Cruz, Taio - She's Like A Star Lyrics

She's my everything,
Like a morning girl,
She's my angel, up above my world,
And she's the only one, who understands me,
That's why I call her, my new family,

[Pre Chorus]
See she's the only one that I want by my side,
She's the only one that I believe can save my life,
She makes me want to be a better man (Oh I)
She's higher than the sky, the suns and the moon,

She's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)
Ooh baby she's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)
Ooh baby she's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)
Ooh baby she's like a star,
(Like a star, like a star)

First let me say, she's the best of me,
Is it cliché? To say she's destiny,
There's no one else but her, well at least for me,
That's exactly why, I must now
repeat, that...

[Pre Chorus]


[Rap Section]
She's my star my light, starry night,
Aviator shades cos she shine so bright,
Beats on the G5, songs I write, Just so I
can take her on take them G5 flights,
Yeah she's my type, just my height,
She's my fit, she's just right,
She's like I think we might,
Go far, I'm like you right,
Cos she could be my angel wings,
Her voice sounds like an angel sings,
Yeah I be back with the trademark strings,
Just tryna compliment the sound she brings,
She's like we could go far, I'm like you, you, you are,
I'm like you, you, you are,
You are my,my, guiding star.


Like a st...
Like a star [3x]

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Cruz, Taio She's Like A Star Comments
  1. Bobcat Billingsley

    Such a classic , she like a star 🌟

  2. Albania Albania

    This song reminds me of my fist love. He dedicated this masterpiece to me like 10 years ago.... even though I'm still here... December 2019 ❤️❤️❤️

  3. R.J Fans

    Im in 10th standard i was fall in love with my swt hrt..
    now she's no more🧚‍♀️
    wht me this song.. start with as..😔
    now she's like a star..🌟⭐🌟⚡

  4. Ole Mar

    this is putting me back to my youth


    December 3 , 2019 :)

  6. Ramatu Mansaray

    2019 still here😍❤
    Fav forever

  7. OhNaNa Naj

    Absolutely beautiful. I'm a huge fan of Tayo. Where are you now though.

  8. Valen Real O


  9. Jella Black


  10. Ricardo Soares


  11. alex alex

    Nane ????

  12. Christian Kalonda

    That’s the actress that played Louise on hollyoaks, I had such a crush on her! I think I was about 17-18 🤣

  13. Jessica 1

    Still here 😊

  14. Lyric Slade

    This is the best

  15. Lolly Tape

    Wtaf happened to Taino Cruz

  16. Naveed Ahmed

    Black and beats vibes baby. Only the real ones will get this 😂


    14 when this song came out. Now I'm 24... I still remember having this song as my ring tone back then LOL

    Aamina Ahmed

    Iwas 24 now I'm 34 Dam age so quickly

  18. Rabia Rabia


  19. Estelle Miambanzila

    I miss Taio Cruz and this song
    ur reason why i love sing and dancing

  20. Nazife Sopa

    who came here from the NOSTALGIA of old songs 😭😭 or just me?


    Nazife Sopa yep😂

    Lolly Tape


    Lolly Tape

    What happened

  21. Lolly Tape

    I was 5 when I listened to this now I’m 63

  22. Red2010Bull

    Oktober 2019😃👍👌🇩🇪🇺🇸

  23. Habibah Choudhury

    this was made a decade ago, i feel old

    boss status

    Yeah baby bitch

  24. Cheikh Doumbia

    2019 still listening this song , thats make me remember some good moments

  25. Ashika Ghosh

    I was 15, now 26 :(

  26. ab soultde

    2019 am here baby

  27. Manjeet cj

    One of the best songs i have ever heard .

  28. jyoti kaRki

    Its been so long but still its one of my songs🤩

  29. MissCurlyWurly

    Music was so much better back then, the music now sucks.

  30. Amanda Garcia

    like a star 😗

  31. Abdullah 18

    2019 october 7 mon 8:06

  32. Jahleeya Tiyairo

    2019 still listening to this song 🎉

    Estelle Miambanzila

    Me cos its a good Song and have a good beat

  33. Anjunakitchen

    Old school af in the modern era. 🤣 Better than 90% of the trash out in today's clubs. Lol

  34. Amara koroma

    Who is here 2019 and 2020

  35. kaitlyn jacobo

    I love this song I was 7 years old now I’m 17

  36. Faruk Gümülcine

    Back then she was a star but I was an idiot...

  37. Remi Clement

    Tune 💯

  38. paris udgave

    she is like a star💥💥

  39. paris udgave

    what a song

  40. Natalie Odeh

    2019 ♥️

  41. Hannes Gelder

    2019 and still a Nice tune

  42. Loso Ayala

    Iwas 15 then I'm now 25 🤬 dayumm does the time fly . .

  43. Mike Yos

    What ever happens to Taio Cruz ? His music used to bang

  44. SilverorLead 999

    2019 september anyone?

  45. Axel Axela

    yes she is

  46. London England

    Kanye West day’s

  47. Donell Walter

    2019 anyone?

  48. monica karia

    Mere papa

  49. Desive Unknown

    I was 17 when this song came out wow time flies

  50. jacqui o leary


  51. Ricardo Soares

    Star muito bom ▶️🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

  52. Simone Smith

    who's here still loving this tune in 2019x xx


    shit made me cry I miss the old days

  54. E.A

    2019 anyone?

  55. Paola Jimenez

    MySpace days 🙌🏼

  56. muhammad ali

    10 years challenge 2009 till now 2019

  57. Nakie Sali


  58. Kevser Turaboglu

    Alwaysssss T.Cruz❤❤❤

  59. TheGuyJose

    Im 23. Been listening to this since i was 12 🤷🏾‍♂️. Man such great memories relived through music 🖤

  60. John

    British version of usher but better

  61. Yeowtothat x

    Takes me back to my high school days

  62. Anusheel Anusheel

    I'm 26 , wish there was a time machine , so i can be 16 again.

  63. Queen LV

    2019 am still a star 🙏🏾

  64. rocklesson86

    I remember for the longest time this video was restricted in the United States.

  65. Lubosi Maboshe


  66. Vajira Paul(Ms.)

    2019 and still so fresh

  67. Kahora Tangiwai

    2019 an this song still lit

  68. Sandeep Patil

    Taio Cruz was so underrated then

  69. Sourabh Biswas

    Who is still listening this song 2019

  70. Princess M

    like a staaaaaa

  71. jayaree 90

    Limewire and frostwire days

  72. Nini dure

    Who is listening in 2019, still love this jam

  73. Harrave

    I was 10 when this came out and I’ve always wanted to grow older quicker now I’m 20 and you have no idea how much I regret that and wanna go back bruh


    Your not the only one bro 😫

    Shalika Shakya

    Same here nw i am 20 too

    Lolly Tape

    I’m 15 rn I wanna go back

  74. amenda jassim

    omg I just noticed how old this is 🤭and it's 2019 it's my favourite jam

    Anime Amazingness

    amenda jassim same haha

  75. Mad H Ali

    Fuck I was 11 when this came out now I’m 22 where da hell did da time go 😮🤐

  76. DeeAnna Frankenfield

    2019 Tune In ?

  77. Prince of Korea

    2019 anyone?

  78. Zulu Shakur

    2019 Jam 💯💯 Still Pumping

  79. Abbie Boumendjas

    i don't like him , because h'es kind of boy who think he's cute and can have any girl he wants .....but in reality you're not cute at all -_-

  80. ThinkIsTheKey 123

    Damn he should stay on rnb music.. His voice fits perfectly for type of song!!! Going on pop music... I think made his end (there were an explosion of male pop artists like Jason derulo).. And he took his place

  81. edvin97ful

    IMOGEN !!

  82. Sahil Dadwal

    2019 anyone ?

  83. Teddy Watler

    2019 😎

  84. Erick Hernandez

    Damm this song brings so many memories!

  85. arvind Shilkar

    She likes a star

  86. Ronen Madoc

    2019 anyone ?

  87. Haile Jones

    That's Dorea from Game of Thrones !

  88. Loa's Life

    2019 BABY ✨

  89. Jada

    Can't believe I was 12 when this came out brings back so many good memories

  90. Leonardo De Brito Teodoro

    Hit 2019 🎶👌🏾

  91. Yeb Yab

    i was 10when i first listen to it now im 15