Crystal Castles - Cry Babies Lyrics

(All your morals)

What is logical? (Is logical)
Oh well, I can't tell. (I can't tell)
What's the difference here? (the difference here)


You're mine to touch me, really...

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Crystal Castles Cry Babies Comments
  1. aneresi mescudi

    that was fucking sick my one year old was dancing💀

  2. El Diablo

    Mátalos a todos

  3. Felipe Gomes

    now days music

  4. Jkarggo

    Me sitting in an electric chair ⚡️

  5. SaulVEVO

    Like down
    . Keep .

  6. Gustavo Guerola

    With what we know about the split of Crystal Castles. I have now wondered if the girl was trying to reach for help through her music. Has anyone seen them performed live? The girl was wasted. I wondered if she was trying to drown something down? Anywho, what a jam!!!

  7. AN0NYM0US

    Quando bate a brisa do L S D

    Otávio Augusto

    Vdd kkkkk

  8. Meiviş

    this really touche me

  9. Gvi77ermo Devastator

    CHABELOS ♫ ☻

  10. — wicker angel


  11. KatHall1010

    Am i the only one that thought this was mindless self indulgence?

  12. Siris The Dragon

    Its funny how some people think this video is brain washing. If you were being brainwashed how could you tell you were being brainwashed, you'd be brainwashed. A brainwashed person can't know they're being brainwashed, that's what the brainwashing is for!
    It would be like thinking you're crazy. A crazy person can't know they're crazy, its part of being crazy. You'd have to be crazy to think you're crazy when you're not crazy.
    Crazy right? Not logical at all.

    What is logical? I can't tell.
    I guess I just see differently...

  13. Kevin Ordoñez

    Look colors

  14. neddog xz


  15. Leave My Butt Alone

    I mean I am already fucked in the head in my own special way. This song is a banger too me so fuck it dude

  16. Lola the Gardevoir

    PilotRedSun sent me here because this was in its recommendeds

  17. Pepper Loves Anime

    *I feel weird and its making me scared.. no joke, I feel so weird, as if something in my past life had to do with being insane and I'm legit terrified*

  18. László Tatai

    Here I am on the weird side of the Internet again. won''t complain, coz I like it though..

  19. Gvantsa Sepashvili

    :)) yaayy

  20. Ello Owu

    If I had three wishes, all three would be to send this video to 1619. It would manifest and project on the walls of people who accused others of witch craft.

  21. •Faded Lily•

    How is this brainwashing?

  22. Snow Flakesx

    I just finished drawing my first goretober draw... It was a re-design of the death flower of sims 3. All i can think about is this song :')


    Que pedo !!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Charles Manson

    Yumm.... fav

  25. Jace Desengel

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  26. Ilaria Montebianco



    I hope someone make this in educational way for helping on examination

  28. André

    Why use drugs if there is this?

  29. Leowell Official ScribbleFan102

    Why telletubbies

  30. Tidwell

    Me when my wife says something

  31. OkFellow

    for the past 3 days every few hours suddenly in my head I hear "What is logical ,I cant tell"

  32. Michael Ramirez

    The first time I heard this. I absolutely hated it. I didn't like. Almost like I kinda was uncomfortable but not so much. Second time. I forgot I'd already heard it and. Idk. I couldn't stop listening to it. Then the third time I realized it says in the beginning there are Indeed subliminal messages and well. I can't say I'm not convinced ;/

  33. pierjet

    The difference its what is logical?? I can't tell

  34. Jesse Margatroid.

    *The class when the teacher leaves for 0.5 seconds*

  35. Rockstizzey

    Sad, sad robot

  36. Beavis

    My sleep paralysis demons on their way to my room


    Remember friends subliminal messages are pseudoscience.

  38. Vicente Chamberlain

    Subliminal message videos or in music dont work 🤷‍♂️

  39. Syra Saturn

    God I never realized how much my body is shaped like a teletubby

  40. Tamás Mikola

    yee haw! One "e" is missing...but rly, only my brain hear "what's the difference?!"....(...!?

  41. Samantha Donaldson

    *What the inside of my brain is like*

  42. Fatma YILDIZ

    Alptuğ'dan geriye kalan nadir şeylerden.

  43. allison

    can't find this on spotify

  44. angel

    me: i hate repetition in songs
    also me:

  45. based nerd

    I.. am becoming ... ... a Teletubby.

  46. based nerd

    My head hurts

  47. Naila Speaks-LaBrie

    Lol I used to be absolutely obsessed with this song in high school when I was deep into the throws of opiate addiction. Now listening to it sober I don’t hear it as a beautifully harmonized song.

  48. Simon is dead

    I want to hug them tho, they are so cute!

  49. P R O D B Y E S S E N C E O F K

    😭 I like this smh... 😂

  50. BreezyBella Animates

    I’m watching this so I don’t sleep and I can stay up alllllll night

  51. Shooting Stxr

    Lol i feel like this song is brainwashing me to keep on replaying the song

  52. Shooting Stxr

    I never really liked tele tubbies. after watching a episode of the show I would always get a really bad head ache.. and it made me sick to my stomach it was probably the intro to the show, And the big speaker things in the intro, and the show. So eventually I stopped watching it.

  53. Brandon Castro

    x 1.25 🥰🥰🥰

  54. trgn

    I said difference so many times nearly lost my breathe

  55. ENNE

    This is like Pogo

  56. Honeydew Boba

    Why can I imagine people doing fortnite dances to this song

  57. Eerie Ive

    Difference Difference Difference Difference Difference Difference Difference Difference Difference Difference. High as FUCC!

  58. paul Wollersheim

    sounds like jakewolf

  59. Rexitoxal

    Fuckin Teletubbies

  60. Elsy Valenciana


  61. Touria Bebeto

    I hear : its logical.... its logical..
    i cant tell.... i cant tell.... say different say..... say different say....


    F U C K


    It's not on Spotify???

  64. Sylar Grey

    when you and the boys walk into the club

  65. •CutieLexie•

    I'm having a headache while watching for some reason...

  66. M E

    Welp, nice I'm having flashbacks

  67. Clorox Bleach

    *smells tellitubies*

    *wHy YoU mUst Be My DiNnEr*


    Me and the boys at a house party

  69. oh no !

    is it weird that i can still hear it? while the video isn't playing?

  70. David Cruz

    Why this song is not in spotify?

  71. ur mom eva

    Whoever made Teletubbies is going to hell

  72. Cringe Furry Content

    Hi anyone who's addicted to the song listen to this:
    It was really helpful, it's the cure!

  73. Møøn Dust

    I had this song stuck in my head for 3 weeks

  74. An Champagne

    why the hell they have this format?

  75. Just me Mike wazowski

    Lmaoo cute/weird ass song 🤣😌

  76. ranch ethan


  77. Fanboi방탄소년단

    effrons effrons effrond..

  78. Ocean Kitteh

    wait, what is it saying at the end?

  79. Jamie m

    televisonal slightly-overweighters ♡

  80. •.Starlight .•

    For some reason I love this "song"

  81. x Önal

    Fancy nancy şampiyon şarkıcı 31 şampiyonu yarın Stadyumu

  82. ala ibrahim

    i— is it bad that i actually think this song is good even though i have literally been brainwashed

  83. chandrix

    I'm actually scared

  84. taro antelope

    cc still ahead of their time

  85. Green Screen

    I'm actualy ok with it. Why? Well I've been lisening to this kind of songs and my life is so strange that for me it's normal. Yes, I know I'm a strange person

  86. Raveator

    Listening to this in 2019

  87. Pixel Pudding

    Teacher: *Explaing important stuff*
    My brain:

  88. sherry_ senpai

    This is random but what's the message to this song?

  89. Cxnidaee

    in the beginning, I hear "its like tik tok."

  90. Georgia The Unipuppy

    skskskKakskskskks I CAN'T STOP LISTENING WTF

  91. Else Rrucho

    W h a t i s l o g i c

  92. follow the light

    I think the subliminal message in this song is when they repeat "difference" over and over it sounds like sniff drugs

  93. The Psychic Cell Phones

    I feel like this video is cursed

  94. Atlant Paladin