Crystal Castles - Sad Eyes Lyrics

She wears her veil at night
Shadows cast uninvite

Discourage affection

Sad eyes
Sad eyes
You can’t disguise sad eyes

Feign care and warm concern
The kiss you did not earn

Discourage affection

Sad eyes
Sad eyes
You can’t disguise sad eyes

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Crystal Castles Sad Eyes Comments
  1. jatcyry uwu

    7 years of this jewel

  2. Blank

    glad i experienced them live before the trth was revealed.. also reduce the playback speed it actually changes how the song feelz

  3. Владислав Башинский

    Русские 2019, не ради хайпа.

  4. Lücy Del Nebraska

    S.A.D x E.y.E.s ;(;

  5. Why God

    best song

  6. Justin Time

    I love this song ! Along with Pap Smear / and baptism /Celestica are some of my faves

  7. PhantomOfRaven

    Pale blogs forever

  8. Lazuli

    Can someone make like an hour long loop of this song

  9. Maria Spataru

    Why is this song so short damn

  10. Ash Defenders

    Crystal Castles one love!

  11. Javier Fernandez

    White Castle is yummy..

  12. zsv 23

    A E S T H E T I C

  13. Lazuli

    Fuck this song brings back so many memories

  14. Jeff Mecham

    Nice shoe on basketball court sample

  15. Pablo Orellana


  16. jean dutour

    Great song now but ...

  17. justicegear


  18. Nitus

    This song reminds me of mortal Kombat

  19. Ian Marshall

    A lot of metaphysical rules. Jessica could not be my wife. Trust me. I have always and will always have the same wife in divination.

  20. Ian Marshall

    But Jessica should know I mean...She is just not my wife. We will put it that way. She should always remember that.

  21. Ian Marshall

    So what is the identity of Jessica in divination. I might know who she is. She just could not be my wife. We are not the same person. If you know who I am, you can eventually figure out who she is. The wife of the dragon is the dragon because it is only the female half of the same person. (Wife in divination). I just can't say right now. It is complicated. But because of the rules she has to be okay so to speak for a certain amount of time and she must get certain things. After that time is up and she gets those certain things who knows what will happen though. She will be okay kind of though. I mean it is complicated.

  22. Gloomer

    RAPIST !!!!!!!!!!

  23. Георг Кристалл

    When I was 16 y/o and when my dad passed away I always listen to that song and crying so hard like sad bitch
    Thank U so much CC for that song for everything. Love <3

  24. King Steffon Winchester XII

    CC concerts were SO FUCKING EPIC... RIP CC

  25. Michael Bernier

    This song is helping me out of depression, thank you, Crystal Castles!!

    Adam B

    Michael Bernier same here x stay strong

  26. anti star


  27. Soрhie Buonarroti Blake

    Brilliant song 🖤

  28. Jonathan Granda

    Just found this song today lol

  29. Laurie Moscote

    Sad eyes is the song for broken souls.

  30. Alicia Cori

    Soooooooooooo good! 💕

  31. GrandPrixAlessio

    Never seeing CC live is one of my greatest regrets


    oh yeah

    I Love You Alice!

    Feel you so much

  32. Abby Kaiser

    U cant disguise

  33. lame

    comments r open wtf??????

  34. xzx radial

    Alice Glass=CC

  35. anti star

    I love you Alice

  36. Emmanuel Cortés

    me gustaban más cuando no eran muy conocidos

  37. Marco G

    If I only I could find someone that was into the same music as me like this :(


    I understand you. Even if i know people who like cc, they still dont feel these emotions, this pure melancholy


    That’s what I always think. Nobody I know feels like us.

    Nadine Alvarez

    @alicemily heyy I also like gorillaz and cc


    @Nadine Alvarez Really? Thats great lol. They make ( or made ) the best music.

    Marlene Lopis

    I feel you:(

  38. Live now New man

    Magic atmosphere!

  39. arizona

    Who is listening to this in 2018?

    Eternal Atake

    _michel .le_ I need my vibes

    Дауренбай Жорабек

    Im listing 2019

    Some Person

    I’m listening no matter what year it is

    Trevor Morgan

    We listen this music together with you.

  40. arizona

    It's hipnotizing i realy love it

  41. Jack K

    Alice is not the girl in the mask, guys.

  42. ☦DAV☦edge

    en las pocas palabras que conforman esta canción me describen en este momento que asco es estar viviendo en este nuevo milenio

  43. Vitória Bispo

    Saudade Crystal castles

  44. Oliver Cat

    no me gusta .... *me encanta* crystal castles hasta el 2099

    Almond Milk

    A mi mas

    Alan Hdz

    A mi más todavía

  45. Diyar Ayan

    Amk manyakları.

  46. Diyar Ayan

    Ne biçim psikolojisi var lan bunların.

  47. JJ! VC

    My mom say that I have sad eyes

  48. Paulo Gealogo

    This reminds me of the original X-Men opening theme

  49. Ren Bly


  50. sondoro

    Yoo crystal castles is crazy

  51. Jack K

    This isn't even the full track. Who's the girl being carried by Ethan. is that his alleged wife, Autumn?

    Becca Vecchio

    the girl at the end? i know her lol

  52. Flores

    ☹ sᴀᴅ ᴇʏᴇs ☹

  53. John Matheson

    what a hot chick with aspergers

  54. Ethan is an asshole

  55. Sparks

    omg crystal castles is so good

  56. голодный ребенок

    4 yıl sonra

  57. headbanger818able

    I miss my girlfriends even the stupid homosexuals like wtf is wrong withthose lol I'm so fucked up ha oh this is so beautiful this is real music likewhen people can cry on a record there can be a 4real spiritual breakthrough into the eyes of the night jim Morrison would love her trance bass blue moon

  58. headbanger818able

    back to the club beautiful dancediscodubsteprave lets fucking rage man dance bitches

  59. ForTehLulz101

    Seni hâlâ seviyorum yıldız

  60. Просто Снафф

    Кто после Брыщ?

  61. Super Astral Health


  62. Arqui Gómez

    Wow Crystal Castles finally enabled the comments once again crazy times we're living in am I right

  63. Tugrul / Citak

    Özbayın amk


    Tugrul / Citak özbay kim amk

  64. eduardo wants to play too

    I miss old Crystal Castles

  65. joy :c

    Me súper encanta esta canción 💙💙💙

  66. Leonardo Sandi


    dilfo snaggins

    Leonardo Sandi how is this even remotely a zyzz song. He liked hardcore n all that good shit.


    we're all gonna make it brah

  67. crimewave

    Ethan is a hoe

  68. Nathan Wind

    My favorite part of this video is when the two masked rapists start making out.

    Nathan Wind

    Who would've ever thought two rapists raping each other. Wild.

    Jack K

    Nathan Wind Who's this other rapist you refer to?

    Jack K

    @Nathan Wind Identify the other rapist.

    Jack K

    Alice is not the girl in the mask. She's probably Autumn.

    I like turtles

    You saying Alice is a rapist? Why?

  69. Nathan Wind


  70. Angello Panaifo Torres


  71. Pablo Esquivel

    have you heard before it goes down when someone says SAME STORY OVER AND OVER?

    Jack K

    Pablo Esquivel I hear nothing but layered, fractured vocal nonsense

  72. Mikey Buchanan

    Ethan Kath hates women.

    Gale Force

    So interesting how majority of the people defending him are male hmm 🤔

    Jonathan Poole

    Gale Force i dont know the whole truth as i wasnt involved but alice has won in court and he has to pay costs. Now if he has done wrong let the court decide but alice has my sympathy if true . Its not a male v female thing . Its about the truth


    I recon they were both as bad as each other , blaming each other for personal problems. Relationships and work don’t mix well

    webm fios SS backup

    He's based and REDPILLED


    @webm fios SS backup cheers to that

  73. Mertkan Özkan


  74. Mertkan Özkan

    kahpe yavrusu gibi parça

    Ayşe Bezenmiş

    Mertkan Ozkan 😂

  75. kelly

    why is this so good?? i can’t describe my feelings when listening to this song

    anti star

    connected same particulars soul <3

    Jure Primorac

    Feels like heroin?!

    Massie E.

    Idk I feel like something big is happening and it's going to an end


    It's just so hard to explain

  76. Нора Полонская

    грустный взгляд

  77. Danijel G

    немој да ја

  78. FlutterShy Pwned

    Just amazing no words

  79. Денис Штейн

    Как же это охуенно!

    Akami Chan

    О русский 😄

  80. Gans Landa

    Это просто шикарно!

  81. Fátima Soares Pires soares

    Hino de música
    To mt loka mt drogada to mt fora de mim galeraaaa

    John Kenedy

    Esquizo chan Esse momento é nosso

    Schutz Staffel


    Schutz Staffel


  82. AnkhHolic

    Исторический коммент

  83. Norska Studio

    The best song for dreaming about urban nightlife for me, can't wait for more of this vibe.

    Zaid Gerardo TK

    you described exactly what I thought

    Ethan K

    Wtf is urban nightlife

  84. Кирито не Кирито

    Хуясе, комменты появились

    Markus Antonius

    +Lerka Volkova Чет я не понял твоего юмора.

    Akami Chan


    Дауренбай Жорабек

    Кто зашел после "залива киросины" ???

  85. Naward

    Best song and video, It reminds me of something

    Antti The Internet Guy

    Naward so true. crystal castles reminds me of something distant. these sounds like some momery from early 2000's or something when i was just a kid. fucking golden