Crywolf - Epithelial Lyrics

Can I, cover my skin, with your
Elastic thoughts? Can you
Protect my body with your, mind?

Could I, open my veins
Let you, climb deep inside? Could I
Taste all my life blood mixed with yours?

I wanna be the box inside your room
Where you store away the things
That make you fear
That make you fear

I wanna be the clot inside your heart
Wanna bring you to your knees
And make you feel
And make you feel

I wanna be the hole in your pocket
Where the change falls through
The fault in the earth where it's swallowing you
The lines in your face
The bullet passing through your brain

Loneliness is hard to rid
When you're stuck inside your mind
Forever we will bleed, forever we will cry
Hold me close, feel my breath
Let me in your empty chest
Let me breathe, Oh let me breathe.

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Crywolf Epithelial Comments
  1. Melissa Madness

    Still my favorite by him

  2. havenly shamblin

    My favorite song in the whole world if i could surround us all in oxytosin. This young man would have the one i was looking for,but two young. I would have settled for just a friend for life. I hope you are prolific in life there needs to be more people like you. It made me feel self love for the first time in my life think you justin.

  3. Daniel San

    Wow thats amazing

  4. furkan Yenigelen

    This song is MADE IN HEAVEN!

  5. Mabel Pines

    I love you Crywolf and I also love Echos <3
    This track is simply amazing!

  6. Anthony Salvador

    What does he say in the beginning?

  7. Macksthetic

    I'm levitating

  8. Janille Sloan

    Not going to lie... I have listened to this album at least three times a week front to back for three months. I play it when I do my college work, studying or writing, and it's my go to when I'm so tired of the daily struggle and just need a dark shower and a breakdown. Freaking love you crywolf!

  9. Heather Shamblin

    When is the new album comming out? I cant get enough.

  10. The Social Pariah

    Cataclasm is still my fave
    I love it all, but Cataclasm feels uncomfortably real to me
    And that's beautiful

  11. kxksypi

    This was published on my birthday!

  12. Queen of the Seas

    His music stimulates my soul...

  13. Laura Looh

    Favorite song from the whole album. Anyone with me? No? Okay I'll enjoy alone

    Chris Beaty

    Laura Looh I agree. This and slowburn are standouts.

  14. Gabija Varzgalyte

    I need Eden and Crywolf together again!!!

  15. Николай Узунов

    love the lyrics

  16. @rtwizard

    Fall in love

  17. Sophie J

    One of my favorites.

  18. Jonathan H.

    My absolute favorite song !!

  19. sadmozo



    what about michl? lauv?

    Chris Beaty

    Dude that is too much awesome in one video. I would settle for a Stephen (Swartz) remix.

    Gamer FamerYep

    Oh my gosh YES


    is that the same Stephen or stefan that did the remix of noble art of letting goal?

    Jacob Sanchez

    I would literally die if that happened.

  20. FL shop

    anyone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i really like this song

  21. FL shop

    anyone have the instrumental pleaaaaaaaaaas :(

  22. arrhythmic

    absolutely amazing

  23. Tinkeroftime

    Somehow this reminds me of the sadness in the game Bastion and Elysian: A dust tail. Like those endings, and how bitter and sad it was. Something ethereal and everlasting. Something timeless. Seriously, this song gives me chills!

  24. Marko Batinic

    OMG here have you been all my life?

  25. Angelface :)


  26. itsbiscuitsok

    "I wanna be the hole in your pocket
    Where the change falls through
    The fault in the earth where it's swallowing you
    The lines in your face
    The bullet passing through your brain"

    ...the best

    Chris Beaty

    itsbiscuitsok haunting

  27. Shepley810

    This is just amazing

  28. Jharna

    Liberating Lyrics

  29. Kenzie T

    hot damn

  30. Mags G

    the lyrics are so deep i cry.....

  31. Martin Sibara

    Love it!

  32. Virginia Andrade


  33. Aaron Marxs

    Would Someone Tell me What is Crywolf's Kind of music? :)
    Excuse me if my English is really bad UwUr

    Aaron Marxs

    +Malarie Hunter Oh Really? Anyway, I love Crywolf *w*

    Darolyn Dean

    +Aaron Marxs Lots of his music is diverse. I'm not sure what kind of music his current music would be called, but his past music would be called Chillstep/ Melodic Dubstep

    Aaron Marxs

    +Darolyn Dean Oh Thank You! :D
    Now I can Die in peace :3

    Malarie Hunter

    He did use to make chillstep and melodic dubstep but his new album (Cataclasm) was listed as Indie Electronic on his Facebook page. Either way, it's all great.

    Aaron Marxs

    +Malarie Hunter Wow, I've Got a lot of Chillstep songs, but I never thought those songs were like Crywolf's Kind

  34. Deanna Ramirez

    "The people we most love do become a physical part of us, ingrained in our synapses, in the pathways where memories are created."

  35. Faraaz Nadeem

    can someone please tell me how i can get this album on android??


    its on the play store

    Faraaz Nadeem

    oh ty XD


    +Faraaz Nadeem no problem lol

  36. The Art Project

    This entire song reminds me of James Bond. Could just be that I saw Spectre yesterday, but who knows.

  37. Josh Farmer

    This song has such a flowing way about it that I cannot explain...

  38. Hideki japa

    The feelings..

  39. Majestic Horse

    This is heaven <3

  40. Andy Trance

    serenity and brainwave song

  41. hazelnuttbunny

    0:38 You say "could" but in the description it says "can. "
    Love your songs. They always keep me wondering about the meaning behind your lyrics. <3

  42. stuartrockin

    dat bassdrop

  43. FloridaManShy

    shit am i too late to comment

  44. Noé Chevalier

    is there a possibility to get your albums in lossless quality?

  45. Zelus

    Breath taking song with echos. If only Crywolf made a song with echos and eden... I dont think my ears would be able to handle it

    Junior P

    No Mothica? ~_~


    Crywolf has done a song with eden, called Stomach! :) its amazing aswell!


    or Eden w/ Stephen... omg

    Chris Beaty

    Diego Cala Cadena nah nah nah, Stephen could remix or make an acoustic version. His remixes are godly. I listened to his krewella Alive remix for years... Still do.

    fox thing

    i still pray for this to happen lmao. they've all grown and it would be amazing to see what they'd create

  46. Стоян Стоянов

    Crywolf, *insert some deep shiet*. Keep inspiring with your music! <3

  47. Peter Johnson

    tried to pick a favourite song... then i realized.. the whole album is almost one giant beautiful song. i love Justin's creativity and originality. Keep writing Crywolf !!!

    Jack Toohey

    It's impossible to pick a favorite crywolf song, from any album period. He keeps me from cutting

  48. Cody Seggerman

    u motivate me to keep dancing man. thanks for that.

  49. Jason Hofilena

    I remember not liking one of your songs sometime last year because it wasn't melodic dubstep, but as I started growing a little bit more into musician myself I realized how talented you are and how much emotion you put into your music... You're exploding with originality Crywolf and that really inspires me!! :D

  50. Ozymandiias


  51. Kareena chan

    lovley <3

  52. Gavin Holm

    The part at 2:05 reminds me of interstellar :)


    interstellars my favorite movie and it gave me the same exact vibe haha

    Izzy BadApple

    Yes! It reminded me of something but I couldn't but my finger on it.

  53. Caelan's Wacky Shack

    Just listened to the album twice, so beautiful and magnificent, it was worth the 6 month wait by far, glad and thank ail I ran into your music about 8 months ago, it's gotten me through so much I can't even explain what your music means to me.

  54. S0M3SK1TTL3

    When you don't get the email

  55. Gavin Holm

    Crywolf I love you so much!

  56. Jorge Enrique