Crywolf - Lemniscate (The Place Between Sleeping And Awake) Lyrics

I know you've seen this all before
I'm feeble, calling though the floor
Oh, I'm just a waste of skin
But love is seeping through my pores
Oh dear, I long to be your warmth


Some day
When I'm gone away
We'll be all okay

(I once was blind)
When we're all awake
(But now I see)
We'll be all okay
(Your pain it lives inside of me)

Are you found here in the silence?
(I'm standing here)
Am I sleeping or awake?
(I call your name)
Like a song beneath the violence
(You cut right through)
You are asking me to stay

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Crywolf Lemniscate (The Place Between Sleeping And Awake) Comments
  1. kertaspaper94

    4:54 onwards is just so good

  2. Pluto


  3. Manic Nerd

    I feel this vibe.. So much so it reminds me of how much I hate myself ... Reminds me of my own feelings.. This song is beautiful

  4. Serhii Sirenko

    Not Bad.)

  5. lita galindo

    I'm not going to lie when this song hits home. I'm very much back and forth in a toxic relationship and this song is exactly what it feels like.The longing and then the opening up again. The man I'm in love with suffers from clinical depression and his low self esteem is a bad mixture. He's been going to therapy an is on meds and seeing Doctors for it and he constantly feels like he's not making progress. I try so hard to be there and be supportive but he constantly pushes me away and then the longing and the missing gets the better of us.

  6. Saivion trigg

    Have yall actually tried to like be in between sleep and being awake with this song on. I literally felt like I was on the ocean alone floating. Crywolf is the goat😎

  7. Kristi Sifuentes

    This EP reminds [us] of how delicate life is. When I hear this music i dwell in a realm that is between life and death much like the title indicates, between sleep and awake.

  8. Nightcore Leigh

    Beautiful Strange 😂

  9. Coty Nystrom

    this guy touches my soul especially when on lsd

  10. phinixx15

    Set phone down sideways. Look at screen. Momentary panic

  11. Abu Hossain Shanto

    1000 times I heard this song. When I heard that song, I was lost in words!.

  12. Jacob Bellanger

    I hear a lot of windswept in this song.

  13. Gus Lockerby

    TIL what a lemniscate is.

  14. Giordano Reynoso

    4:50 to 5:30 😍👌🏼

  15. Staraptor

    A year later. Got sick of this by listening non-stop everyday

    first time listening to this on a cold and rainy day after some shit happened

    how could this exist and everyone simply ignore? the shivers are coming stronger than the first time that I listened to this

    holy shit.

  16. Julie Laflamme

    Crywolf is my favorite artist he portrays so much emotion through his music and he gives feelings a voice all of his music is gold and I just can't thank him enough for creating these master pieces. Thank you from so many fans. I will forever be a huge fan. His music speaks volumes and when I listen I feel so much. Absolutely beautiful.

  17. Holden Kerns

    Fucking beautiful.. Just like she used to be..

  18. Heather Shamblin

    Please make more songs i need them

  19. Heather Shamblin


  20. Heather Shamblin

    I dont like being between awake or a sleep at the same time.

  21. Adeline P

    All of your music is so incredibly beautiful. I feel a full range of emotions when listening. You’ve worked so hard and it shows. Keep creating. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Társis Cunha

    So wonderful...

  23. winny b

    Tour music makes me wanna give you a hug and tell you that everything's gonna be okay

  24. Tewing54


  25. Alone Traveler

    i love Crywolf (Justin Taylor Phillips) he sings the best songs.

  26. Warriorstyles

    Who else thinks this title describes SLEEP PARALYSIS?

  27. Shae Blakeman

    Still listening....

  28. Tianji

    I get dissected by something called life everyday man

  29. kertaspaper94

    I'd rather just be buried 6 feet under. All my joys, my grievances, I'd just keep for myself. There's nothing left to share to everyone when I'm dead. We may live together, but we die alone

  30. GabrielDavidMusic

    Really Love The Way You Mix Your Vocals With The Beat , Thats what counts most

  31. Hella Agnes

    crywolf my boyyy

  32. Yellowstar 9

    I love music specially yours, I listen to it whenever I get the chance like in long car rides or even to a store. I have come to the realization that every song has its own story to tell even if it’s the same topic, like a story. The song is the book and the album is the series. Your music gives me this certain aura that I look for in things and it’s best when I listen at night. I just listened to these for the first time even if I’m a year late I still love these songs with all may heart. I click on one of your sings and listen to the first 5 seconds of it and automatically fall in love with them. I read the description before listening to your songs and when I finished the description I focused of the words and the intensity of the music. All the songs related to each other, the description, and what you felt. I can’t explain how much I love your songs and how you connect them to the way you feel. That’s how I feel artists should be but not all of them are. They write about sex and shit bc that’s what people listen these days but not you. You write about what you want and work a lot harder than those people. I would never stab you with that knife I would give u a hug instead.💜💙🖤 you have a supporter here in the shadows sitting here in her home waiting until the she can do something great. For now she listens to her idol ( and will forever)and go through the hell that 8th grade is.💜💜💜 I love you and your music.

  33. Kawaii Ouran

    Crywolf can I just say, your music is absolutely beautiful and moving in so many different ways. Your music shows true emotion, and it has opened my eyes to what love, sadness, and many other emotions can reach. Your music touches the depths of emotions and feelings and thoughts. Your music is so much different than anyone's music out there because it's your emotions and feelings and thoughts put into notes and lyrics. I love your music so much and I love the description, not as a judge, but as another soul who appreciates these poetic words to go along with the album. I love your music and your writing and you. Thank you so much

  34. Lauby

    Acoustic Version... Pls..

  35. Angelface :)

    I sent a pm screen shot to your FB page . It's important. ☆

  36. _tragician._ x

    i used to listen to crywolf alot a while ago.. he always made me feel better and made me feel like i mattered. now, i’m back and i love how much he has changed. thank you crywolf 💕

  37. Shreyas Nadkar

    I am unshakably blown away

  38. Ryan

    4:53 best part

  39. Rubens Dzp Vazquez

    Eres el mejor!

  40. Yuri Belmock

    Art and Literature is a form of contacting other people's experiences and feelings, and this is one of the most amazing features that we have as an species. Thank you so much for sharing this with humanity.

  41. David Ramirez

    Absolutely glorious song! That description hits you in the feels!!

  42. Ranzo

    Since this was uploaded... I feel like the music starts in a sunny forest full of birds and deers. Then out of a sudden, the music changes and with it my imagination also changes into a dark forest. I just noticed the picture yesterday and saw that I think he really wanted the song to sound like this

  43. Crown

    If dreams were songs, this is what they'd sound like.

  44. Maitrayee Sengupta


  45. Jay Valor

    How much are his tickets does anyone know? He's touring right now. I wanna go but the site has no idea on ticket price.

  46. Thiago

    5:35 this part deserve a full song :(

    Piotr Ripper

    Mee tooo

  47. El Tio Dennis

    Wow... I don't think I have ever commented on any of your songs or on your channel in general. So, here is me telling you what I think of your music: It is absolutely stunning. It has so much depth and feeling put into it, and the amazing electronic elements your songs have gives them such a powerful edge. Some of your work has helped me more than a few times to get through hard times, or simply to relax for a few hours <3

  48. Piotr Ripper

    My Discovery !! - CRYWOLF !!!!!!!! MY MUSIC !!!

  49. Amandeep Singh

    Why does your music feel supernatural, man?I always close my eyes whenever I'm listening to any one of your compositions, and it's not because I want to enjoy it better; but because it doesn't relate to any damn thing in this pathetic world. It makes me think of an existence that once was, or rather could have been; but ceased to exist due to it's purity. Please never stop making music. I thank you for making my life less pathetic. :))

  50. Blurryface

    Beauty 😘 Thanks dear 🙏🏻 Made my day

  51. Alex K

    Anyone else reminded of the Nier Automata soundtrack with this?
    Something about it screams like, liminal, roboticness.
    Awesome song

  52. Rudy Yeye

    This wakes feelings and emotions i never knew were sleeping deeply

  53. Diego Sandoval

    is it just me r there songs make me feel different 😶😩😳😂

  54. Sam

    Anyone know where I can find an instrumental version of this amazing song?


    I have never seen a Crywolf instrumental, so I highly doubt there is one.


  55. Sharrocks

    This track gives me chills everytime

  56. Kevin Lim

    You are such an amazing artist and you lyrics has the best meaning behind it. Love your work.

  57. TheBigBadGracie

    The description of this song is so...eye opening. I love the feeling and the strength given through the song. The vulnerability in the cords, in the voice pitch. I love it.

  58. Rose H.

    beautifull, so deep. thank you for sharing

  59. Elvira Cheung

    He is sooooo underrated

  60. Minna Ceres

    'So here I am. Here's the knife. Be gentle with me, please.'

  61. Moniqua Gatewood


  62. Jakob Davenport


  63. Chelsea

    that paragraph in the description may have just made me decide to release my own music. I've been hiding some of the songs for years scared of what people will think, but you put it perfectly. I think it was the push I needed so thank you

  64. oreos


  65. Michael C

    Thank you Rylai Yugin, You're loved, and will always have my heart.

  66. david chebukin

    Here before it's famous.

    This one makes me feel so many different emotions.

  67. Thomas Pound

    the sadness is almost too much to handle. haha nice song

  68. Viy Curay

    Love it.

  69. Courtney Wright

    Anywhere I can get an instrumental of this? I want to make a cut of it for use in gymnastics floor exercise, but it can't contain lyrics. The warped vocals at the start are fine, but not any spoken words :)

  70. Ringtail RevReject

    Absolute beauty in the form of sound waves. Just relistened to the Ghosts EP not too long ago, and the difference in style between this song and most of that album is a little shocking. Keep up the good work and keep evolving, dude, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  71. Franxis A.C.

    The song that can touch your soul in an instant ♥♥♥

  72. Johnnie Slaughter

    haven't read somethingthat touching in a long time I'm honestly in awe

  73. Jukka Chvrch


  74. Hell Master

    Am I the only one who thinks that 5:35 beyond is just so sad but honestly good?

    Piotr Ripper


  75. ManifestDestiny


  76. Soul Giah

    I'm in love... period! <3

  77. Courtney

    Thank you so much. I can't describe how much all your songs mean for me. They soothe and elicit emotion in a way that is so rare but so beautiful and powerful. You are so wonderfully talented and just ahhh. Please don't stop making music <3

  78. Brandon Morgenstern

    Please never stop doing music. The beauty and imagery you display with each song is like lavishing within an art gallery with nothing but priceless work around you.

  79. Efraín Vargas

    Hermosa! 😍👌🎵🎶

  80. Abhinav Viswaroop

    The 21st century version of Shakespeare's Seven Ages with lots of awesomeness.

  81. Abhinav Viswaroop

    Run Crywolf.....Run.

  82. Zelus

    Lyrics~ I know you've seen this all before.
    I'm feeble, calling though the floor
    Oh, I'm just a waste of skin
    But love is seeping through my pores
    Oh dear, I long to be your warmth
    Oh dear, I long to be your warmth

    Some day
    When I'm gone away
    We'll be all okay

    (I once was blind)
    When we're all awake
    (But now I see)
    We'll be all okay
    (Your pain lives deep inside of me)

    Are you found here in the silence?
    (I'm standing here)
    Am I sleeping or awake?
    (I call your name)
    Like a song beneath the violence
    (You cut right through)
    You are asking me to stay


    Sliv Zelus Your pain lives deep inside of me*

  83. Babywolfz

    I'm so in love with this

  84. Bradie Archbold

    If any of you guys have a chance to see him live, do it!! He is an amazing performer and it was one of the best shows I've ever been to!

  85. Batman

    Absolutely floored by this, the alt-rock influences in your new music is absolutely impeccable

  86. Edwin Xkore

    9 people missed the like button

  87. Robert Cox


  88. Sounds of Color

    4:55 really takes this track to a whole new level! ♪♫

  89. Evan Greenwood

    Anyone else hear some parts from Neverland in there? Hmmm... I like it though

  90. mark bradley

    love this song.

  91. Sakib Sourav

    Ok,Question! A very very important one! Where can I find Emalyn's bio? her voice is divine & We don't know anything like absolutely anything about her!

  92. LisCisz

    I've been waiting for an update. Ah yes, the sounds are turning into words and hitting my heart hard, they are breaking yet mending the broken pieces of my heart.

  93. Remon

    Broken mirror, sharp pieces of glass in my tender hold.
    Envision clearer, rip apart your silk withered blindfold.
    Growing nearer, a twisted fairy tale of passion foretold.
    Feeling dearer, yet so far from my soul, simply old gold.

    Justin, you truly are an inspiration to my poetry..- Thanks for being the talented beautiful soul that you're if you ever come to the Netherlands I'll be certain to visit you.

    Lots of love.

    -Remon ♡

  94. Stefania Raco

    this music takes you in the heaven