Cruz, Taio - Just Want To Know Lyrics

Baby, talk to me
What is goin on,
'Cause lately we ain't been spending
time alone
And last night when I touched you hand
You didn't wanna hold,
And today, no kiss goodbye
Just said that you had to go

If you're leaving me baby
I just wanna know
I just wanna know
If you're done with me baby
I just wanna know
I just wanna know
I just wanna know

Listen, if you have something you wanna say,
Please don't, don't hold it back
It'll come out someday
And I am, I'm strong enough
To mend my broken heart
If you say that you and I are better off apart


Yeah, yeah
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
I just wanna know
I wanna know


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Cruz, Taio Just Want To Know Comments
  1. Ramatu Mansaray


  2. OhNaNa Naj

    I miss these times when the music would hit you're soul and you can have a good old jam session with friends or in a nightclub somewhere. It was all about the music for me when I was young. I would give anything to go back in time. Brilliant memories.

  3. Elillta Lijam


  4. Daoud Ra

    2019 and counting bitchesssss

  5. IndieSantika


  6. IndieSantika


  7. Sephora Dynasty

    Who's listening in 2019 , eh I just wanna know

  8. Michael Hofmann

    Now 2019 R&B is dead 😭

  9. IndieSantika

    Never mind im snake nice on you see a

  10. IndieSantika

    OK six snake those in

  11. IndieSantika

    See aga after snake two more come

  12. IndieSantika

    Cz after those up with in you see snakey in me myself. Ya my lovi snake. I dont want to you. I dont want see as snake girl ladys

  13. IndieSantika

    All whole eyes see whole in me good. So natural lov. Natural stormed get in my high very deep to close heart. Get me trought

  14. IndieSantika

    All eyes on me

  15. IndieSantika

    Bang roji

  16. Brian B

    Damn hahaha this brings so many good memories!

  17. Sam sam

    2019 toujours à l'écoute ❤❤

  18. IndieSantika

    Ha manusia oooooooo baru tau aku

  19. IndieSantika

    Oooooo orang manusia oooooooo baru tau

  20. IndieSantika

    Malah sampai bisa tertidur nyenyak. Bin mau Liat papa ngorok g. Ha.

  21. IndieSantika

    Ngopo y kenapa klo sama kakek waras bgt sehat bugar Wal afiat

  22. rafael Nadal

    Black men love white woman I'm white i love black woman this guy loves white woman in all of hes videos

  23. jolly roger

    im strong enough:(

  24. Ste Thompson

    Lyrics are real on this one

  25. E.A

    2019 anyone?

  26. Bogdan Tanase

    Still 2019🔥

  27. Kuba Koń

    This song and She's like a star...Amazing ❤ 2019!

  28. Meryem Dinislam


  29. refael turbo


  30. Vana Silva


  31. Flippo

    Already 10 years ago...
    Good old times

  32. Dani Bronco

    This song is sad but beautiful. You have a beautiful voice

  33. Stefan Nicola

    shame he's not about anymore but he is on bigger things so good luck to him

  34. Demon魂

    2019 😎

  35. Fabiana Bia

    Delícia de negro

  36. Shaun Adams

    2019 anyone? 9 years later and this song still bangs like it’s the first time being released.


    Actually it's 13 years ;)

  37. Manuela M


  38. leandro alves de sousa

    Clássico bom de mais.

  39. Like a Boss

    Jemand 2019

  40. Kookie Dos Toddynho

    2019?? Anyone??

  41. JJ L

    I love this song from South Korea

  42. Shanae Mulling

    I miss those days

  43. Dammsxy Moses

    This song was years ago

  44. Rui Mira

    2019 back on track 👌

  45. TheGoldenTree


  46. Sashele Marshall

    2019 anyone?

  47. rafael Nadal

    2019 anyone

  48. Sofija Bojchovska

    2019 anyone?

  49. x6ixPaths TM

    2019 anyone

  50. Chelsea Loui5e

    2019? :)

  51. Rodrigo Dos Santos

    Alguém do BRASIL? Fevereiro de 2019

    oliver martinez

    Sopa do macaco uma delicia

  52. ArtemiusTGM

    Who's still listening to in 2019 because of the bass 😏

    Kevin Ndirangu

    Just bought an av receiver with bass speaker, i came to this song to test the bass


    Not only because of that :) It was just damn good music back then 😀

  53. Jewel Thalukder

    2019 anyone??

  54. soraya lee

    2019 ?? 😏

  55. sydney downes

    Who's listening to this in 2019 with me??

  56. Shawn Young


  57. lucy opiyo

    was here december 2018

  58. Jewel Thalukder

    I just wanna know if anyone is listening to this banger in 2018 ????

  59. Iwannadissolve

    I find very few men with ear studs attractive

  60. Soey Galaxy


  61. hazard 10

    2021 anyone?

  62. China MA Midnight

    Anyone else hear, neyo song so sick. As well as Mario, song let me love you.

  63. k love

    What happened to him ?

  64. Khasper

    Came here after listening to Frank ocean swim good...I knew the beat was familiar

  65. D C

    Why did i not know this was a single. Just thought it was an album track. He is so good.

  66. kenny king

    This brother was amazing wow

  67. Hollie-Anne Russell

    I so miss this type of. music 👍👍🦋

  68. Trending Tube

    Where is the legend now?

  69. Miss Haylia Sana

    The Guy COULD sing !! I do love this song 😍

  70. Zeek Horton

    this was my jam 07-08... found it on myspace lol

  71. Mwaj Mlama


  72. Wasim Ahmed

    Big tune listening in July 2018 👌🔥

  73. Mirk Jr

    2018 still listenin'

  74. Kuba Koń

    Najlepsze czasy, najlepsza muzyka... ktoś w 2018?💪

  75. Kwanele Pinyana

    this song remind me about the caf, when mamelody Sundowns lost on alhly aly

  76. Misterh RTR


  77. Bekzat Mukhanov

    This song reminds me so good times ) Like it.

  78. Tania Andre

    Never gonna forget him


    2018..I still listening

  80. Liona Nyasha Ndhlovu

    2018 its still a great song

  81. dcrusader123

    Where is he now? this was my jam

  82. Elbert Inacio

    Gosto da história desse clipe, ela é tão bonita e traiu, que baixo!

  83. Silvia Sighisorean

    2018?? Anyone?

    Sakara nile-bey

    Silvia Sighisorean yep

    Samet Keser

    2019?? Anyone

  84. sandontv

    Still banging in 2018😤

  85. Anna Nasario

    Never want us apart silly!

  86. Texxo Store


  87. Good Vibes

    Beautiful song! I remember this from way back in '06...

  88. Charlotte Cookson

    2017 ♥

  89. Joseph Mmolai

    Taio Cruz you rock my world

  90. Tatiane Pereira Leite