Crown The Empire - Lucky Us Lyrics

Are you hanging on my words tonight?
Don't you get it? Don't you get it?
Hold your breath and everything's just fine
Don't you get it?

Forgotten we could be alone if we waste away, waste away
If there's a love that brings us home, it drowned today

We smile and grind our teeth away
Good luck forgot to call our names
Good god
Lucky us, lucky us, lucky us

No one's hanging on our words tonight
Don't you get it? Don't you get it?
You can try, but you won't change their minds
Don't forget it

Burned in the sun
Afraid of what you'll become
You'll pay the price when you're free, you'll see
Tell me who you want to be
Tell me what you want to see

We smile and grind our teeth away
Good luck forgot to call our names
Good god
Tortured, but no one leads the way
Force-fed like rats inside a maze
Good god
Lucky us, lucky us, lucky us

Are you hanging on my words tonight?
Don't you get it? Don't you get it?
Hold your breath and everything's just fine
Don't you get it? Don't you get it?

We smile and grind our teeth away
Good luck forgot to call our names
Good god
Tortured, but no one leads the way
Force-fed like rats inside a maze
Good god
Lucky us, lucky us, lucky us
Lucky us, lucky us, lucky us

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Crown The Empire Lucky Us Comments
  1. F O U R

    Memories of a kickass summer 4 years ago

  2. Kit Kat

    I’m listening to the album can’t get passed this song it’s just too good

  3. Skeeter McSwagger

    What a happy and enlightning trailer for the new kids movie.

  4. x1ceDxTxZer0x

    Anyone got some Pepto?

  5. Zelo Rahman

    That mickey mouse it seems to be posses

  6. x1ceDxTxZer0x

    You call this music? -_-

  7. Fandom Trash

    Best song on the album.

  8. Solus E. Eclipse

    This is so good looking back

  9. Fikri Heickal

    This fucking creepy

  10. AwsumIsaiah

    Bruh this music video is gross but the song is so good

  11. Тома Асанова

    2:24-2:41 — the best moment of this song

  12. Jheiron Dotel

    Awesome screams

  13. Joe

    1.25x 😍

  14. Starlord Stavanger

    Won't be surprised if y'all break up after this album. Retrograde was a different direction for the band that I won't be following them on. Good luck lads, but I'll stick with the fallout and that other one with the masked person. cheers fellas

  15. Cadence

    One of my faves from Retrograde 🙌 Cannot wait for their new album to be announced

  16. DollFace Creation

    Love this.


    Its funny how people act like this is mainstream, um its all pop that's mainstream so your a little retarded, band's sound changes get over it, you don't like it don't listen no one cares about your opinion, its the internet.

  18. MyOnly Hope

    *Is nobody wondering how they made this....just me*
    (I'll go home - Who says this)

  19. Lorenzo Valsesia

    "Look, mum! An underrated song!"

  20. Yolobeefswag

    Andy can still scream fellers

  21. James Spiller

    Where the fuck did this come from? This is fucking Dope!

  22. Joel Ingalls

    God they suck so bad now lol

  23. D' AleXxX

    this song is the better all of this álbum

  24. Juliarty 17


  25. clary !

    this is trippy whateven

  26. makennahoying

    That ear piercing scream when they say "good god" gives me chills every time and I fucking love it.

  27. Razzar_8

    go open another tab and watch the "Scorn" trailer with this in the background...

  28. Go Stid

    Those high screams

  29. adtrforlifebruh

    Totally in love with this song and album<3

  30. DarthZak

    I enjoy them moving on from the storyline and being real on their creative side. I miss benn and Dave though.

  31. DarthZak

    this is so good omg

  32. SonOfWrath

    I prefer their new sound wayyyyy more than the Fallout. Just me?...

  33. Pink Maskz

    The background pics is so scary
    But i loved it ><

  34. David Welker

    Dave's screams in "Lucky Us" are amazing! Sucks he is no longer in CTE

  35. Ben Shelton-Subhanally

    this is really good idk why i didnt listen to it when it came out

  36. Josh Burrows

    I can't even begin to tell you how underrated this song really is.

  37. Ryan Weber

    Holy FUCK my JAW DROPPED. I fucking loved this song before the video. HOLY FUCK THOUGH "dont you get it, dont you get it..." *picture of rat population declination curve*

    This video is on some next level shit.

  38. Tyler Winston

    This is creepy as fuck tbh

  39. Lil Peep


  40. Yhec Moizse

    1:11 loquillos loquillos

  41. Luan Moreira

      \\ _
       \( •_•) F
        < ⌒ヽ A
       /   へ\ B
       /  / \\ U
       レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
      / / O
      / / U
     ( (ヽ S
     | |、\.
     | 丿 \ ⌒)
     | |  ) /
    ノ )  Lノ__

  42. Broken Sun


  43. Shawn Brase

    oh shit i love how creepy this video is. After hearing some songs from this album I was afraid CTE went a little soft... but nope! They still hold true to their origins and foundations :)

  44. Band Spam

    I really should listen to them more often, I like this song

  45. Ethan Smith

    Don't you get it?

  46. Black Dahlia


  47. łibeř ěxţáv

    this is nightmare but still the song is great

  48. GreenDKing14

    the only good song from there new album

  49. Jenna Muhammad

    this video creeps me tf out but I love the song

  50. Kay Puckett

    Anyone else get dr who vibes from 0:11 to 0:25??

  51. Nate Jaimes

    This Song Deserves More Views

  52. Dushan Sinx

    Well, they've reach their breaking point :c

  53. gcfsjm

    The video kinda scares me but it's a really good song

  54. Shadow Man

    They need another collab with Denis Stoff

  55. Tony Wyenandt

    Anyone else believe the lyrics sounded like "Love Chaos" instead of "Lucky Us"?

  56. Christopher Instinct

    Damn CTE predicted clowns

  57. Lindsey Herbert


  58. Da ́ Reese

    ese momento cuando vez un latino por aquí, el cual no entiende la canción

  59. Scarecrow


  60. Hanna H

    the first song i can actually fuck with off this album

  61. The Grand wizard

    They need baby princess Ben back.

  62. Doveri

    This is hands down the best song on the new album

  63. Gustavo Von Kruger

    1:37 first Andy scream in 4 years

  64. Cracked Constellation

    liked this one

  65. Jason Wheeler

    This song is like their old stuff somehow I can hear everything a lot more clear when they are not screaming until their lungs collapse haha

  66. Athena Don'tWorry

    I wasn't super fond of their old stuff. It was pretty good and melodic but it wasn't for me personally (no hate. Everyone's got different taste) I heard this was different so I figured if it's not like their old stuff that I'd like it. And wow would you look at that. I think I'll be getting the album. This is awesome. Imo! New sounds attract another wave of fans.

  67. Ender Gomez

    We will find You!!!!!!

  68. Ender Gomez

    the 201 that thumbed down are being hunted as we speak

  69. Asong writtenforyou

    the video is weird, the song is amazing especially the screams

  70. 369 butterfly

    ewww video 😞😖😖

  71. valéria schulis

    Este álbum está ficando muito bom

  72. Kro

    This video looks like something from the deep web. Not even kidding.

  73. Booker Amadio

    one of the only worthwhile songs on this album

  74. Sam moo

    I love this sm <3 ;-;

  75. Simplyric

    A lot of bands that I've been following for years have let me down with their latest releases (PTV, SWS, BMTH just to name a few), but this...god damn, this is good.

  76. Delon Daniels

    Never liked this band, but I can get behind their new sound. They finally sound mature and gritty. Their old sound was so Marvel, their new sound? All DC.

  77. Austin Lewis

    Am i the only one that realizes how crazy this song will be live

  78. james wade

    i like the lyrics but could care less about the video.

  79. Alexis Patton

    the new album sucks. sad day a good band goes bad

  80. Verena Shadowy

    this song is masterpiece <3

  81. Jeremy Duke

    the intro is trippy asf.

  82. Nick Luciano

    Well. This is heavier than I expected. Or should I say "darker". Idk it feels like something Cane Hill would right. Kind of like Pain by Omam

  83. eatthatpussy445

    ouch the video is creepy

  84. ZaylerX


  85. WildTimes

    this and zero are more of what i wanted form this new album...its not bad and i still love them but its true they went pretty soft otherwise ...still a dope album tho

  86. Spanielo -

    I've never clicked so SHUT THE FUCK UP DAMN

  87. Saidag

    I Miss Andy's High Screams, Anyone Else?

  88. IReturntoServe

    If you think the songs from The Fallout or Rise of the Runaways were better than this new album, you're a god damn idiot.

  89. Ghost King

    lol I love this song but I got such a big headache from watching this...

  90. Seth Williams

    I'm all for change, but I enjoy heavy, unchanging style over going "softer'. It seems like almost every band I used to listen to is going "soft", example these guys, Of Mice & Men, TWA, and even somewhat The Amity Affliction. Maybe its just me acquiring a taste for more "Deathcore" bands as to post hardcore/metalcore, but I don't believe I'm wrong when I say they're music isn't as heavy.

  91. Carolina Moreno

    at the beginning this song reminds me of doctor who

  92. Fran b

    que perturbador


    Hm pouco

  93. РАЦИСС

    Говно для Сатанистов.

  94. Josemgb23

    This is, from now, THE SONG for my moments of anger. Absolutely brutal.

  95. hi hi

    what is this songs tempo