Crystal Castles - Affection Lyrics

Catch a moth hold it in my hand
Crush it casually
Without past I can't disappoint
My ancestry
Forever can I sleep inside
Your menagerie

Catch a moth hold it in my hand
Crush it casually
Without past I can't disappoint
My ancestry
Forever can I sleep inside
Your menagerie

We drown in pneumonia not
Rivers and streams

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Crystal Castles Affection Comments
  1. Elijah Barrack

    you don't citizen ship here you were deported to Canada how did you find your way back into the lives of like mine I am not joke a lot people loosing it that I haven't had a hot gun put on my forehead

  2. Astro World

    "2020" the beginning of a new decade,
    Who is here remembering good times??

    Isaac Javier

    The new decade starts when 2020 ends

  3. xxceau

    i love this.....

  4. anon. ymous_

    I like every song by crystal castles but this one hits differently everytime

  5. Ge Teed

    This song makes me feel sad for some reason.

  6. Carlos Cota


  7. Hailey Baroldi

    This song is awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    The instramental is sic!!!

  9. sweetchaos Fox

    this song is so sexy

  10. QTee


  11. Creme de la Creme

    Crash it casually

  12. Daniel Andronic

    Love it.

  13. Gucci Anthony

    I'm so late too this masterpiece 🔥

  14. Pete J

    It’s almost 2019 and I just now discovered this bad ass tune.

    Chemical Editz

    Grew up with this. Love it

  15. Teenssj2

    Moth memes yall

  16. HakuChan Yuuki

    wish this song was longer

  17. Thanasis 25

    2018 ❤

  18. Jenny Perez

    “We drown in pneumonia not rover & streams”-k

  19. Jenny Perez

    This was the last album I listened too , one of my favs but yet such a sad reminder of my life how it’s changed forever lost everything I loved I have a specific memory of myself and my girlfriend of about 10 yrs and our 2 kids papi and kabrona going to the clinic midtown in my charger blasting this album ... they are all gone now or i am I ? Either way it’s gone

  20. Electroblade

    oSU oMg!!??"!"!$!1(183$:*:*+#+#()#)$/$

  21. winter day

    Listened this song in 2013, felt great those times, not really great rn

  22. Hobostarr180

    why does this make me sad?

  23. P Quesada V

    This music is like a drug!

  24. Yvonnsche im Wunderland


  25. flippeditude

    Nothing makes you stronger than crystal castles III. It makes you terrified of the world and yourself equally. You affirm the darker tones of life. Makes you hate yourself a little bit, but you come out of it a shine brighter than before.

  26. Veltani

    I'm in love with this song !

  27. WolfDogHige

    I listened to this while high. My life changed. Woah.

  28. Katlynne Mitchell

    This song resonates with me on so many levels. It brings me peace and pain.

  29. Marcusblazky

    Joder no puedo con esto... Es escucharlo y perderme en mi mismo... Es algo que me sobrepasa... Me encanta

  30. gab

    This is my ex favorite song, i still cry when i hear this....

  31. RJ Moore

    'Without past I cant disappoint my ancestry"

  32. Ashraf Romli

    i swear my soul leaves my body when i listen to this

  33. Amalia Alvarenga

    The 1st song that made me fell in love with Crystal Castles ✨

  34. Sebastián Silva

    I love this.<3

  35. christopher pesce

    fucking in love still

  36. 恋愛中私は

    how have i never hearD THIS BEFORE

  37. Yung Mung Bean


  38. Alvaro Becerra

    I don't get why this masterpiece was never played live. There are so many emotions in this song :( And what makes it even more emotional is that Alice isn't part of the CC anymore.

  39. Edith Noriega

    Got that sexy ass hip hop beat!!

  40. Kelly Gonzales

    this song is fucking everything 💖💖💖👽

  41. Liliana Munoz

    Crystal castles..always good for the soul💓

  42. Brandon Blaze

    listening to these songs by crystal castles gets me mad sentimental when im high idk why

  43. fall zombie

    we drown in pneumonia not rivers and streams

  44. Funkipor

    I found cassually when i seach Affection by Cigarettes After Sex in Apple Music, but in the results appeared this song and i listened and i loved it. What beautiful casuality.... <3

  45. Oginaka

    Persisting Perception By Dark

  46. esabela

    Yay i found it... I tried searching the lyrics but... i was searching cant you both hold me in your hands.... I feel silly ;-;

  47. kisa154

    Her voice is so sweet

  48. Ma Kr

    imagine this song without reverb :}

  49. Mð¢hïツ

    Como eu amo essa música puta merda...

  50. Vincent

    I absolutely love this song. At one of the happiest times of my life, me and 4 good friends got together and just sat in silence in each other's presence with this song playing. I can't describe the feeling I had as anything more than pure love, but the energy in the room between all of us was overwhelming. The memory I have of that time, and the feeling I had, come back when I hear this song and I will never forget that feeling of pure love, and total joy. This is my favorite song for a reason 💙

    Massive Douche

    Kill nostalgia

  51. Isabelle Viaz

    this song makes me want to cry....I don't even know why

  52. Qweit Specnaz

    ~Music of dreams~
    Greetings from Poland

  53. High Fructose Dreams

    This song is the strongest emotional punch ever, it's like watching something you love being destroyed, but it's so beautiful you can't look away

    Michael Bernier

    This is very addicting, love Alice's lyrics!!

    Johana Camilo

    You made me cry with that description.

    Ale Blabla

    I swear


    @Johana Camilo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Beatriz Gomes


  55. Ian escudero munoz


  56. no ma'am

    Relaxing so muchh <3

  57. Maia Hunter

    I made this thing and if you guys like the Crystal Castles (III) album you might like what I made, too

  58. martinsedlon

    isnt she singing in YOUR hand instead of MY hand?


    it sounds like in YOUR hand, she is definitely singing in YOUR hand

  59. Filmoкlm

    I dont know who will read that, but I love every single one of you dudes from Crystal Castles

    Philip Roseel

    agree...Alice was better but Edith isn't bad at all, was worried a bit about that

    Mike Wilhelmson

    CelticWolf Celtic, which of them recorded the studio version of this song? I'm guessing alice

  60. DJ flying taco

    i was looking for this for years

  61. Amy Rose Hunter


  62. Emircan Emirle

    Affection and Sad Eyes videos are deleted. It's really too bad why they did this. Alice is shared something about this. CC is really dead now. RIP CC 2004-2015


    Emircan Emirle I don't miss Alice at all. Edith has such a magical voice apart from Alice's screech.

    Michael Saunders

    Emircan Emirle atleast there is Suffocation video.

    Jana the affection video I luckily saved years ago!!

    Jana here is also the suffocation video listed

  63. ilay mor

    Double rainbow all the way across the skyyyyy


    holy shit!


    ilay mor that describes this song perfectly lol

  64. Brenda Rivera

    súper para darte unos viajes

  65. Łă Př¡ʼnć¡pəšşå

    schön 👍

  66. Sammy Stone

    Song reminds me of my first love picking me up after school and smoking pot in the woods, really silly days

    Ѕомє Јҵаћ

    Lol thot.

    Annoying Kid

    Codename Klabautermann XD

    Dank Mheems

    That's exactly what I did with my hs girl, haha. Right from school to that hidden parking spot in the woods.

    Thanasis 25

    Remember love is fake


    Teal Moon fun shit u know i understand

  67. Hector Veliz

    Pésima canción dan sida


    +Untrust Us xxx dejalo no sabe lo qu es musica

  68. Damian Gromek


  69. Alec Olson

    This song is like feeling every possible emotion at once. Hard to pinpoint what this song makes me feel but whatever it is it's definitely addictive. Great stuff!!!

  70. Stéphane E

    trop bon

  71. James Wilson

    I hate when it ends, but then I just replay it.

    Marcel Van Sauce

    James Wilson loop! <3

  72. Percy Jackson

    someone please tell me what this song means


    +Percy Jackson Think it's about losing or missing a loved one...

    Percy Jackson

    @Thisisnotanid45 all i know is alice's voice haunts me 

    Çois Agver

    Maybe about prostitution and Stockholm syndrome.

  73. Cara S

    This song is amazing. the feelss

  74. Kierra C

    Ethan Is an awesome producer

  75. S N

    Last single of Crystal Castles to have Alice Glass in it, too bad she left the band.


    And I have Amnesty (I) now and it's amazing. Definitely holds up as a cc album and is a good transition from (III). It seems to be the most focused of the albums and it's really dark though in an entirely different way than (III) which is nice.


    Call Me Titus I don't miss her screeching. Edith is nice too, but Ethan is my baby daddy.

    Edith Noriega

    He's your baby daddy but he sleeps with me in my Mexican blankets!!


    Edith Noriega

    Huh... odd.

  76. Carrie Kira

    This song is sex and drugs in unison.


    Hehe, you know what's up

    Edith Noriega

    This song is sex that leads to a baby!

  77. tomhulcelover

    this girl has one of the most beautiful pair of lips ever

  78. Samuel Furcolow

    what song is this? 

  79. quinlan newman

    Reminds me of tyga's rack city

  80. aaron collier

    needed this today.

  81. Josh R

    Goddamn poetic song... Love it.

    Çois Agver

    whats about

  82. thedarkblackbat

    it reminds me of  Ayo technology -50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake .

  83. Jacob Boucher

    My song for calculus homework

  84. Nathan Ochoa

    ok, how can you not think of timbaland when hearing that intro

    Ser Garlik

    @Nathan Ochoa
    Because I've never actually listened to someone whose name is ripoff of a clothing company.


    @Nathan Ochoa It's too late to apologiiiiize...

    Edith Noriega

    I bet he's in the studio thinking they aight. Why's he in the studio listening to Crystal Castles you ask because his friend Tuba with a lazy eye introduced them to him. Why does Timbaland have a friend named Tuba with a lazy eye you ask, because Timbaland is friends with everyone.


    This song is a more lofi and sad version of Justin timberlake My Love ft. T.I. with Alice's vocals.

    Jack K

    Edith Noriega That reminds of how Taylor Swift's out of the woods and CC's celestica were filled at the same graveyard. people were saying Tay ripped them off but I didn't think she even watched the video or even knew who they were.

  85. Jvarna

    RIP CC :(

    dasdasdsds dasdasdas

    Crowd control?


    @dasdasdsds dasdasdas Crystal Castles, they broke up back in October of 2014, sad days :(

  86. JoJoJoShredder

    Perfect. This is such an amazing song because it fits any mood.

    Christopher Hoostie

    Gotta try listen to it at least once every day or other day, me at least.... this song hit me hard the first time I bumped into her.... catch a moth and hold it in my hand. Crushing castles beneath a grain of sand, in my foot feet hands. Crush and roll, such a sweet feather dust... away, away...... so far away and light. A moth into the night, I love this song!

  87. Noemi Hube

    Increíble me encanta esa mezcla de sonidos :)

  88. basedarv

    what is being said in the background?

    Elizabeth Corkins

    I think it's in the description. 💙

  89. The Triple Rider

    Can someone please tell me what genre of music this is? I need to find more of it lol


    @MR48LINEBACKER im not normally into rap but Yung Lean- Yoshi City fits in great with these songs. You might want to look into chillwave/trillwave (the rap hiphop version of chillwave), since that's what I'm God is. 


    Alternative. It's in the iTunes album. The genre should be under there.


    crystal castles isn't 'alternative'.

    Steve Spillane

    @Mechafiend Maybe also try out Shadow of Tonight by M△S▴C△RA, and Lost Generation by Unison. And you're definitely right, people's favorites vary a lot in this genre, as can the music itself, so I'm gonna take a listening trip through your list there and see what works for me

    Armando De Jesús Alvarez López

    Witch House man only that.

  90. fansyankee

    CSI: NY

  91. Josh Carnero

    im lit right now and this sounds heavenly