Crystal Castles - Alice Practice Lyrics

Scars will heal soon
The dregs in us spent the earth down

Better than drowning in a burlap sack
I live. As Alice. I die.
Children shouldn't play with dead things
Foaming crows
Tear at their wings
Sad eyes cry crimson blood

Drop it it's dead
Wheels won't turn they won't turn the birdy's head
Sad eyes sad eyes like sharpened daggers
You'll never walk only stagger
Sad eyes quite cryptic

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Crystal Castles Alice Practice Comments
  1. Shitty Witch

    ugh fuck skins

  2. novais novais

    Sid reaking down... damn i hate myself akakoapandiskqma

  3. why parceti

    this dude literally put an atari soundchip inside another synth for this whole album so sick.

  4. Hellen Ferreira

    this song reminds me of the episode of skins....

    Vlerchen !

    Hellen Ferreira it was in the episode of skins

  5. Crystal Moon

    Лучшая песня на планете

  6. Marc Doherty

    Where me on cried

  7. MrSuperChaosGuy Archives

    i cant get that fucking ‘hi’ out my head

  8. Krieg


  9. JustKarii

    damn, that "hi" was so lovely and adorable

  10. maria imouto

    Scars will heal soon
    The dregs in us spent the earth down
    Better than drowning in a burlap sack
    I live
    As Alice
    I die
    Children shouldn't play with dead things
    Foaming crows
    Tear at their wings
    Sad eyes cry crimson blood
    Drop it it's dead
    Wheels won't turn they won't turn the birdy's head
    Sad eyes sad eyes like sharpened daggers
    You'll never walk only stagger
    Sad eyes quite cryptic

  11. David Arango

    tu si ah

  12. Camarada do Caldo de Cana

    Man I remember that when I was 13 years I loved this song so much

  13. Fly Design

    Still so fucking intense. Remembering Sid and that scene. Hits so hard.

  14. FredyeahEternal

    Man, being a teen back then and listening to this song for the first time, there is just no words to describe it, just for reference, back when this came out we were still all loosing our minds over Linkin Park and emo, one day a friend of mine said to listen to track and let me borrow his MP3, i can only picture the face i made, there was NOTHING that sounded like this back then, it's great that now we had vaporwave and chillwave, witch house and a pletora of niche microgenres, but back in the mid to late 2000's i could've never imagined music could even sound like this,

    Legit this album takes a piece of the credit for turning me into a hardcore music nerd

  15. The-Man-Who-Chortles

    Personally, I believe the allegations. She was smoking hot from day one and I think not a single person could deny that, or the fact that the music industry is littered with predators.
    That Kath fellow looks like a troll and he probably preyed on her from youth.

  16. The-Man-Who-Chortles

    Adds a new element to the music. But I guess art evolves if it's not static.
    I feel so bad for Alice.

  17. GIANCA Travel

    No mamen prefiero a john frusciante con su smile is a rifle

    Comparo porque el sonido nada que ver al ritmo de su voz

  18. Alexandre Augey

    Love this song so much <3

  19. Ross TwedDiddler V3

    It’s the fuckin skins song oh shit

  20. meadow

    this scene made me cry

  21. CosmicCowboy Spiegal

    I actually think this song is relaxing in a way. Alice's screaming cancels out all the anger and sadness screaming inside of me.

    zo zeek

    CosmicCowboy Spiegal that’s pretty cringe bro

  22. xxhale

    poor sid... :(

  23. Sanx • infinity Edition

    Sid's Dad F

  24. Big Box

    Claudio can suck a dick.

  25. Moehren Gruen

    That's what desperation sounds like

  26. Tommy Carravieri

    ma muori dio porco ''trtrtrrtrtrttrtrttrtrrtrttrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrttrtrtrtrtrt song'''

  27. Srbin Hrvat


  28. miguel meyers

    I love you

  29. Jake Wood

    *inserts 10000000th comment about some gay ass shitty tv show that used this song to score a scene*

    Please stop.

  30. Melody Mzk

    drugs aren't good for you my kids

  31. Bradley Goo

    Rip Bridget Bronder aka Jade

  32. i have a small penis but,

    This is so god

  33. valentino

    Am I the only one thinks it's cute how she says hi?

  34. FranKy

    I love that

  35. Shin -

    Alice Glass abuse statement website.

  36. Daisy Mejia

    Oh LAWD LMAO 2019 and I’m still here

  37. Christian Cruz

    The emotion is amazing I loveeeee it

  38. Kaitlyn Leigh

    Still good, 11 years and I used to play this on repeat

  39. Sofia De la vega

    Coool 🌚

  40. Zill

    she was being abuse while recording this

  41. Juan Alegría

    Fuck Ethan

  42. Valeria R


  43. nafets zlaw

    hidden gem

  44. mücahit yıldızhan

    muazzam. skins efsaneleri ah ahh..

  45. Don 't

    Sid and Tony ... :(


    *this scene in skins was epic so much*


    *Skins, fuck so much, SID*

  48. Michael Angelo Bernard

    I love you Family

  49. Yılmaz YC

    Wow, sid :(

  50. Emiliano EV

    Esto me hace sentir algo incomodo pero de buena manera, me transmite algo raro...

  51. settofailx

    His name should be Theifan Kath

  52. Suijancide 666

    Im so sorry Sid... Skins ❤️

  53. R G

    Reminds me of Passenger of Shit

  54. Trufa

    Skins :(

  55. Matthew Murdoch

    Still listening :D Skins

  56. Saman Rai

    Damn this takes me b a c k

  57. Jimena Irigoyen

    Skins ❤

  58. Lucie Moravcova

    Skins brought me there. Sid was so broke there and so was me…:(

  59. Marina Perroni

    am i the only one that came because of crystal castles/alice glass and not skins?

    Mathew Herrera

    What is skins


    Mathew Herrera on netflix. Series about college kids, going thru life & all the shit that come with it.
    In skins, guy just woke up n found his dad dead on the living room chair, cigarette and whisky glass in hand, heart attack during the best night of his life. Song describes what he felt pretty well

    Senpai is here

    DJT but Netflix fucked up the original playlist they had on skins :(

    Ross TwedDiddler V3

    Who gives a fuck, get out of here with your elitist mentality

    Earla Weese

    Marina Perroni *No.*

  60. Perov Lisa

    My favourite scene

  61. SnapperHD

    That skins scene was really sad when you thought about it, Sid’s life was crashing down and he just couldn’t take it anymore. I started tearing up when I first saw that scene. You really feel bad for him when you think about what happened to his life up to that point.

  62. Daniel Rojas

    Luv me CC :p

  63. spikesspikesspikes

    i know it won't happen but i wish cc would do more stuff like this in the future !

  64. Dark Energy

    it sounds like kmfdm n wumpscut had a girl

  65. Jesus Ramirez

    Dude, this song was born before skins.

  66. xlosingxgripx

    am i tripping or is that instrumental in the background the same as love and caring?

  67. M J

    Scene kids where y'a at? Fuck skins, MySpace days kids wya??

    Bernadette Flores

    rip myspace

    M J

    Bernadette Flores yezssssss

  68. TheXapbkoB

    still sick 2o18

  69. eron fausto

    this music to make me so sad. Skins ♥

  70. vladimir kozakov

    you can listen to this and become happy or sad!

  71. X3DN

    Why did Alice leave :(


  72. Drachmalius

    Ten years since this album came out and blew my mind. Love this song <3

    Seriously, fuck Ethan tho

  73. Kevin Ros

    I want to hear a solo record from this bitch


  74. Sophie L

    I just don’t get this song. I don’t feel anything.

  75. Blue ghost

    Mano eu amo essa música,mas dps q descobri a vdd sobre ela me sinto meio mal e n consigo escutar do msm jeito ;-;

  76. Daniel Leite

    2018 <3

  77. Majid Raufi

    i watched skins seasons 1 to 4 back in like 10th grade circa 2011 and loved it more than anything. I can't believe i didn't pick up on this song. Its now 2018 and im rewatching with my mate only to discover this gem. Better late than never i suppose

  78. Peter Sutherland

    Bla blah, periodicity

  79. SlakeZ

    2018 ya, cómo pasa el tiempo, viva SKINS!

  80. Analia Villca

    Esa escena de Skins.💔

  81. Andrew Ottley

    I absolutely love skins... But damn.
    👏 for Alice Glass

  82. Chrissy Kosmidou

    skins 💔

  83. iwillheadlockyournan

    Remember this live - fucking mental

  84. ズルデュビ

    Skins ❤

  85. LonelyGuy SOS

    Where am i

  86. Sofia Joyce

    I hate this song so much

  87. Gyro Zepelli

    too bad Ethan Kath is a scum fuck

  88. Juan Pablo Fernández Jiménez

    amoooooo por siempre

  89. Nao Bonilla Melara

    Skins <3

  90. Tofu girl

    Haven't you guys heard Ethan Kath abused Alice? If you don't know about it all, YOU NEED TO READ THE ARTICLES. I remember when I found this cool band, and I was only twelve. But I never knew Alice was treated in such outrageously horrible ways. You should read her statement. I HATE ETHAN KATH! HOW DARE YOU SCREW HER OVER LIKE THAT?!