Crystal Castles - Concrete Lyrics

Straighten out your pleat
Demands have been besieged
Safe passage for the meek
Refusal to accede
Deny the preconceived
For the preordained
We no longer grieve
For nothing is concrete

Laid on the sleet
Laid with the reeds
Lay the concrete

Continue the deceit
Pull them by their teeth
The excess is contained
Extracted from the maimed
Deny the preconceived
For the preordained
We no longer grieve
For nothing is concrete

Laid on the sleet
Laid with the reeds
Lay the concrete

Laid on the sleet
Laid with the reeds
Lay the concrete

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Crystal Castles Concrete Comments
  1. Amy Goldsmith

    Me walking backwards through the crowd to try and subtlety get to the front of the stage thinking nobody's gonna notice me shoving through them

  2. agung prayogo

    She step on my foot..

  3. Gray Darta

    ritorical question

  4. Craciun Diana

    "You have that medicine I need give IT to me slowly.Blue+?"

  5. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Club people are trash

  6. Arkano Kyara Δ Drone Prince

    Uuuh. Type 0 Negative shirt. She knows the drill.

  7. jojo pepe


  8. clout jerry

    I would’ve been dying if she tripped on someone

  9. Jeremy Herrera

    Rude & strong

  10. Katherine 6

    Speed 0.75 Thank me later

  11. John Castillo

    I really this video she pretty cool she walking backward in the video

  12. PistonAvatarGuy

    more, please

    Alvaro Aguero

    Yes, more please, i need it

  13. Newfag Fagfag

    Is the title a reference to a french parisian dance club ?

  14. tskcthulhu

    where is she now?

  15. Gage Lindsley

    On DeX on this song, the meaning of life truly is LOVE. respect beliefs and stay close to family.

  16. Ash

    He said he'd find a girl that looks like her to replace her and well he fn did it...I still like Alice better 🙄

  17. mikhail suprunyuck


  18. Datorflicka

    She should have gone into a mosh pit instead

  19. acid

    1:09 sounds like shes saying "lightning mcqueen"

    Marlene Lopis


  20. Ваха Ермаков

    Чё та по русски тут ни хрена не написали... Черкану классику- хутин пуйло!

  21. Adam Carlone

    Imagine all the people who have no idea they're in a music video.

  22. Shadow Ops

    If only they knew who they were getting pushed by 😂 I'd flip lol

  23. Topher Doucet

    Alice Glass wannabe...

  24. Yharaa Esneyttaly


  25. yes yee

    This shit is powerful

  26. Nico

    Who is the director of this? I'm in love.

  27. Jamie m

    if you want more music to listen to, I've made some beautiful music ♡

  28. Bellickeys

    Niccce CC

  29. JSRF420

    Death never sounded so beautiful.

  30. ldmt1995

    Have tried this before, how many times was she punched?

  31. Katherine 6

    Put this song in 0.75 speed. Thank me later 😊

  32. Derek Muszyński

    Edith so high here, I'm so jealouse.

  33. Eduardo Avilés Sánchez

    Cuando estás a medio concierto y se te olvida grabar el vídeo musical :0

  34. Serenity Heart

    Alice Glass ftw. <3 Ew to replacing her. Still <3 Edith though.


    Edith was fine

  35. Alfie Collins

    Damn the aesthetic of this is so... well, I can't put my finger on it really. It's so lonely and psychotic, but ineffably cool.

  36. Kevin Hernandez

    Bumps into someone swinging their pp around haha

  37. Rodrigo Rigobello

    New Crystal castles is shit

  38. Jason Carrizales

    Type the shirt..glad I've seen them with Pantera 96..

  39. Neon Charger

    Muierão da porra

  40. FBHI

    oh this song should be in the new Vampire Masquerade game!

  41. Patryk Sobczak

    Actually to be honest with you this is The sickness beat I heard in my life It is a mix off The Prodigy and Telefon Tel Aviv The backrounds it is just amazing This is What I called Electronic Witch Techno The best Group in The World Genius

  42. Patryk Sobczak

    In 2019 who is writening on Type'O Negative t-shirt???🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. R.O.S

    extraño a Alice Glass

  44. andres lopez the and

    "Kept" in spotify??????

  45. Andrew Van de Kamp


  46. StrangerL Sky

    That's so intense.

  47. jsntndzdlvllrsls

    Iconic. Everyone probably hated you, though.

  48. bodeine brazy

    I’m ready for the tour tho

  49. Koljuchka777

    Omg she love type o negative

  50. based nerd

    All those random confused faces

    S P

    Symbolizes most peoples' perception of current one knows what the fucks goin on n its just a shit show like the lyrics r saying...pure art

  51. Rosco

    Im there right NOW

  52. Lil Lucifa

    She looks so hot in this video jeez

  53. literally little

    wait, i forgot she's signing actual lyrics

  54. Legend Nih2

    Man eu não deixei de notar, todas as pessoas olhando pra ela com cara de "mano o que tu ta fazendo?" kkkkkkk, Amo essa musica

  55. Sykopathy

    Am I the only one who thinks this song could be in any Dance Dance Revolution? Sounds so damn good ♡

  56. SlickEvaderGames

    Crystal Castle was so ahead of their time! Witch house is getting growing so big till this year, slowly but surely.


    SlickEvaderGames what are you talking about witch house was already big and that shits BEEN done

    Tutankamon Pharaoh

    Isn't it electropunk?

  57. Piper Hayze

    I just love the amount of fucks she doesn’t give

  58. Christel Thomas

    I cannot believe I’m saying this but I like this girl better than Alice

  59. Sydney O'Bier

    By far the funniest thing is the people’s reactions as she breezes on by them 😂 their so confused.

  60. DJ Acid King Cid Guerreiro

    Alice Rules.
    "there is no ethan ever again"

  61. Sad Lives

    Lost in my mind 👤🔥⛧🎶🎵

  62. llCrime Wave

    I wonder how many people pushed her back or talked crap.

  63. Talia Donaldson

    Dope sound.

  64. John Doe

    New cc sucks. Sorry, but I'm not feeling it.

  65. Gianna


  66. TheAscendedConscious

    GOAT, Edith.


    I love this it's so dark and full of life and energy I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS SONG!!!!!😱👽👽👽😈😎🙀😻💀💥💥💥💥✨✨✨✨✨👄🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  68. Emily Real

    Me sale mdma por los poros 🎧💕

  69. Plantasia

    If nobody would have said anything I would have just assume that was Alice with her hair dyed

  70. Eye Die

    Got the same exact t shirt sis

  71. Kamil Zduń

    i wanna try what she's on. Extc with ketamine?

    Crawl Void

    Candyflip maybe

  72. Lu11S


  73. Lilith

    Type o?

  74. viktorya psychedelic.souljam

    This band started to really suck after I stopped doing drugs.

  75. Jon Fisher

    Shit video. Shit idea for a video. Well done to Edith for going along with the shit idea.

  76. Gordon F

    getting carpenter brut/perturbator vibes, really enjoying it!

  77. White Rabbit

    La cara de la gente que la ve tipo : "WTF?, que le pasa a esta chica?" xD jajajaja

  78. Old Demosthenes

    a lot of dislikes...

  79. xXgtagod369Xx

    Oh yeah I’ve heard this somewhere before. My nightmares.

  80. Cherry Ghost


  81. никита созинов

    Ай лав зис!

  82. Macabre Blood

    This music is perfect

  83. Genesis Maldonado

    i love this shit so much

  84. Mary Rosnell


  85. sandxia affirmations ⸙

    Edith aAhh😍😍

  86. Brave Leprechaun

    damn, i love Edith so much.

    The Nekavandre


  87. F O O L I S H S A M U R A I

    C R A Z Y B I T C H I N D A H O U S E

  88. Jurik Galunic

    black metal better :D but i love this song )

  89. spikesspikesspikes



    crystal castles made the soundtrack of lain's life

    The Nekavandre

    @spikesspikesspikes Agreed! Haha!

  90. Maxime

    hope they will come back

  91. Yozyo

    Omg this annoying unskipable ad


    @Jacobo don't mind, was just mad at an ad that kept appearing each time I tried to watch this music video.

  92. Jordan Saragosa

    Wearing that type o negative shirt. Hell yeh

  93. Alex Crap

    Must follow...

  94. velvetdreaming

    Taylor Swift i love your work