Crywolf - Slaves Lyrics

I felt a lost
I felt a lost place to call my home
I found you here
When I was broken, all alone
And I thought of you when I was under all that dirt
I thought of growing, thought of you and all your hurt

I felt a lost
I felt a lost people with no throne
I was a crow
Flying out in a golden dome
I thought I told you I would never be at peace
I thought I loved you, but you had me on my knees

I felt a sharp
I felt a sharp pain beneath my gown
You used your hands
To bury me in the frozen ground
And I thought of you when I was underneath that dirt
I thought of rising, thought of how I'd make you hurt

I'll make you hurt
I'll make you hurt
I'll make you hurt
I'll make you hurt.

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Crywolf Slaves Comments
  1. Mr. Skeltal

    ie jesu domine
    dona eis requiem

    Very good song!! One of my favorites from the album ~

  2. reaper

    used to be obsessed with this album when I was in 4th year, used to listen to this album during my design and manufacturing classes. Brings back good memories.

  3. Sunny Bizzle

    Pure artistry at its finest...great job!

  4. gabs


  5. Wendel Pacheco

    Aaaaaaaaaa ♥️


    This guy is immortal .. can never be forgotten 💗💗

  7. oranje drurgen

    the start is a meme between me and my brother bcos i played it once when somethin really trivial upset him and it perfectly captured his whining. i love the song tho i jus cant listen to the first 13 seconds seriously

  8. Cloudi

    This is the voice by an angel! <3

  9. Prachi Sharma


  10. ZogJhones

    Didin't know Crywolf was Canadian...


    @Anon Y. Mous Never seen south park, i see.


    oh i get what you mean now, i didnt get it earlier! pretty witty actually


    @Anon Y. Mous Thanks.

    Grumpy Dai

    google south park canadians

    CandyandFruit c:

    HAHA im dead!

  11. Loreal Madonna

    My favorite on the album and ever then Rising Rising.

  12. Demetrius DeMyer

    I found this song because of porn


    I f you daughter

  13. Jackson Ballinger


  14. Aysha Mehmood

    God you are amazing, your music is the best around, keep it up Crywolf!

  15. Nicholai Vincent

    Gorgeous :'D There's that short part starting at 0:17 .. someone's gotta do a remix and extend that part or make it in the background or something.. it'll sound too good <3

    Nicholai Vincent

    ItsDvckyMoMo Then do it!

    Nicholai Vincent

    ItsDvckyMoMo is that no??! THEN WHY you say you could do it!!!

    Nicholai Vincent

    ItsDvckyMoMo ...ok OTL

  16. Nathan is still here

    Am I able to use this in my videos?

  17. Tábata Santos


  18. Eklavya Kaushal

    Real creativity.💜

  19. umair khan

    youre gonna make my friend

  20. Jim Short

    I was at work tonight... I Do security at a club in mpls....see a lot of shows every week. Alot of them suck.. Some are ok...nothing to write home about & they all have an opening act or that's whole of shows..i never know who's playing or ever care...I was DJ and a rave guy way way back...I've been iutfa the loop as to who or what is happening or era icame and days m usually just the guy in the corner keeping people from getting. Back stage, i rarely even look up from my phone or the book I'm reading....tonight....I was completely blown away....this haunting exotic morful sound just took over my whole self....just insisted I pay now I am I suspect I always will. After his set while i was reeling fro. This Soulful hurricane that crashed into my life comes off stage like he had just parked a car or delivered a sub or something equally casual. He was so unassuming and genuine unphased w out a hint of arrogance...just cool and composed.. . completely proti join essional. I was overwhelmed by the depths of his insight and how high his compositions took me....this is somebody who is far more magical than he even knows yet the machinations of his genius will be the soundtrack that defines the next decade of my life. I am grateful beyond words for the experience. I'm moved by the energy and light he brings He deserves it...I'm changed and I like it. Thank you again Justin....from the bottom of my heart , for renewing my love of true and honest sound...
    I'm happily converted and will be taking who ever else comes my way down to the river side so they can feel this way too.-Respectfully and w feeling,

    Matt V from the SKYWAY.

  21. Putri Rahmadhani

    i just love you so much

  22. Luca HAMBLETON

    I'm at least happy that I didn't see any puns in the comments..

  23. Kristol Faulkner

    One listen and I'm hooked.

  24. mr slunk

    1:33 IS THAT A KITTY?!?!

  25. Project Anubis

    Great group!

  26. Shepley810

    Properly my favorite one right!

    Ed Hk

    +Shepley810 properly? Well you must have chosen your favorites the correct way then. :P

  27. Kitty Kat

    I love your music. it makes my mind run off into new world and this gave me goosebumps I love it. Your music always manages to push my inspiration button so its easier to write. Keep up the good work :)

  28. sliptirka

    I didn't know Crywolf was Canadian.

  29. Mags G

    I think this is definitely one of the best songs of the album

  30. Martin Sibara

    Love it!

  31. Teresa Elam

    literally perfect oh man

  32. Mortimer Eredann

    Someone was so in the song they misclicked and gave the vid a dislike

    onlyoneofus_ go

    i like your pic of the heart"_"

  33. Barto Csakk

    This could be a great soundtrack for movies.
    Btw i loved your whole album, keep going!
    You have amazing voice and talent!

  34. Arianit Hoxha

    Thank you so much <3

  35. Ethan F.

    who in their right mind would dislike this? :/

    Mags G

    +ProneToBeing Floppy everyone is entitled to their opinion, but those people are definitely wrong.

    Ethan F.

    +Maggie Gordon I like your logic

    Ed Hk

    +ProneToBeing Floppy You're entitled to any beliefs: as long as they are correct.

  36. Zelus

    Damn this brings out so many memories. Amazing way to portray a feeling that cannot even be described with words.

  37. Trey Smith

    omg yes

  38. Mark

    My favorite right here.. No doubts


    +Mark i have yet to decide. they are all amazing

  39. Wendler



    +Wendler Custodio ITS HEEEEREEE

  40. Lauren Rainbow


  41. Gavin Holm

    Crywolf I love you and your music so much!! I can't wait to listen to the rest of the album! I'm completely blown away so far! <3


    +Gavin Holm it lightens me up to see everyone enjoying the tracks as well. stick around

  42. FaZe Orba


  43. FloridaManShy

    Im waiting for each song to release . refreshing the page every minute. love cataclasm. favorite artist of all time. you did an amazing job justin

    Ethan F.

    I woke up this morning to find so many songs it's like heaven :D

  44. Leta Buchanan


  45. Oliem61

    this is incredible

  46. SillyAngel

    Yes! I love your music ♡

    Andrew Mish

    No u don't


    +Andrew Mish I bet you StainedWings does and I don't like your english. ;)

  47. Cris

    First :p


    +Criz hahaha someone beat me to it. see you on the next track xD these are amazing so far right?


    +Carbon xP

    Hahaha , this is incredible

  48. Reus Bautista

    Love it