Crystal Castles - Transgender Lyrics

Will you ever preserve will you ever exhume
Will you watch petals shed from flowers in bloom
Nothing can live up to promise
Nothing can stop its narrative
Nothing in place of catalysts
And you’ll never be pure again

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Crystal Castles Transgender Comments
  1. Dorkyopal

    *its just one of those moods ya know*

  2. Luiz Gabriel

    dysphoria & dysmorphia hold me down

  3. Creamy Peaches

    this song really hurt ~


    ya’ll could nvr b as cool as this sounds

  5. _tzvr

    it's the graveyard god
    it's the graveyard
    comin' down hard
    creepin' up the boulevard

  6. L L

    This song makes me feel like I can do anything
    This song makes me want to do bad things

  7. L L

    This song makes me feel like I can do anything
    This song makes me want to do bad things

  8. corn

    My dysphoria is hittin' em brakes rn.

  9. 2wenty 7even Beats

    if purple was a song

  10. Ʌɩʙi Ɍiʑʐi


  11. anyways

    this song makes me feel some type of way that i can’t describe i-

  12. Nira Nova

    Hold up why does this sound like bones-graveyardgod


    He sampled it

  13. Corvega Starkiller

    Rapists will burn in hell for eternity

  14. Benoît Corso

    4000 up !

  15. Alias Surrender

    Win32 ?

  16. Mr.Dark_Ness


  17. Andre Bautista

    The album is literally called (III). Wow.


    in fact it’s a self-titled album, so basically its full name is "Crystal Castles III" since it’s their 3rd self-titled album

  18. Nhat Le


  19. TheRedTigress



  20. SkyTwerp

    Alice says trans rights.

  21. elmilo nakis

    all my friends dead, all my dreams on the floor

  22. Sapphic Cora

    Idk just what I hear in this, though I'm a lesbian cis girl and just relate to it a lot for some reason

  23. Doji Satchivi

    i listened to about 30 seconds before I realized how disrespectful it was to be listening to this song with the lights on. paused it and only resumed once the bathroom i was in was shrouded in darkness

    L L

    Doji Satchivi I only listen to this song with my window open while snow falls

  24. M E M E

    trans rights

  25. Gemelli Music

    Donau quell dein Aderlass
    Wo Trost und Leid zerfließen
    Nichts Gutes liegt verborgen nass
    In deinen feuchten Wiesen

  26. 3rd World-Witch


  27. Logan Fanelli


  28. KristieKardio

    i feel so nostalgic

  29. gxbrxxl'

    𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖒𝖞 𝖋𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖓𝖉𝖘 𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖉, 𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖒𝖞 𝖉𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖒𝖘 𝖔𝖓 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖋𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖗.

    Hwd Hwd

    gxbrxxl' ok baby

    Visuri Kra

    Edgy fucking retard


    Go see a therapist

  30. Calah Jahmeek

    Please proceed with cannabis

  31. Diana Rivero

    No encontré ningún comentario en español pero quiero que el mundo sepa que en México también amamos a CRYSTAL CASTLES 💕

    Gonzalo B

    Saludos Desde Córdoba Argentina.!


    obviamente! :3

  32. the big sad.

    bones brought me here

  33. Royalty _people

    unaverage gang - true colors bought me here

  34. Marhiena Crocuta

    Sounds like donaukinder by rammstein


    Exactly what I thought !

  35. Jeanette Velasquez

    Here from a badass edit


    same lmao

    Katherine Figueroa

    Jeanette Velasquez send??


    So badass! 🤟🤟

  36. grace ryan

    I just saw Alice last night. It was like a trance. I couldnt cheer, couldnt take pictures, I was stunned.

  37. athena christine music

    The beginning sounds almost identical to grimes early works! Holy shit

    Kurgen Eagletail

    Mostly because crystal castles came before even grimes existed.

  38. mattmacias1980

    Sounds like Dave Matthews Band

    Eugeniya Leshenko

    Are you joking?)

  39. chantel m

    finding this song then finding out bones already sampled it feels like I’m meant to be here lmao

  40. Donea Brown

    Schemaposse - Deathwish

  41. ranch ethan

    ive heard all these songs and then i see the title of the song and im like wow i didnt know it was called "transger" or wow i didnt know it was called "pap smear" and i know all these songs so well.


    S E S H

  43. Footages Lez

    Any recommendations on similar songs?

  44. Ryan Darko

    Bro I found this song playing hot topic lol

    Benji Oleander

    You're kidding? I would shit myself


    @Benji Oleander same

  45. Lucy Logan


  46. Sarah Wilson

    I have a very strong memory of walking in Amsterdam with this song blasting loudly in my headphones, feeling lost

  47. boo boo the fool

    Dysphoria is killin me 😎👌


    @political Insomnia why do you have the need to say something shitty like that


    @cgq vqy die hoe

    Sheepy Cyanide

    @Cpuff Because they're a cringy, self-obsessed cunt who tries to argue against trans people despite the actual facts backing them up. Probably thinks offensive = funny and browses 4chan to complain against imaginary enemies. Sad life.

    Dylan Gregory

    Same here

    Creamy Peaches

    @Hwd Hwd if you're actually looking for a genuine answer to your "genuine question", the identity crisis in and of itself is perfectly manageable. Being unsure of yourself isn't really "hell", you're projecting that.

    The thing that makes life unbearable for us is the feeling of isolation and terror that's created when people like you have the power to collaborate and overwhelm us.

    Your inability to feel and express empathy is a you problem, and it makes me sad that you choose to express yourself this way. I hope that in time you learn to feel more human, like we have.

    Sending love and positivity to all the trans people and all the transphobic people reading this, I hope we can move past all this some day.

  48. Nash Essencent

    Anyone else here from viilegrrl on IG? Just me? Okay.


    just you i came here on my own

  49. Arthur Knotslip

    Is a graveyard god
    Is a graveyard god.
    All my friends dead
    All my dreams on the floor...

    sebastian fernandez


    Eyeless Maggot

    Hell yee a Slipknot profile pic

    ethereaI nights

    @Eyeless Maggot best band and best rapper

  50. cai simpson

    Nothing can live up to promise
    Nothing can stop its narrative
    Nothing in place of catalysts
    And you'll never be pure again

  51. Nikita Allgood

    Finnish UG rap sampled this:

  52. ィファーテイラーデ

    N O S T A L G I A (ㄒuㄒ) oh boy

    Danny Rubio

    Kill thyself SPAGHETTI


    @Danny Rubio spagheddi

    Danny Rubio



    @Danny Rubio ravioli ravioli do not lewd the dragon loli

  53. 愛アイスクリーム

    this gives me chills but i love this

  54. sondoro

    i love this song like are you kidding yaaassss

  55. Johan Sharffe


  56. Rebecca Chiptune

    Oh, it's hard
    Oh, it's hard
    Oh, it's hard
    Oh, it's hard

    The chosen few, out of their youth

    Oh, it's hard
    Oh, it's hard
    Oh, it's hard
    Oh, it's hard

    I'll lay with you, out in the dew

    They cannot see, tha-at you
    Regard an ideal
    That's really you

    They lo-ove you
    that's nothing for you
    Well, we have some news for you


    Will you ever be yourself?
    Will you ever ACCEPT?

    Will you watch the petals shed from the flowers in BLOOM?

    Nothing can live up to promise
    Nothing can stop life's narrative
    Nothing can outpace the catalysts

    And you'll never be pure again.

    L L

    Rebecca Chiptune almost, but not quite

  57. Antonellas

    I love this, I walked to this in NYFW🖤

  58. Benjamin Smith

    Odd name but good song


    Terrible Album este !!

    eat me

    ur a terrible album este


    @eat me He meant terrible as in very good

  60. Leonel Molbert

    (III) is my BAF

  61. MissOptical

    I feel this captures the special abject horror and utter misery of being a trans lesbian.


    @maximus Absolutely. Cases in point! As a transsexual woman (non-op, so even worse) and lesbian myself, I feel like a repugnant slug who deserves to hang to death for my sexuality because of attitudes like those on display here. :-/ This society completely despises and misunderstands us as a demographic, we're one of the last truly taboo sexual minorities.


    @Kuzz @64tato64  No, a woman with a medical condition who was dealt a bad hand in being homosexual also, for whom impressions like yours about her defects make her want to blow her head off.


    @meeziieI try. It's incredibly hard to in light of how much this society deplores and has no place for us. :-/


    ​@MissOptical I fully understand. Struggling with society's disgusting treatment of us, on top of our pre-existing body dysphoria, is immensely difficult and creates a kind of deep misery and loneliness very few cis people could even begin to imagine or empathize with. It's incredibly unfair to be born this way, and it's even worse that such a huge percentage of the population refuses to acknowledge this fact. Not to mention the isolation and worthlessness you feel in regards to your sexuality; that no other lesbian will ever want to be with you, that you aren't worthy of their sexual attraction, etc. All we can do is hold on and continue trying to make it better, and to love ourselves in spite of the ridicule and deploration we face. I truly and deeply hope things get better for you.

    Lucy Logan

    Being a trans lesbian is great, but having society judge you for being one isn't.

  62. Fairy Princess

    this song is so eloquent and smooth. It makes me feel like i'm crossed faded when i'm sober.

  63. David Samarand


  64. Marsha E

    And you'll never be pure again....

  65. oatmeal

    this song is about the sexy feeling of drinking a big ole jamba juice

    Lucy Logan

    You're so right!!! Lmao

  66. Miguel Bernard

    guided lights frosen choice 🐸 toal

  67. Miguel Bernard

    blessings Bleu

  68. Daniel Mejia

    _I love you, is it really you?_

  69. saku906

    Are from the start
    The chosen few
    Out of the youth

    Are from the start
    I'll lie with you
    Out in the dew

    Real love true
    Regarding a deal
    Is it really true

    I love you
    Is it really you
    'Cause I have some news for you

    Will you ever preserve
    Will you ever exhume
    Will you watch petals shed from flowers in bloom

    Nothing can live up to promise
    Nothing can't stop its narrative
    Nothing in place of catalysts
    And you'll never be pure again

    Roger Levy

    My clementine clementine clementine
    The chosen few
    I know who you are

    Clementine clementine clementine
    I'll lie with you
    Out in the dew

    Born from that seed
    Real love true
    Regarding a deal
    Is it really who

    I love you
    But is it really you
    'Cause I really have some news for you

  70. goblins

    when ever I listen to this song I cry lol

  71. Yung Mung Bean

    how can it be so good

  72. Jackie Elizabeth

    Listening to this while stoned is 👌🏼👌🏼

    Radu Diana

    always stoned with CC for 10years now ;))

    Not my real name

    That must be creppy as fuck, it would mess with you in ways i cannot imagine

    Tashi D

    Not my real name imagine being on acid ohh god the things you would see

  73. Gram M

    Its the Graveyardgod, it's the Graveyardgod
    Coming down hard, creepin' up the Boulevard

    Jazmine yooo

    AkbarSnackbar Knew i heard it somewhere before but didn't even think of Bones lol nice


    Gram M i knew the bones version first and im just now listening to this song and im shooked lol

  74. Deppression Pink

    Fuck..fresh beats..<3

  75. ghost van gogh

    will never be pure, again...


    ghost van gogh .. Heck

  76. p. robo

    wish more cis musicians could try to simulate our disease as some fun voguey kink shit. i really miss when that was a thing....pc music..

    Lucy Logan

    Trans people ought to be viewed as "normal" honestly.

    Cisgendered people are just common.

  77. Salt Cedar

    this song is so eerie, it makes me feel uneasy and honestly creeped out. i dont know what it is about it, but it's suuuper uneasy!!! i cant stop listening though I love it!!!

    Salt Cedar

    @Boer een i am transgender so haha

    shut up a'ya face

    Gud witchhouse

    viktorya psychedelic.souljam

    Makes me want to kill myself because it reminds me of when I was a drug addict and my old friends

    n e v e r m i n d

    This is what dysphoria is like ngl

    Wolfgang Gunther

    Damn Viktorya, cool to see you here. I really wish you would come back, I miss you

  78. Tk Shumba

    Graveyard God

  79. Christopher Halpin

    Will you ever preserve will you ever exhume
    Will you watch petals shed from flowers in bloom
    Nothing can live up to promise
    Nothing can stop its narrative
    Nothing in place of catalysts
    And you’ll never be pure again


    okay cool.

    Riza Hawkeye

    do u know the meaning of lyrics?

    Roger Levy

    It's about sex reassignment surgery

    Riza Hawkeye

    thanks ^^ but they are pros or cons this?

    Arcade Transylvania

    Seems to be more about HRT in youth.

  80. EricSchmidtFaggot69

    cry mode activate

  81. Tavia Zarate

    This song is about me :')

  82. steven tipton

    Their best song <3

  83. SqueezableFood


  84. Christopher Halpin

    Why did they call this Transgender!! Why not Crazy Beat>Transgender. Or something like Unicorn Piss. haha

    Astro Apollo

    +Christopher Halpin wut.

    James Blackwood

    because to a lot of musicians titles don't matter worth a shit.

    I'm assuming they just named it randomly. I mean shit look at some of their other titles, like Pap Smear (dope track), Doe Deer (utter nonsense lol) and Year of Silence (I'm hoping it's referring to Star Trek: Voyager, which has a two​-parter with the same title)

    Jessica Scaccia

    Watch the lyrics and its meaning then you'll find out why they called it Transgender.

    Sheepy Cyanide

    I raise you this: Why wouldn't they call this Transgender?

  85. Yumeko Neko

    the instrumental sounds like lavender town

    Meme Parody Productions / Meme Sheep

    if you collide the lavender town theme song and the song.

    † ScaƦecrøW †

    If you think this sounds like lavender town, you should listen to Intimate.

    rob easton

    Dammmm it does lol


    † ScaƦecrøW † true.

    Why am I here

    Holy shit youre right

  86. malik Beatz By Leek

    I'm a 20 year old producer from california and i love remixing/sampling music i remixed this song if you have a second out of your day to give it a listen,comment,or share that would be highly appreciated, thank you and have a great day. :)

    Alexander Dominguez

    malik shabazz

  87. Harvey Webber

    i am doing a line of coke and leasing to this song


    Harvey Webber same

  88. Dean Mitchell

    I fucking love Crystal Castles

  89. Ruel Harvey


  90. Paige Vermilya

    i want to look like how this song sounds

    hammah is gay

    a little teeny weeny bit late but
    who's to say you don't already look cool ?


    @hammah is gay just a little bit late


    @nobody a little bit

    Sola Lácrima

    Me too..shit


    they wanna be like me