Crown The Empire - The Fear Is Real Lyrics

If you open the door, time and space will follow you home
If you open the door, time and space will follow you home

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Crown The Empire The Fear Is Real Comments
  1. Aisyah Sani

    this song got me in a conspiracy theory solving mood

  2. KrC Nu

    hmm for me it's like CureForTheItch or stuff like that

  3. Brandon Perez

    I like how it starts off calm and gets all creepy. They should make music for video game soundtracks.

  4. Tech Support

    Sounds like it should be in the doom soundtrack

  5. Brian Givens

    Boss Fight!

  6. Xanny Rob

    The lyrics are so meaningful

  7. Вячеслав Вострецов

    Finally, one of the dozen generic metalcore bands has done great and original album

  8. tayuyya uchiha

    somebody please put this is a horror movie preview 😍😍

  9. Dylan Richardet

    I get a nine inch nails vibe at the end

  10. advnwaonv


  11. AboynamedAdrian

    The back story to this is hilarious

  12. Gino Gualtieri

    Been a fan for over 4 years, nothing will change that. I actually dig this song because it's so creepy and gives you the vibe of being lost in space

  13. Kyle Meyer

    Crown is a great band, but it sucks how they make an 11 song album, which is already kinda short, and 2 songs are interludes. They've done it for every LP and it gets annoying

  14. ethan poppe

    was at work last night when this song come on and it sounded sketchy as fuck, dude.

  15. Dick Bump

    Reminds me of Doom. Please bring back old crown the empire btw.

  16. BestBadInfluence

    This song makes me feel powerful

  17. Jack D.


  18. avi paint

    sounds like a freaking jumpscare😓 i still like it though not my favorite album but really cool aspec

  19. Emma Berger

    I love all those talking parts that they have. It reminds me of Alan Watts and makes me love this band even more 😂😊

  20. Hades

    okay but this is actually the best song for a horror movie sound track

  21. Lord Elon

    I swear they made this album stoned haha

  22. Nate Firestone

    "Crown the Empire" coming to a theater near you! #MovieTrailerMusic

  23. multi truth

    i had a seizure at 2:18

  24. NikkiSaysWhut

    bruh this is scary as shit

  25. soleil

    play this at my funeral, pls.

  26. Kc Mcclary

    Doom soundtrack!!

  27. herc ules

    I hope they expand on this. it was great!!

  28. R33c3_ 22

    This should be in Resident Evil !

  29. Anthony Schorling

    2:50 and forwards gives me a huge American Horror Story intro vibe

    Rocio Mendoza

    Anthony Schorling omg yesss 😂

  30. Alexandra

    Kinda reminds me of the intro to AHS near the end

  31. Chancelor Collins

    This album is the only good album they have.


    I kinda agree and disagree, I do like this album better because they aren't following what every typical Metal-Core band does and they are making what they want to make but on the other hand their other albums were amazing

  32. Marily León

    This could be my song in a zombie apocalypse...

  33. Black Dahlia

    wish they had more songs like this in the future such an onimous sound creepy ^-*

  34. SprintPT

    The beginning though o.o Crazy song!

  35. ShadowSkull

    Entonces comentario en español salvaje aparece :v

  36. fuddles

    where is Johnny's come back??


    IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! THEY SAID REBLLION WAS THE FINAL JOHNNY SONG FFS, I loved the Johnny songs but people to be more informed about it holy fuck.

  37. Sky-Lynne Hoover

    If you're an actual fan then you'd support both their new and old music... not saying shit like, "I like their old music better..." "we want old CTE back" "this is terrible compared to their old stuff". Just saying :/


    So true

    Spartan 5482

    Sky-Lynne Hoover Apparently people can't criticize any album when they don't like it. I didn't know you either had to like music or you can't say anything about it at all.


    @Spartan 5482 agreed. This album sucks though. Resistence is better. Oh sorry forgot People get offencive these days XD

  38. FitForASpidey

    this is utter garbage. half the song is just bulshit electronic crap. its no wonder people like their old stuff. its way better than this crap


    They are trying something different.... It's amazing and this type of song on an album like this is called an Interlude in which a lot of bands do for their albums, Slipknot has them, Issues has them, It's a big thing holy fuck. It's not the first time they made one too, Wolves of Paris is an interlude.

  39. x3vilArt

    I thought I was watching Dark5's conspiracy theories

  40. meilirima

    I'm liking the ones without vocals more.

  41. Travissaur

    Got some American Horror Story feel to it.

  42. KYakuzaD

    Ill be honest i'm not enjoying this album very much, not feeling the vibe

  43. Mephisto43

    Time and space didn't follow 84 people home.

  44. Tyrone Gilley

    Is it saying: If you open the door time and space will follow you home?


    Yes it is

  45. xvielixvi

    this song gives me the chills , I love it.

  46. The Perfectionist

    Wtf is this ?


    "The fear is real" an interlude song by Crown the Empire

  47. Daniel Lupo

    Bethesda called, they want Doom's soundtrack back.

  48. Stevie Cardona

    pornhub premium

  49. SkullObsessed69

    After hearing this, you can't tell me cte doesn't drop acid



  50. thegreatnicowski x

    I'm scared

  51. Ivan Bonnin


  52. Karina

    screamo or techno???

    Eric D. Morgan

    Do not label CTE as screamo


    He has an Attack on Titan symbol as his profile picture, what else can you expect from someone like him?

  53. Isela Carrillo

    nice love it

  54. Porter Whitaker

    I have to be honest this album is great but like what the fuck Is this shit? no legit lyrics? no real instruments? the fuck crown? write some more real music please. I know it's total hate but like cmon this isn't music any more.. But this album is still really good

    Porter Whitaker

    but just keep making more music guys you'll get there! Lol

    Aaron Cates

    Sounds like an intro

    Vanilla Vanvilla

    It's just ~settin' the moood.~ I like it.

    Anthony Schorling

    It's a transition song, as is SK-68. They had tracks like this on the resistance too, like The Wolves of Paris. I'm not sure why you're so surprised to see this on here. Plus this is an epic instrumental, it's creepy as fuck and I could see it being played in a movie soundtrack

  55. Egor Ostroslov

    This track is not the right album "Retrograde".

  56. Jevin Reed

    I'm running on Internet Explorer so it was kinda slow, but hey! First comment!

  57. Thanos

    wtf is this ??

  58. Fabio Zundel

    this song an sk-68 are unnecessary

    Jevin Reed

    this song and sk-68 are pretty much there to explain to you the atmosphere of the songs that are yet to come. they put this one between Hologram and Lucky Us because there's a change in atmosphere between the two



  59. Dhaniaru GAMING

    fucking monotone (-.-) no surprise.. hell yeah..

  60. Wedemworms

    Don't really like this album that much but this song is awesome aha😎👌🏻 so cool

  61. Niko & David TV

    All the songs were soft as hell. What happened to them?

  62. Little Daisy




  64. jerry aguilar

    people are always going to love the first album from any artist I BELIEVE .
    say if you herd this crown the empire first instead of the fall out chances are this album would be your favorite you can argue with me but I believe I'm right ...... bands are going to change no matter what that's the part of music . I personally would hate to hear the same shit over and over . change is good!

    El Chapo King

    you're right lol. I do that all the time

    Aaron Cates

    This is the first album I think I have ever heard from them and I honestly like it.

    Wjh Red

    It's not my favorite out of the bunch, but I do agree with you.

  65. Stephanie Casagarcia

    so cool!

  66. Slightly Moddified

    good intro hope the new track is better than the last one

    Slightly Moddified

    *new album*

  67. Kevin Roman

    When I read the title I thought it was gonna hit me with some unexpected Phoenix Reborn, Johnny's Rebellion and Bloodline all at once lmaoooo

  68. Kane Griffin

    new ahs intro 👌

  69. Rameee

    Y'all can dislike this, but the band is changing.. Stay in the past and leave this to the fans that enjoy something different. ✌🏻️

    Spartan 5482

    Iram Valdovinos Which is why the band is dead now.

    Ultima Umbreon

    Spartan 5482 they're not even close to dead though lol

    TheDarkRoy 179

    shut up, fucking jerk

  70. Tamara vonBiedenfeld

    This is cool.

  71. Ramen Noodles in a hot dog bun

    damn this album shit

    Greg Willard

    +Nightmare dafox Don't you dare think you can make some weebo emo face and just walk outta here like nothing, bring that ass here boi

    Tami Baker

    +Greg Willard no

    Tami Baker

    +Greg Willard if you dont like this song then why are you here? Why even waste my time?

    Greg Willard

    @Nightmare dafox Lmao where did I say I don't like the song dumbass


    the shit*

  72. Tim Perilloux


    Yes, I am very happy to hear this

  73. I'm Cursed.

    I like the lyrics

    Tami Baker

    Omg same

    tayuyya uchiha

    i like the part were the follow you home comes on

    lil divine

    "if you open the door... Time and space will follow you home"

  74. Wii Lawliet

    OMFG I go on youtube, I look , and there's seven new songs of my treasures. I'm dying .

    Wii Lawliet

    and now I'm daying because there's shit.

  75. drown

    Wtf even is this? Is this even the same fucking band?


    idk if you have heard the whole album all the way through yet, like in order, but this song comes in between hologram and lucky us which are songs which have completely different atmospheres and tones as songs. this song acts as a way to introduce a new atmosphere between the two songs so that there is not such a drastic change between the songs in the same way wolves of paris did between machines and MNSTR

    Kane Griffin

    +cogsandcrowns I'm so glad you explained that, thank you


    +Kayla Harley no problem

  76. Jurgen Tapiero

    Me gustan las papas :3

  77. G.H S

    Im listening this song with my powerbeats... good stuff specially the bass

  78. F!LtHY W&bB!T

    I miss there old music


    Then go listen to it....

    ethan poppe

    Scarecrow I see you dropping truth bombs left and right. I like you

  79. Ben P

    mfw not a single word is sung

  80. Haru Queen

    I was waiting for some Johnny's song bc they r my favs :(

    Kendrick Foo

    nah, they finished the whole story already.

    Haru Queen

    +Kendrick Foo yeah i know, i was waiting for a surprise but that was too much


    Okay I'm gonna say something real quick... They said they werent going to make anymore


    Okay I'm gonna say something real quick... They said they weren't going to make anymore

    Ivan Makrov

    RIP Johnny the Rebellious


    this is some bad-ass, futuristic shit

    Evee Zelda

    That is EXACTLY what I thought!!

    multi truth

    dank reminds me of Starset

  82. Karen Hayward: BOBATAC

    ok then

  83. Madyson Coburn

    i see it as a mysterious look to it and its amazing i love it and lucky us has that dark and creepy look

  84. Daniela Lara

    Jesus people are so annoying in the comment sections for the new CTE songs. Just because you don't like them it does not mean they are bad. The band is just trying something new, not every album will be the same or a perfect masterpiece. I don't like all the songs and all I do is not listen to them it's that simple. Also to the people complaining about the songs sounding like pop songs, have you heard the pop songs coming out lately? Even if it was pop, it's a hell of a lot better than the mainstream shit. My comment won't make a difference but I have said my piece.

    Aisyah Sani


    Duckie Duck

    I totally agree

  85. Daniel Callado Colmenares

    jakelino jakelino,hasta el culo jakelino

  86. Spagett

    I'm, not criticizing their music, I'm seriously asking what is the point of this song I don't understand?


    Lots of bands like doing instrumentals and electronic stuff like this cause music is an art and doesn't require vocals over every track :D


    @Voodoo Ok, that makes sense

    billy bob

    its like to let you interpret it into what you want.. to get you to think.. or to make you feel what they feel. there's a deeper meaning to it.. like paintings and stuff


    the story behind this song is about drugs... a friend of theirs got really high one day and was scared to death so they kind of made it about that

    Mark Beasy

    This song is written around the bad weed trips a few members of the band have had. kinda fun but creepy.

  87. A Boy And His Lion

    Quite a well timed album release with No Man's Sky Out, fits really well


    I never forget The Resistence. 👌

    łibeř ěxţáv

    Adriel Kenneth while i never forget johnnys story

    David Welker

    I obviously think this song along with Lucky Us wrap up the The Resistance: Rise of The Runaways along with Prisoners of War and Cross Our Bones on the Deluxe Version

    Vinner Vitalli

    Yes is so great

  89. lilpeachy

    I love this

  90. sXe

    I don't like a single song from this record, I'm sorry but i can't like this band anymore.


    Your problem dude. I think all of it's amazing.


    +Milk&Toast that's a stretch. Have the songs sounded like nickelback


    +Lmaoism different strokes for different folks I suppose. They have more likes than dislikes at least so I'm not the only one who likes them.


    No problem, i just dont like the band, it's my opinion. I'm glad they got more likes :)


    Yeah dude some songs are alright but this is the worst album of the three

  91. Olá Alien

    Algum Br?

    Kevin Guzman

    BR ? Bato raro ? :v

    Olá Alien

    +Kevin Guzman (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)af uhshuz

  92. Endo

    This one feels like it could be part of the DOOM soundtrack. Nice.


    actually I have the same opinion dude.

    Nick Luciano

    Playing through it rn lol I agree

    multi truth

    Endo maybe dead space


    Endo YESSS

  93. Katelynn

    This song came on while I was asleep, woke me up at 5 am, and scared the absolute hell out of me bc I couldn't figure out what it was.

    Chris Gerrard

    lol so wat was it :-D

    J R

    So the fear was real?


    @Johnathon Roach Haha, most definitely

    Jozef Trembecki

    Katelynne I was listening to bring me the horizon and shadow Moses was on

    Xanny Rob


  94. fel_ again

    You guys changed :c i miss your old stuff bring back the fallout or memories of a broken heart and even limitless pleeassee

    Gabriel Ramirez Jr

    This is supposed to be like Limitless, they even said it's their most "real and heart felt album since Limitless"

    fel_ again

    to me its not the same
    I don't think it sounds like limitless at all and it sounds quite electronic to me

    Gabriel Ramirez Jr

    +xXFel Xx yes limitless was electronic. the reissued version was less electronic. just like bands evolve they bairly use electronics now. The also stated recently "if you think we are heavy you need to listen to more music"

  95. 《 b l e a c h 》 《 b u c k e t 》

    wtf is this...


    A transition song from Hologram to Lucky Us

  96. RMB

    7/10 too much EDM


    lmao this isn't edm

    Anthony Mailly

    .....this is edm...the fuck?


    if anything more like a dark form of dubstep but idk, I love it tho

    The Perfectionist

    +sourgummyworms45 darkstep?


    yeah I love the sound of that it probs is

  97. KIULL

    Thumbs up if you like old crown the empire better


    That's fucking stupid. It should fucking work.


    Well, stupid or not, it's also the truth. You can thank Google and YouTube for mixing their interfaces, that's when we lost the option, and apparently no one gives a damn about resolving the issue, because it's been this way for quite some time, and I really don't know how you could've missed that, unless you've been inactive for years.


    I've been pretty damn active for a while, I guess I just never gave the dislike button a second glance. It's like the stupid new system where you have to watch a second of the video before you comment or reply.

    dezz z

    KIULL -_-


    KIULL There's no singing in this song, so based off this track, yeah

  98. Aitioski

    This song is so weird but I love it xd