Crystal Castles - Untrust Us Lyrics

La cocaina no es buena para su salud,
La cocaina is not good for you.

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Crystal Castles Untrust Us Comments
  1. Shawn Abbadie

    why there is a song about cocaine addiction over a video about mcdonald's and consumerism

  2. bazinga

    I know this is old and i saw this years ago, but the lipsync is still so impressive to me.

  3. Space _Boi_626

    I knew Mcdonadles was up to somethin! I hated that exuse of a burger joint ever sense I was 4, (Also when I was 4 I almost died do to me being pushed by a bully of mine and was rushed to the hospital and that's why I have Bathmophobia *its not fun kids*)

  4. A A


  5. M. Ali Razzaqi

    Well i think it is coolB-)B-)

  6. Junaid Castillo

    Why is this addicting.

  7. Milk tea Mii

    i guess whoever animated this really doesn't like mconalds

  8. N3kr0B0y

    I think we found it. the first MEME music video

  9. Sl33tpaw

    I love the angled line art it's so cool!

  10. Khalid K

    *is this a meme* 2:47

  11. Bruh Moment

    This song is a banger but it'll always give me a slight anxiety attack for some reason

  12. Poofindi

    i love your animation my favorite part is 0:30 and 1:30 o wo

  13. Sinmare The Bear

    When I taste McDonalds and remember I just got this for $4

  14. erika aquino

    rebecas song te amo mi cuyito bella mi rebeca siempre viviras en mi corazon por siempre.

  15. solo soy santiagueña

    Laik si te gusta la cancion pero no entendiste es videoh :"3

  16. Uliana Gubanova UwU

    Thanks, now I have nightmares.

  17. ktosy

    Why i sad its underatted sorry bad nglish but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW😏😏😀😄😄


    @Philippines K.K.K :D you know whats is brawl stars? If you know


    If u know we can play

    Philippines K.K.K

    @ktosy No sorry mate. Because that game is not available in my country and using VPN is illegal.

    Philippines K.K.K

    @ktosy But not Clash of Clans and Royal Clash.


    @Philippines K.K.K oh sorry

  18. eden

    i'm hungry now thanks a bunch

  19. Brown kun

    Wow 10 años tarde pero valio la pena!! Hermosa animación parece que la hiciste este mismo año

  20. TheKaytoi Bv

    Algun comentario español?
    2020 :3❤

  21. Crystal is tired

    My recommendations brought me

    Philippines K.K.K

    Lyrics are....
    La cocaina no es buena para su salud
    It means....
    Cocaine Is Not Good For Your Health.

  22. barry in the beehive

    Gentlemen, the recommendations have brought us here.

  23. KittyCatRihanna

    Ah yes, Mcdonald bad.

  24. Lincolndog's NewAccount

    what. why the hell is the animation talking about greed but the song is talking about cocaine

  25. Crispy Walnut

    This video is kinda my life. Everybody else wanting me to be the same as them but i'm just weird and will never be normal,no matter what they/I do,i'll always be my boring self.

  26. KittyKat_ Animates

    Those small ppl with the big teeth look like something u would see in Little Nightmares lmao

    Philippines K.K.K

    Si lol.

  27. Toby Dominguez


  28. ice_crime

    Hey, so random fact:
    Whenever I hear this song, I get these weird nostalgic flashbacks to something completely unrelated. The nostalgic flashbacks throw me back to things that I don't even think I was alive to see (we're talking the late 1990s and the early 2000s), and they make me nauseous and want to lie down.

  29. Nostalgia Corp.

    So did you add those last few seconds in or-?

    Philippines K.K.K

    Death From Above 1979 - Dead Womb

    Philippines K.K.K

    It has a same lyrics in the first part.

    Nostalgia Corp.

    @Philippines K.K.K Ohhh- I've never listened to that one. Thanks

  30. Vasily Iron

    Man I love Crystal Castles! So dope!

  31. Emily Luo

    why am I sad now

  32. the yin-yang

    Very good art work

  33. Melanie X

    Watching this high is not a good idea

  34. Ole Gacha

    I watched this like 176 times I keep coming here

    Philippines K.K.K

    Like a day or something??

  35. meatgraffiti

    man was way ahead of his time

  36. Mint owo

    I think this is the reason why I'm scared if MacDonalds

  37. Zero Option

    Is almost everybody in this video wearing these money bags with a cut of a mouth that you could possibley not breath in, is that what the grey guy is sad about OR WHAT also why is the grey person so sad?

  38. goat ashes

    the dude with a hamburger is me

  39. Natuk

    Yea, society sucks :(

    Great video btw ♡

  40. kittyshell a furry

    What is the lyrics?

    Philippines K.K.K

    La Cocaina No Es Buena Para Su Salud means Cocaine Is Not Good For Your Health.

    Philippines K.K.K

    Hello?! I been waiting for a god damn response it kinda scares me.

    kittyshell a furry

    @Philippines K.K.K oh sorry hahaha 😅

    Philippines K.K.K

    @kittyshell a furry That's okay. It kinda gives me anxiety attack if the person I am talking to in online that doesn't response.

    kittyshell a furry

    @Philippines K.K.K ok that's make sense you know I'm always online unless im in school or mai phone battery is low

  41. Blue Apple 299

    I'm scared

  42. Live Like Me

    Deep asf lol

  43. Nutella Purkki

    This video is little bit creepy but somehow i love it!

  44. Svinina Rotten


  45. KOREN-Korean student

    I'm Korean.
    I do looooooooove this music.
    I think this music is sooooo cooool!!!
    So cool XD (glad)

  46. Explicebo

    Why is there no fan art of this beautiful, gray man?

  47. TMR / ActualZyra

    what even is this

    Philippines K.K.K

    Animation Of Untrust Us.

    TMR / ActualZyra

    Philippines K.K.K Well that was kind of obvious

  48. BV 10

    Mildly disturbing but that’s my thing lmao

  49. Pestilenssi

    Nvm I love this

  50. Kokichi Ouma

    I feel really werid while I listen this

  51. Awesome Ace

    This dude still hearts people... this is like the best animation I have ever seen! True story: when I was 2 we got McDonalds and I ate a bite of burger. THREW UP!! It’s better now tho

  52. SoyJuang Diaz


  53. LC Buggirl

    Bro this is so good but so creepy..

    I love it

  54. Blazer Bum4ik

    My eyes, my ears

  55. PP101 -

    is that red guy the sham-wow guy

    Philippines K.K.K

    Think so but I think he's holding a demonetization paper.

  56. РКН

    THAT so

  57. аниматор васиндар

    Блин 9 лет прошло. Меня ещё не была даже

  58. Smiley S

    Holy shit, its spanish, i speak spanish and i dindnt get it until I found the lyrics xD

    Philippines K.K.K

    But why I can understand it immediately if I can understand Spanish Like Almost? Look I am a Filipino-Costa Rican and I don't speak much Spanish.

    Smiley S

    @Philippines K.K.K Demasiada música en ingles, me afecto la cabeza al parecer

  59. Cool Kid

    Consume product

  60. _Toga_

    Im fcking scared of this video!😵

  61. Julia H

    society intensifies

  62. •「CryCry ØzzyTM」•

    Damn, you've got mad skills!! Jealous of that tbh uwu

  63. DaddyGayKermit

    OH YOUTUBE! You tricky slime!

    This video came out 9 years ago you tricky YouTube man!

  64. Seu paiih

    Algum Br?

  65. Lumi Chan

    *life wastong money*

  66. Nagka Kitty

    *Humanoid clippy*

  67. evaporized

    La cocaína es mala para su salud

  68. Love's & Hopes Dreams

    H e l p m e

  69. oh boye bb


  70. Mistrex


  71. Miguel Ortiz 777

    La cocaina es buena para su salud 😎😎😎😎😎😎😉😀😆😁😚😐😶😙😶😪

  72. Khaz Husky

    This song and video are literally the only thing I can think of when I pass fast food lol

  73. I have depression

    Not to be rude but the art style is disturbing

    I have depression

    @Mistrex but

    I have depression

    @Mistrex but

  74. Sad Teenager †

    "La cocaína no es buena para su salud"

  75. Bayron Leiva

    Gracias a este tema no me metí en drogas mayores xD thanks crystal

  76. UwU It’s Mooch

    Cocaina. No, flour

  77. wasovo

    Classic Life

  78. Amy Broo

    That is scary
    I’m literally gonna have nightmares

  79. s¡r¡us


  80. ʚ tenshii ɞ

    i think this song and the clip represent how the industry tells us cocaine is bad, but, at the same time, they're basically selling us drugs. and how everyone judges and hates people who took "real" drugs but is anyone else better? cigarettes are drugs, CAFFEINE is a drug. so, that coffe you drink everyday has drugs, or that coke glass you drink at a party. it has drugs too. but these don't have those extreme effects. feel bad yet?

  81. ʚ tenshii ɞ

    Me, a spanish: didn't hear "La cocaína no es buena para tu salud."
    English people: realize it
    Me: wait, thats illegal

    Philippines K.K.K

    I kinda understand when I was Seven Years Old because I half Mexican and Filipino.

    Philippines K.K.K

    Oh if you are wondering that how I remember this that this song has been stuck head since 2013 to 2020. And when I heard cocaine I didn't know what it was before okay?

    Lilith Arsenics

    El título es irónico "untrust us" = "No confíe en nosotros"

    Manu Teefe

    Los duros cocainomanos viven hasta los 100 años

  82. s¡r¡us

    This is actually such a good animation

  83. blushin' abyss

    this made me feel weird

  84. Rigbyk !!

    Dj Rigbyk

  85. Vitória Toria Toria

    this is like a fancy vocaloid

  86. Mirachka

    i got robbed at gunpoint today

  87. fat bastard

    wait, this was published in 2010!? o_o

  88. Dam Bro

    Reminds me of the truth from FMA.

  89. nana Psycho

    I love it 😭🖤⛓

  90. Mary

    i love how this guy after 10 years still gives hearts to comments

  91. b1aire

    What if the food had corona virus in them

  92. Glitchfive

    6 anos depois achei que nunca mais ia achar esse hino

  93. Melonboi Beans

    *this was made before I could even comprehend a television*