Crowder - Wildfire Lyrics

Down in that lonesome valley
Doubt is a killer
Neck deep in the swamp I hear it
Saying I'm a sinner
How far is east from west
How deep is the deepest sea
How wide are the arms of grace
How empty is the grave

(Wildfire) Came down from the mountain
(Wildfire) Fell down on me
(Wildfire) Wildfire from the mountain
(Wildfire) Done set me free
(Wildfire) Came down from the mountain
(Wildfire) Fell down on me
(Wildfire) Wildfire from the mountain
(Wildfire) Done set me free
Yeah, Lord, take my hand
Yeah, Lord, take my hand, take my hand

We got holy revival
I feel a ghost here
Already won the battle
No need for no fear
Got you from east to west
Got you from scared to brave
Got you from broke to blessed
Come see the empty grave

(Wildfire) Came down from the mountain
(Wildfire) Fell down on me
(Wildfire) Wildfire from the mountain
(Wildfire) Done set me free
(Wildfire) Came down from the mountain
(Wildfire) Fell down on me
(Wildfire) Wildfire from the mountain
(Wildfire) Done set me free
Yeah, Lord, take my hand
Yeah, Lord, take my hand, take my hand

Testify, purify, glorify, justified
(Testify) Testify, I'm living proof
(Purify) Purified all thanks to You
(Glorify) Glorify is all I wanna do
(Justified) Come alive, we burn for You
We burn for You, we burn for You
We burn…

Wildfire (we burn for You)
Came down from the mountain
Fell down on me
Wildfire (we burn for You)
Wildfire from the mountain
Wildfire (we burn)
Done set me free
Wildfire (we burn for You)
Came down from the mountain
Fell down on me
Wildfire (we burn for You)
Wildfire from the mountain
Wildfire (we burn)
Done set me free
Yeah, Lord, take my hand
Yeah, Lord, take my hand, take my hand

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Crowder Wildfire Comments
  1. Phillip Gravitt

    Anyone know the name of the woman singing

  2. Iloni Kotila

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Your music gets me jazzed in The Spirit! Praise the LORD!! Makes me wanna say, Jesus, come back so Your redeemed can have the eternal party of a lifetime, singing, dancing, and enjoying Your presence, face to face!

  3. Ryan Miller

    This song is fire!

  4. Jeffrey Gossett

    Touch that feeling, umm I feel the Holy Ghost, now we need a man

  5. Ronni Hatcher

    Crowder is my favorite then for king and country. They both speak to me so highly so its actually even ground

  6. Susan R Archbell

    Congratulations Crowder! You are the best!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌸🌸

  7. Ramiro Yorgovan

    I love you. Blessings from Argentina! 🔥

  8. Asher Miller

    no but i like it

  9. Bens359pete

    Love the video. You cannot go wrong with a large car Peterbilt in any video. I bleed Peterbilt.

  10. Joshua Hauser

    Reminds me of Moby. The Play album.

  11. Curtis Mcquiston

    You change my mind about Christen music you can rock the roof off any church

  12. Dana Feero

    So curious! I have to know, who is the Trucker playing the harmonica? Is it the devil or someone searching to find the Fire? Either way, I was blessed! BTW: My son saw you at Frontier City in 2012. He's loved the combination of musical genres ever since. Thank you, David, for letting God use you in a might way!

  13. Info Hub

  14. Margaret McElroy

    Wow love this video w what I'm going thru in my life nowadays

  15. April L Herrell

    I absoluely love your music. You are anointed by God and I am always blessed by Him when I listen. Thank you. God Bless

  16. Nowic the1

    ANYONE got guitar chords/tab for this???

  17. Denn marc Cenizal

    I really loved the sounds and lyrics of every music you had. It made me sing and dance. God bless you sir!

  18. Carolyn Hoffmann

    Whoa! Nice!

  19. Susan Archbell

    Love the shoes Crowder and Crowder’s walk! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Wildfire!🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Amen that’s Awesome 👏🏻 Praise God

  21. David Aldridge

    One of my favorites for sure!! Praise the Lord, talent from above has been bestowed upon this man!! Keep it up brother, very much looking forward to you comin back to Cali! One love David! Jesus Saves!

  22. Joas Maitre

    Amazing music. Love it 😍😍😍

  23. klara k

    i saw them at a concert!

  24. Motivo Urbano

    God bless you David

  25. Daniel Benson

    I enjoy listening/watching Christian and Gospel music videos, BUT, it was bad enough that “YouTube” had “ads” BEFORE these videos, now for sometime “YouTube” has “ads” AFTER these videos. “YouTube” would be great drug pushers, AND/OR used car salesmen. The “ads” are LOUDER than the actual music videos.wado,Ann Benson.

  26. Wendy Johnson

    Wicked song, love it 💖☝️ but would love to see the lyrics, please

  27. ElectricZebra 93

    God is an all consuming fire. He is the Lion of Judah. He must be feared by all who have the conscious mind to fear Him. He is Love which purifies like an arc light into one's soul. He must be loved by all who have the decided mind to do so. Our human minds are predisposed to fear the growl of large cats of prey....not just fear but fear to death...C.S. Lewis caught that in Narnia. Of ALL the Gospel music I have,and everything else, this one song captures that awesomeness. I live in Africa and I have heard the lion roar after prey ... Better on the side of the lion than the one under judgement. Better under the protection of One so awesome in might that none stand before. Better to be loved by a Father who will destroy anything set against His children. Thanks for making this song. It isn't pleasant to hear by those who seek only comfort but it is a call to adventure for those who seek a fearsome and awesome God.

  28. Sheila Salisbury-Sizemore

    This song is brilliant and especially appreciate the art of capturing the voice of fire. I'm looking forward to hearing your prophetic interpretation of The Lion (of Judah). Dove onto your fan wagon after seeing you in Huntington, WV a few weeks ago, bought all of your music, and this is the one that I enjoy most. Wildfire reminds me of how He rescued me, purified me, and gave me His peace. Your sound is in a league of it's own and your message resonates with those who know Him as Deliverer.

  29. Child of God

    You just don't find music like this in the mainstream, not usually. Only Crowder could bring us something so magnificent as this. I love you man. Your music is what this country needs right now, music we can feel. Thank you.Just keep asking the Holy Spirit to move in you, it comes through your music. I wish all the people in the prisons, jails, homeless shelters, on the streets, people who were terminally ill, etc. I wish they could hear this cuz I know you would reach so many of them. Cuz I use to be in most of those places and you continue to reach me and I'm very grateful. God bless you and your family.

  30. G Chin

    Understanding the high road that we need to take. I'm willing to jump from Bucky to jet to the next stop all the way across these United States. To get to a meeting. Can any dispatchers assist in logistics. I'll can b ready to sit shot gun at. freash adadias sqweek across the bath room for.

  31. Mandy Thomas

    We're RESCUE ROAD BAND. Please come to our channel and give us a shot when you're done here

  32. Official SheldonCowboy

    I love this song just keeps me coming back for more

  33. #FightForDogsFreedom !

    Who saying Wildfire?

  34. 76unclefester

    Hey brother you have an trucker trapped inside you lol . 17 years still hauling garbage for fun serving God cause I half to breath . Open air preaching what a life . Myrtlebeach SC . God bless you brother keep the shiny side up .

  35. ronny mcfarland

    Man! You break the frame, of conventional!i haven’t absorbed all of this one yet but we would like to have you at Texas Aggie stadium next year for a large Christian rally100,000 seating. It will be full

  36. Micah william

    #crowder love from India 😍 class video. N the music 😎🔊 woah! Waiting for more music videos like this.

  37. Terri and Ken Werley

    Great song!But, I still dont know who's singing Wildfire !!!

  38. Susan Jenssen

    Oh man, God bless you! Well done. Just beautiful, just the intensity I always felt writing and arranging when it came to the sacred.

  39. Danielle Watson

    Here's an idea ..... Collaborate with NF..... I think y'all could go deep together with y'all's awesome depth to your music

  40. Cynthia Jolin

    Wildfire has set me free!! No fear!

  41. Bill Ramsey

    I love you David Crowder, I have always been a fan of your music and the way you do things. And then you come out with this video. Your coolness never ends. LOL you are the man. God bless you and protect you and prosper you always.

  42. Cara Remal

    Beyond impressed...speechless...fabulous! God Bless!

  43. Lulu Jimenez

    Thank you guys, last night I was blessed at the Microsoft theater with its music and spirit !!!

  44. Lisa Smoot

    I love you and I love your songs! You have me listening to Christian music now. Thank you. I needed this.

  45. Always Dr3aming

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Crowder--the only musician I know who has successfully fused *gospel with country, rock, blues and hip-hop.*


    OfficialDr3am5tep amen!

    Lynn Carpenter


  46. Dawn God's child


  47. GT Motorsports

    As a trucker and a Christian-this song is amazing. Add in that Crowder put two of my favorites things in a song is mind blowing!
    Not better than a custom built 379 Peterbilt and Crowder!

  48. steve franklin

    Wildfire like Har Sinai

  49. Stoney ascension

    Creative & enthralling.

  50. gregory barham

    A new kind of gospel, blues, country and, just best mix you can think of, God is Good ain't he David! Go Crowder!

  51. certainlyitis

    Love this!

  52. a l

    art; touches my soul
    yah ; touches my emotions

  53. lewells59

    WOW, Praise God!

  54. BIBLE STUDY 101

    JESUS is coming! Last days warning!

  55. Susan R Archbell

    Love to see you walk in a video, when I go for my walk this song moves me along faster for my steps!

  56. Moba Newman

    "Run Devil Run" playing in the truck, I think.

  57. Kusiga

    Somehow I missed this video til now but it was such an awe inspiring one!

  58. Vongott

    Sounds great, I was kind of hoping Tedashii was gonna be in it with that beat.

  59. Adam Endicott

    We love this ..wildfire is an awesome song ....awesome beat ..could listen to this over and over...

  60. Trace McQueen

    The 80 people who hit dislike missed the like button👍🏻👍🏻

  61. Veronica Livermore

    This is what I got out of Wildfire. Zechariah 13:9
    ~ This third I will bring through the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on My name, and I will answer them. I will say, 'They are My people,' and they will say, 'The LORD is our God. Psalm 97:5-6~ The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth. The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all peoples see his glory. Isaiah 64:1-2 ~ Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before you! As when fire sets twigs ablaze and causes water to boil, come down to make your name known to your enemies and cause the nations to quake before you! Malachi 3:2~ But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap. God Bless You..


    CROWDER! Good stuff sir.

  63. Dakota Russell

    Hey would u guys pray for me battling pill addiction for past 15 years .....praying for a revelation from god!! see you in spgf mo Mr Crowder!

    Iloni Kotila

    Sweet Lord Jesus, give your Dakota a revelation of wisdom in You—that Your love is deeper, wider, more beautiful than all the oceans multiplied beyond the reach of all the galaxies. Pills provide a temporary high, a quick-fix-comfort; Jesus died brutally on the cross in your place so He could set you free! Surrender on your knees to the LORD, tell Him you can’t do it without Him but that you know He can do the impossible. God is your Father, more tender, loving, and sweet than any earthly father could ever be. Jesus will hold you in His arms if you let Him. Stop trying to do this in your own strength. It cannot be done. But in Christ, we have peace (despite our circumstance, despite our emotions), so ask Jesus to teach you how to accept His peace and the freedom that is in the finished work of the cross. Freedom is yours in Christ. May you ask God to show you the way out—because when we are tempted by our sinful nature, we must turn immediately to Jesus and ask Him for the way out, then take that way out as He speaks quietly to you. God always provides a way out. In Jesus name, Freedom come! By the blood of Jesus, Amen.

  64. Lynn McIntosh

    Great video!

  65. 1776Q

    Bards of War on Twitter turned us on to you... I love it.. You got a fan now my son is digging you .. sweet.

  66. Elizabeth Kang

    Man!!! You are one of my mom's favorite artists and thanks to this song, one of mine!

  67. unanimouslyanonymous


  68. Annette w.

    Epic 🙏😇

  69. Caleb Rappers


  70. Brent B

    Love Crowder but not this song. The chorus is just really lazy to me. Like instead of doing what makes Crowder stand out this is just let's sound like any song on pop radio. The one track on this album I only listened to once. Would even say it is my least favorite from DCB or Crowder. That said 1 disappointment out of so many is not to shabby.

  71. Trucker 4life54

    Not feeling it 😑. Like his old stuff better

  72. Matty S670

    That Pete! 👌🏻

  73. Angela Ruiz

    Love this. Very unique. The more I listen the more I like it.

  74. That_girl 3114

    So wait... who’s saying “wildfire”?

  75. Roberta Johnson

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!! 👊😁👊

  76. Harryson Peter

    Why are you using electronic dude you were Bliss in passion feat David crowder

  77. Shiek

    wow just wow

  78. TheLoneWolf 187093

    No need for no fear!

  79. Marlos Abrek

    Increíble video, 👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  80. Shelton POWE

    Hey Crowder, Thanks for the Opportunity! God Bless! (Wild Fire!) :)

  81. ParadymCoast

    the only one in this genre who does what he does

  82. CathyAnne Tysinger


  83. Bob Evans

    Attended your show in Asheville, NC on March 16. Your musical gifts are amazing. Hard to describe your style. You have hard rock, southern rock, gospel, rap. and a little cajun. You are able to blend all these styles into a beautiful gift to God.

  84. Richard McGrath

    This is really good how is this not number one

  85. Tim Smith

    Love your music😀

  86. Paul Anthony

    So I just left church. And I plugged my phone in and yelled CROWDER!!Girl I'm with says. "What song?..
    I looked at her baffled.
    Does it matter? Its Crowder

    dark wolf

    I would say the same thing


    That's me exactly all the time!

    Tevin Sandy

    😂😂😂 best comment on here

    Kris Hutchins

    Paul Anthony, I’m gonna do a reaction to this song on my YouTube channel EVERY DAY CHRISTIAN. Crowder and The DCB have affected my life so much for the gospel. I wanna show them some love

  87. The T Coulter

    That peterbilt though 🤩🤩

  88. Sylph OftheWildWoods


  89. TheLoneWolf 187093

    Done set me free!

  90. Nathan Jones

    I wonder what Crowder’s obsession with big trucks is all about. Lol. Cool though.

  91. Carla Leibee Brown

    Wow! Awesome Mr. Crowder!

  92. bigbiff38

    FUNKY, awesome song and video!

  93. Loredana Mot


  94. Scott Thorsen

    Why did The Church grow up?

  95. sandy grunwaldt

    Love Love This song and the video is awesome. Good touch adding the Flaming Boots. Well done Mr Crowder

  96. Justin Beavers

    Awesome song man!

  97. Brian LaLonde

    Shout out for the classic Akai MPC-60 II. But who is saying, "Wildfire?"...


    I'm pretty sure that's Shelton Powe

  98. Lisa Schettner

    I hope at least one person will read this… 💖  

    My name is Lisa Schettner and I'm a 22-year-old French & Czech singer-songwriter. I play the guitar, the piano, the Irish tin whistle, and I love to dance. My goal is to make people happy and inspire them through my music, and to create soundtracks for movies. I post original songs on my channel as well as covers.

    It's a tough path to follow, as it is difficult to get recognition online without paid promotion. I am planning to release an album this year, but for this I need your support. Please, if you have a moment, check out one of my videos and let me know what you think. Every single view, like, comment... counts a lot.

    Please give this comment a thumbs-up so that other people can see it.

    Thank you sooo much, and I can't wait to read your comments. 😊 💋

    Danny Garcia

    I know your career will do good! :)

  99. Hakan Dursun

    Amazing !

  100. baharheart

    Love this song and Lift Your Head Weary Sinner!!