Crystal Castles - Frail Lyrics

If you defray
You end up prey
Glow through the veil
Is this what you call frail

Ignore the edification
Of those whom you admire
We withhold our blessing
We refuse to calm the fire

Is this what you call frail
Glow through the veil
Is this what you call frail

Knit her a new pea coat
Drape it past the knee
The sinew has withered
Suture as accessory

Is this what you call frail
Glow through the veil
Is this what you call frail

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Crystal Castles Frail Comments
  1. info145

    Thank you CBC...

  2. Winterline13

    im just here causea inktober sweATS-

  3. Jordan H

    R they still making music now?
    Im interested to see how their music will progress from here

  4. Miguel Salinas Liberal

    0:54 is the best that has happened to me in my life

  5. Ariane_moura lokona


  6. Stary moon eyes

    GIVE HER SQEEKY TOY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Gabriel Buche

    Not only my favorite witch house band, but one of my favorite bands....period.

  8. Ozkkismo


  9. Dante D

    i miss you so much, Ethan, Edith, Chris, come back soon please

  10. AdrianINDK

    Alice was great.

  11. polidelia

    2000s revival in prime electro-pop glam

  12. snoop dogg dank kush

    Edith is okay, but i don't understand how anyone would wanna work with Ethan After what happened.

    Mike Sinclair

    They are rumours. How do we know this is true. Anyway great music is made with Edith and Alice, regardless of what has or hasn't happened. I believe it was a very bitter break up between Ethan and Alice. I don't think its true. Whatever happens i will always love their music

    a n g e l x c x

    While I don’t condone his accused actions I believe innocent til proven guilty honestly I don’t think Ethan did any abuse towards Alice they were popular since 2010 if she really was abused she would’ve left or at least got help she had money to do so enough at least

  13. Francisco Osba

    Qué tema más BKN conchetumare!!!!! Lo he vacilado tanto

  14. Play Girl

    What do you guys think this song is about?


    wearing burqas B)

  15. カセットkazzette

    jfc, people still debating over Alice and Edith after two years, but you all forget Amnesty I is much better than CC III and some tracks are better than some CC II

  16. Betsabé

    Holy shit, old memories with this song...

  17. Aimee Otalora

    love this song

  18. Atualizandoplaylist Now

    This song is so dark and problematic. I just have pros and cons about this song


    mind if i ask what they are?

  19. U n k n o w n R a n d o

    I love Alice and I love Edith, ya'll needa chill the fuck out. I've always loved CC and I can accept that Alice and Ethan parted ways and Edith is the new vocalist. Just enjoy the music you dorks.

  20. rare L

    Jesus was hurr Tuesday,Aug 14th

  21. Moon bat

    Both Alice and Edith are great but if you want that Crystal Castles Sound you can only get it with Crystal because Alice on her own dont sound like ittt BRING BACK CRYSTAL 2K18!!!

  22. Carlos Vazquez

    I feel sad, about cc

  23. Bridgette Smith

    oh my god she does sound like Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord

  24. Мария Шукшина

    why does her live voice sound much lower? i don't like it live. Recorded voice is ok.

  25. Josh Hattem

    Winery squeaky mousey :p

  26. Heartly Chase

    Edith sounds awful... not the same without Alice.

  27. Sem Shimla

    they play this at gangster vegas

  28. Virtual-Zero Zero

    Getting a bit of "Plague" vibe here e.e

  29. Newell bate

    its all groundbreaking music, they are on to it

  30. Asaid Saldaña


  31. Joselyn M JM


  32. Daniela Orozco

    God this sounds like Crim3s, love them both

  33. Mereana Glesgorvinni

    edith is nice but i miss alice lyrocs. but i understand that most the fans are here just because the music, not the meaning

  34. İn-Cin Araştırma

    alice glaas in wonderland :3
    let Edith frances eat concrete :3
    alice glass x Edith frances best yuri ship
    kisses from turkey

  35. Maroš V.

    If I'll ever get married, my wife needs to be a Crystal Castles fan

  36. xzx radial

    So many comments written about Edith and Alice and few mention Ethan's music genious. Unfair.


    @Deanna Alexander fuck you

    gospel fucker

    @Deanna Alexander yeah fuck you


    @Deanna Alexander excuse me no it ain't lmao bye


    i feel bad for these people who says alice is CC, since Ethan is who made all the beats and had a big history in CC

  37. Saudade

    Omg, I think I like Edith more than Alice.
    I can't believe this.

  38. H Y P N O S

    This is actually the only song I enjoy from this album...Idk something's off.


    Kept says hi

  39. LaidbackLayton

    will never not listen to CC!

  40. Bind Media

    man am I edgy yet?

  41. studyweljid

    fuck me Alice 👿🔥fuck u edith.

  42. Unnamed Individual

    their best performance by far.

  43. Kai

    Am I the only one who likes both Alice and Edith equally? They're both great tbh.

    Black Luna

    All three of them rock. But the sound totally belongs to Ethan lol

    miranda (:

    Alice just had this energy I love. Her personality her look. Everything. Edith is OK. I still love this band.

    Austin Huskey

    Edith is great but this was the first song I heard from her and I have to say it turned me off right away, if I'd heard "char" first I probably would have checked out this album sooner. Agreed though I think they're equal.

    Austin Huskey

    @SynthZ oh, no I understand it doesn't make much difference whose vocals it is, the music is always Ethan, but I still like noting the differences in how they sing and pronounce words etc. Edith and Alice compliment the music, even if they aren't the driving force behind it.

  44. Sophia

    she fucking tryin to sound like yolandi and alice er something????

    Redgi Cardoso

    no. this is how she sounds

  45. Slow Hide


  46. Cristina Rodríguez

    The Mr. Kitty remix of this song is 100x better!

  47. Edgar Fraustro

    Better than life

  48. Chris Manzanarez

    This is so majestic in the most darkest way but its beautiful, like staring at a half crescent moon on a twilight night.

  49. shahab hassan

    Ashe maree sent me here

  50. Chillionx

    her voice is sexy

  51. Meme Parody Productions / Meme Sheep

    Pay no respect to Alice

    //Alice Glass in Wonderland//


  52. posthuman

    CC is my life

  53. Momorty666

    Cant give like cause 666

  54. Francisco Álvarez

    mejor cancion del nuevo disco

  55. Natálie Svobodová

    Sound`s like old CC. Love it!

  56. Robert Jazz

    I love Alice glass but I also dig Edith she has that raw voice that matches so perfectly.

  57. Pamir Cinar

    Fuck Edith and everyone that like her

    Redgi Cardoso

    lol honey boo-boo. it's time 4 u 2 die

    Astrid Rm

    I miss Alice and i hate Edith but she sings very well :/

    Mereana Glesgorvinni

    kkkkkkkkkkk lol

    bryan chavez reyes

    @Astrid Rm , supéralo, oe...! XD


    No, fuck you. ;)

  58. andreea valdrost

    I love it <3

  59. Char Balderas


    Pamir Cinar

    Shut up fatass no she is not

    Char Balderas

    +Pamir Cinar Fatass HAHAHAHAHA dude, yeah. I've got a juicy and fat ass. She is. PUTO!

    Bronze Serpent

    Alice who? Edith is 'bout that shit.


    Woah woah woah calm down you guys need to respect eachother's opinions

    Just stay CHILLLL

  60. Mr. Siljaman

    If u like this track you MAY also like: Jakarta - One Desire (Mondotek Mix) ++ MGMT - Electric feel ++ Andrea Doria - Beauty of silence ++ Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods ++ Calvin Harris - Awooga ++ Tonyc - Touch ++ Kid Cudi - Day´n´night ++ ++ Deadmau5 - Ghost´n´stuff ++ Armand van Helden - MyMyMy ++

  61. Annabel Lestrange

    this is bittersweet

  62. Elias Hunt

    does anyone know why comments are disabled now on the Concrete music video ?

    Preed Reve

    People were probably talking about Alice Glass >w>

    Elias Hunt

    yeah I guess so :(


    yeah. some jerk talked about a threesome with alice and edith

    oh, that was me.

    Elias Hunt

    well goddammit XD


    Probably because Crystal Castles want fans to actually enjoy the music instead of bitching in the comment thread lol

  63. Ivana Zdravković

    ei squeeky squeeky toy give me my squeeky toy back

    Jonathan Trevino

    very vocaloid/ j-poppy in this track lol


    pdsakgopajsdgops goddamnit


    what kind of satanic powers do u have

    Ivana Zdravković

    @p promenio se samo jer je malko jos bogatiji nego pre 3 god :>

  64. Igna

    crystal castles is my religion

    Antti The Internet Guy

    Somehow listening crystal castles inspires me to establish a new religion. A religion of violence and caresses


    Quiero ser tu amiga jaja

    Macabre Blood

    Jiara my

    Leasing Slinky14

    Sisi ala chingada

  65. Abraham Wright

    here because the frail upload that had over half a million views got deleted, lol

  66. Melissa RIOT

    In love Brasil 2016 *-*

  67. チェリーElian

    The voice of Edith is amazing, but too cute for me, I miss Alice :(

    Bailey Elizabeth

    its too pretty, yeah. i mean its cool, but i really liked the weird and strong voice alice could bring

    Meme Parody Productions / Meme Sheep

    crystal castles needs to switch vocalist because i know alice is leaving the band.


    Alice left a long time ago what are you talking about?

    Meme Parody Productions / Meme Sheep

    @Cervidae a new vocalist, edith frances <3


    Yes I know Edith is the new vocalist. It's quite obvious.

  68. Леха Климин

    Супер супер супер песня! Моя любимая песня))


    English guy this us mother fucking YouTube aint not spain

    Miguel Constantine

    fuck doesn't even know languages.


    "Aint not spain". You sure you speak English yourself?

  69. Jacob Calmes

    I don't know why people wouldn't like Edith, She has a perfect voice for this kind of music and at least she doesn't need a vocoder/autotune to sing live. No offense to Alice.

    llCrime Wave

    @Meg Michelle her new photo set with Frances Cobain is everything! I love them so much!!!

    Bailey Elizabeth

    Jacob Calmes she uses a vocoder and many many many vocal pedals lmao. she has a pretty voice, but none of that gross, raw aggression alice could bring

    Alonzo Kau

    Yeah u r right I like Edith as much as I liked Alice when she was CC's voice. And as bambee said this is my fucking religion

    Lemon Water

    Alice sings without that stuff too

    Прикол TV

    @Bailey Elizabeth shut up

  70. Read Marx

    where is IV pls and thank :)

    Grand Scape

    Alright man, you'll like it. Especially Kept, sounds like something from CCs first album.


    @Grand Scape hey man what's the quality of the sound in the leak? I was gonna wait tomorrow but if the quality good and there are all the tracks whatever, I'd get it now.

    Grand Scape

    320kbps, pretty much the closest you can get to CD quality. And yes it has all 12 tracks.

    I'm uploading the RAR now because the download link was taken down.


    +Grand Scape oh well, thanks, send me the link later

    Grand Scape

    Sure thing

  71. motefoto

    Edith has such a beautiful voice, great work Ethan :^)

  72. Salo Xamay

    I do not like Edith Frances. I miss you Aliceee But I wish you luck Ethan

  73. Claudia Cáceres

    good job Ethan

  74. __.crystalline.__

    On repeat //////////

  75. wes

    That was nice. :)