so pretty 😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍

  6. Sara Griffith

    For those that don't know, this song was a reply to molly brazy song "I don't like you"

  7. morelia Pichardoo

    Play at 1.25

    morelia Pichardoo

    Sounds better

  8. Benjamin Haniah


  9. Sara Griffith

    Yes !!!! No don't like you I love you savagedoll!!!!

  10. Ryan Leesh

    Yep. I like this.

  11. Ebk Stickz

    Yall dont like her but if she thru a free feature yall a race to the studio she at

  12. hey there

    Cuban is really trash,.

  13. Brooke Seay

    Bryan Brooks ain't shit he cheated on a female name Tammy George ! Tammy Copper !

  14. Aristine malette


  15. Elizabeth Laird Price

    This should be playing every time I walk through a door. Cause bitches really don’t like me. 🤣

  16. Rosie S.

    Nobody likes you. You can't rap.

  17. Mac Entertainment enterprise M E E.

    👍👍 up C D. Detroit it’s Muzic Movement. 👀💿👊🏻💯🇮🇹🖕🔥✌🏻😉

  18. Kristen Ahanotu

    Bitxhes don't like me 💯🖕🙅👎

  19. TruthSeekingMissile

    She has no rhythm

  20. sorsa

    Tiktok: "bippity boppity this song is now obviously my property"


    Hippity hoppity*


    @EliteSpartnOPS1 its bippity boppity now


    sorsa nah

  21. The Official Hamster

    Female blueface?

  22. Larisa Baines

    Snow white died

  23. mr. clean

    tiktok b like : “i’m copping”

  24. My Dad Beats Mii

    Man this is where blueface got his flow

  25. Jade Aura

    The best was aight but I believe she could’ve killed it with a better one BUT SHE STILL ATE PERIOD😍

  26. kim kim

    Oh Jesus not the game for you

  27. Everton 123


  28. Howie

    cuban doll: dont like me
    molly brazy: ion like you



  30. Renea Renea

    If Cuban n blueface make a song, we all gone have headaches Trynna put the words with the beat 😂



  32. Iamidol rankin

    Y’all some dick riders dis shit hard not even low key high key

  33. Young Savage

    I Want Fuck This Girl Fo Real

  34. Berto G

    Best Doll Out of All The Dolls😜💯

  35. Jacari Bryant

    Looking like a cute ass power ranger 🙄🥰😍

  36. scarlet hottie

    They love you in public but be hating in private!

  37. Quaewean israeL

    What's up pimp I like you for some years sweetheart since the year 2014 been fan !

  38. Rhodes Sutton

    your hustle has no foundation if you can't rock this track any day of the week.. if you need a beat that has vocal-makeup (complete with a flow that's purely lip gloss, tits, and ass) then you the bottom 95% of the WSHH viewers.. all the commenters that be hating be that dude thats idea of basketball is the dunk contest.. bum ass kids don't know rap. Cuban the realest 'artist' out there right now.. one of the only out that can say they putting out "tracks" and not selling out singing like some fuckin hip pop porn star.. get your eye candy ass ears off the comments until you have even a meager understanding of what culture is represented by grit that she brings to the table in this track.. rap a natural a capella and let the producer throw a beat behind it.. not some migos/pump/drake/logic/travis/cardi fake ass song that is a performance and not a track..... I even go as far as to say this song sounds a little sold out in the chorus, but thats the credit to the producer... hence the "they love you in public but be hating in private" repeated off beat.. bc if they wanted that could be turnt into a catchy crack rock too.. ppl that need a manicured song to be able to bump it in your car be that "hold me back" dude.. not someone with bigger shit than that in motion/at stake.. they got no weight behind their hustle, they kiddie poolin when they mobbin w/homies.. this aint "definition of" real by any stretch but it aint too far down the block from it.. ... "long hair"? Let It Blow
    some know the road.. some ppl be standing up in the limo moon roof.. #Transportin
    some are paid instagram models, meanwhile billionaires walk around in $10 jeans... real recognize real.. real recognize those tryna stay real and will show love to em too.. Cuban is a Rep in a way some ppl dont have the eyes to see.

  39. Iprettybae bae

    Damm y'all be hating on her like she Donald trump or sum

  40. WAYNAGA official

    please watching

  41. Williams Wardell

    What up bad yellow g✨✨l

  42. Williams Wardell

    Hey Cuban this Cheeto I'm thinking about you

  43. Sophie Mcdonald

    Weak ass lyrics! M$. Nina Macc gets all over this broad!!

  44. Playbackjunkie

    Even Bhad Bhabie is better than this. O__o

  45. Playbackjunkie

    This is utterly shit. This girl gets more attention than her music's worth.

  46. ChiiLady11

    Still listening 2019 and beat 👊💥 #LIT

  47. SlimhoustonTv

    Im rocking with shawty ..on my city she jus need to find her flow, she killing the only take one song💯🔥🔥 #SlimhoustonSaidit fwm 🇨🇺

  48. ChiiLady11

    I fucks with this beat turnt all the way up in my car. Whoever disagree y'all just haters lol. Unplug ya ears.

  49. Dominican Princess

    Tbh Cuban doll is like a girl who don’t play and if a guy cheats on her I feel like she gonna break in his house and break his car 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  50. christopher hart

    뼈 사이에.ㅓ러

    christopher hart

    Johnson lol ovkrk. thanks again kfkh.kvk
    Ogo. we
    Can Ugly go the other us we...or the santa fayo instead of the fe

  51. stepgirl305

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!! First time I hear this.....feel like I need to listen to iggy to erase this in my mind.

  52. Heaven’s Dynasty


  53. TyCoya Snow

    Bitch ass

  54. King ShineTV

    She so cute

  55. exru blg

    *Anyone here from Billy-6ix9ine*

  56. Sara Griffith

    is this a come back from Molly brazys" I don't like you"?what it called , a diss track, a come back ??

  57. 25k subs with no videos challenge

    Thicc 🤩🤩

  58. Anthony Brown

    Nighas don’t like me. I love it.#💯

  59. crystal dixon

    Tell mf how sold sole sly mf rich mf

  60. xv6brandon

    shit song, but girl is cute as f

  61. Atsila Yona

    I feel this on a spiritual level.

  62. Cracra yousif

    They don't like you cuz they anit You.

  63. Skylar Blue

    Pure rubbish


    Skylar Blue 😂😂😂

  64. joana C

    O acctualy think this is really good

  65. gee MOYA


  66. ムMegaGamer

    hoter that the flame of amaterasu

  67. Tatiana Leonard

    Mannnn fuck all of yall you cant grasp her.lyrics cuz you dont know her . shes talkin bout hatin ass hoes just like ALL OF YOU

  68. Senti Senti


  69. Gabby Monet

    Someone need to keep it real with her she have no future in the rap game . This might be a hobby or something stop wasting your money on these wack ass videos tf

  70. Ruff Diamonds Management - The Firm

    I like it😎

  71. iiam. chubbs

    Why Y'all Bashing Her

  72. Miguel Angel Crespo Jr

    I like this song by cubandasavage b****** don't like me

  73. Laylove Melindaponnell

    This my dad song

  74. Olivia Griffin

    More views plz😩

  75. uhlani brock

    beat slap at least

  76. Dot Dot

    Hella copied this song from HD of Bearfaced from Oakland look it up it’s called don’t like me too same beat same hook!!!!

  77. priscilla


  78. christine sosa

    cuban a weirdo😪

  79. Maurice van Oosterhout - SOLO RIDER

    Cuz youz b phresher than 69 acres of orchid flowers gal. Word

  80. lazygamertv

    im a girl who likes men but this sexy bitch would have me turning lesbian lol so yeh i'd eat her out real talk just keeping it 100.

  81. Brandie Hicks


  82. Lakesha Higgs

    Aye did any body see hate I YouTube channel with Cuban doll videos on it like nah he own rights two that. I'm on bankroll right then I go to Cuban baby thrown and nah this bruh page 😣🤣😆😟🤸‍♀️😟😦😅😂👨‍💻🍉😒👨‍🔬so I'm looking at this nigga like he crazy. He a mad producer🤗😦😟😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣😣😣😣🤣🤣😆🤣🤣😣😒👨‍💻🍉🍔 when he talk it sound like he spend burgers

  83. Moniquei Varela

    reminds me of an Hd slapper !!!🚨 💕💕💕💕🎹✌

  84. Starific S

    Cuban Doll keep on making amazing music.

  85. Chanelica

    this my shit tho

  86. Erika Kane


  87. Imani Little

    1.2k dislikes😭 "bitches don't like me"

  88. Cuban Doll

  89. Lord Frith

    why do women in rap always have to diss each other.... sad

  90. Sister Anna

    How tf is she better than cardi b

  91. juelz004

    You look cute cuban

  92. Coach Kelley

    Love your songs. U should go on tore. U would kill no dout