Crowder - The Sinner's Cure Lyrics

When evil roars
And the darkness rails
When night's so long
When everything you tried has failed
There is still return
There is still something pure
There is still love
There is the sinner's cure

When all the hope you thought you knew you had
Runs out with the dreams of everything
You thought you'd be by now
You should be free by now
You're screaming out
While the world spins 'round
You thought somebody woulda noticed by now
But when you've reached the end
There's the sinner's cure

The sinner's cure
And the blood ran down
The sinner's cure
And the blood ran down
The sinner's cure
And the blood ran down
The sinner's cure
And the blood ran

Why did God kill his Son
Was it something I said
Or something I done
Why there have to be death
When He's supposed to be love, oh
Was it just me or was it bigger than we
How you get what you need
When you need glory
The King of Kings got no needs
Already got victory

You ever feel lonely and see the night sky
And think what am I, why am I here
Why am I even here
Is there not one true thing
Is there not one thing true
While You were dying for me
I was dying for you
While You were dying for me
I was dying for you

The sinner's cure
(The sinner's cure)
The sinner's cure
And the blood ran down
(To live for glory and it's all Yours)
The sinner's cure
And the blood ran down
(All I need is the sinner's cure)
The sinner's cure
And the blood ran down
To live for glory and it's all Yours
The sinner's cure
(All I need is the sinner's cure)
And the blood ran
And the blood ran down
And the blood ran

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Crowder The Sinner's Cure Comments
  1. adrienne zieglar

    Thank You Jesus 😥😥💘🙏👑

  2. TheSeductionist

    Why have I heard this piano clipping in like 5 or 6 other songs from different artists?! Not original work.

  3. Mady Minutes


  4. benjamin koning

    Awesome song!!! Can someone please tell me who the piano tune belongs to as it is used in 3 other songs that i am aware of as well???
    1)Crowder - The Sinners Cure,
    2)Jhony Kaze - Alles Ist Okay,
    3)Poet Reason ft. Chantel Denie - Soon,
    4)Cyclical - Ravenrapid


    Also, Kasper Lindmark - When You Return it's lofi though

  5. Samuel Melton

    Never disappoints...

    You all have major talents and you are giving God the glory for them!!

    Thanks for blessing us with the sound of your praise and worship!!!

  6. albastrul cerului

    I'm touched! Music and lyrics of this one touched me. I would love to listen only to instrumental to this.

  7. Jennifer Kimbrell

    I love the holy ghost so much. Amen☝🙏

  8. TankDogg2012

    The sinner's cure, repent believe upon Jesus Christ and keep a repentant heart, there's the sinner's cure. No repentance no salvation didn't hear it said in the song; so figured I'd give the answer where there wasn't one.

  9. John Lane

    Brother Crowder. You are a very blessed man so keep listening to that Ghost and continue doing what you do for a very long time.

  10. mizsharpie

    Why are there 8 dislikes!? 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    MsUn PC

    Their finger might have accidentally slipped.


    MsUn PC I guess they got offended by the conviction from this song 😞 I feel just sadness for them, just pray for them and I’ll do same. 🙏🏻 ✝️

    MsUn PC

    True. :)


    good song but it sounds like he's trying make it sound like a rapper's music the beat and all but these are christian songs don't change it now

    Luke Twyford

    Toby Mac lecrae are Christian rappers that have powerfull lyrics this song sounds like a good Christian rap song that's the power of God just have to have a open mind and heart to here it

    MsUn PC

    The style of music shouldn't matter as much. It's what the lyrics are saying that matters most.
    But, people like different beats, different genres of music. That's why there's many types of music. We all gravitate to certain genres. Some types appeal to one but not the other.
    I don't like the old Christian songs. I'm not attracted to that organ music some churches play. It sounds like funeral music. It's depressing, IMO.
    The music may pull us in but the lyrics keep us there.

  12. Susan R Archbell

    Love the notes and the beautiful piano in this song, there will always be love for The Sinner’s Cure!❤️🎶🎶❤️🎶🎶❤️🎶🎶❤️

  13. officialrobhaughton

    This is too good. Somebody get me a box of tissues and help me up off the floor.

  14. Timothy Johnson

    Yes the sinners cure I love it Crowder keep worshipping and lifting him up in jesus name this tim wife sharhonda listening on Sun. 12-2-18.

  15. Robin Boland

    Good song!

  16. waterhead

    Wow, amazing song

  17. here4todayonly


  18. Brian Johnson

    Amazing ✝️ I love the spoken word verse. 🙏💗

  19. Julia Liston

    The way I been feeling it's exactly what I needed to hear I been wondering why I'm here I think I needed to be reminded that he died for me he took all my sins and I don't have to live that way no more. He is still with because he lives in me.

  20. Susan Archbell

    Sinner’s Cure full blast in my car stereo brings tears from God’s ❤️ love Crowder no wonder you were so excited for this release Holy Ghost awesomeness 🎶🎶💥❤️🎶💥❤️🎶🎶❤️

    Jeff Smith

    I could not agree more..those whose worship must worship in spirit and truth..

    And the blood ran down..

  21. GMF

    I got to get this album

  22. Danica Joplin

    Thank you. This song is lovely.

  23. elza oliveira BALDO

    Lind louvor Deus abençoe a todos vocês

  24. Dave Dave

    You touched my Soul. Be blessed!

  25. Tina Dupree

    AMEN🙏Victory in JESUS👐💕📖👣🔯

  26. Sabine Fanger

    Thank you my beloved Yeshua💖👑🕊🌹🦋

  27. Susan Archbell


  28. Meek and Humble

    Thanks Jesus

  29. Cindy Newsome

    Another one from Crowder that says it like I wished I could. Thanks for life changing songs David!

  30. Stanley Flowers

    That is a very nice song!