Crowder - Let It Rain (Is There Anybody) Lyrics

Is there anybody's sunshine
Been turned to rain?
Is there anybody's blue sky
Been turned to gray?

Is there anybody's good time
Turned out real bad?
Is there anyone's happiness
Turned out sad?

And I know I can't trust in the things that I see
In the things that I see
All I know, He's at work and He's working on me
He's working on me

So let it rain, let it pour
Lord, I need You more and more
Let it rain, rain down on me
Every day, whatever You want
Not my will but Yours, Lord
Let it rain, rain down on me

Is there anybody's mountain
Too tall to climb?
Is there anybody's faith feel
Like you're running dry?

Let me tell you, He's able, He's done it for me
He's done it for me
He can make every mountain, He'll throw that mountain into the sea

So let it rain, let it pour
Lord, I need You more and more (Lord, I need You more and more)
Let it rain, rain down on me
Every day, whatever You want
Not my will but Yours, Lord (Not my will)
Let it rain, rain down on me

Yeah, the same God (The same God)
Who brought the sunshine (He brought the sunshine)
Is the same One who brings the rain (He brings the rain)
Yeah, the same God (The same God)
Who made the sunshine (He made the sunshine)
Is the same One who knows my name (The One who knows my name)

So let it rain, let it pour
Lord, I need You more and more (I need You more)
Let it rain, rain down on me (Rain on me)
Every day, whatever You want
Not my will but Yours, Lord (Not my will)
Let it rain, rain down on me
(He brought the sunshine, He brings the rain)
So let it rain if You want
You are God and I am not
Let it rain, rain down on me (Oh, let it rain)
Every day whatever You want
Not my will but Yours, Lord (Not my will but Yours)
Let it rain, rain down on me (He's working on me)
Let it rain, rain down on me (I know my God is working on me)
Let it rain, rain down on me

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Crowder Let It Rain (Is There Anybody) Comments
  1. Phanita Zefarn


  2. Matthew schutte

    Fell in love With Mandisa, Crowder and this song the 1st time i heard it and them GOD bless them!!!!

  3. Richard Huff

    Awesome beard my buddy! Not a hair of your head shall be harmed!

  4. gem's gems

    I <3 Mandisa

  5. Dream Team

    It's like it's jazzy but it's also Christian and pop-ish.

  6. willaim robinson

    Love this Song....but it scares me too! .."Let it rain down on me"....Then he sent a hurricane .I think He took it as a challenge

  7. Charline Richardson

    I love this song

  8. Xylan

    crowder you are the best ever

  9. Neil Henson

    I think BURT LANCASTER sang this song in the 1956 movie THE RAINMAKER -Great movie

  10. Velva Carter

    I just heard this on the radio. I just can't stop listening to it. I was having a tough time getting to my friend's house because she needed me. I don't like to drive in the rain. On my way there I saw two car wrecks. My nerves were shot, but this song made me look up to the lord and say lord help, let your light rain on me. Thank you. Now I have made back home safe. Thank you JESUS.

  11. Lorrece Bashir

    I absolutely love this!!!

  12. Akua Boaduah

    She has a lovely voice

  13. Akua Boaduah

    I love this song so much Mandisa sang her heart out on this

  14. Roger Smith

    I love this song with all of my heart. An incident happened to me a near death experience. Not an accident, but something else. But when I listen to this song it makes me very humble and I am SOOOOO glad that God loves me

  15. J C


  16. Kids Dominguez

    This is my most favorite song

  17. Cheryl Bean

    I love it!!!!!

  18. Alyssa Loyet

    this is such a fun song, i need to see if my pastor can put it in a service

  19. gacha miracle

    How could you thumbs down this song? Its AWESOME!!!

  20. Jeanine Mayden

    love this! mandisa you are gorgeous!

  21. Marko Prinsloo

    This put a smile on my face

  22. Cody Nelson

    I hope this dude can come to Brandon Ms one day

  23. Caleb Leamond

    I think we can all agree that when we get sad or frustrated, this is what we need. Praise god!!

  24. Edward Koch

    Love this every time I hear it. Awesome job. Smiles for miles!

  25. Christelle Tedong

    waow absolutely my type of songs waow God isn't boring men. He inspires and teaches us new songs "Glory be to God"

  26. Wesley Brown

    257 dislikes guess they are not Christian just listen to the music guess 257 listen to rap and you can understand the music not like rap with cussing and killing in it guess people dont know what christain music is

  27. Robert

    Holy spirit rain down on us

    Caleb Leamond

    R M, AMEN!

  28. brandon spivey

    I can't get enough of this song I just love it

  29. Pyce

    Let’s get this to 2m views

  30. Susan Leraris

    Absolutely wonderful song. Lord Your will not mine!

  31. Tirza Gisela Yauwnata

    Love your music, esp this song, beautiful!!! ** hello from Indonesia!

  32. Naturally prettyclaud

    My new favorite song 🙌🙌🙌

    Caleb Leamond

    claudine occeus, Same!


    Great combo the southern tone ( Crowder ) & smooth ( Mandisa ) 🎵🎶

  34. Crowder

    Sometimes it feels like the rain won't stop. And then you realize that a perspective shift can make all the difference.⁠

    let it rain, let it pour⁠
    Lord, I need You more and more

    Caleb Leamond

    Amen, praise god!

  35. Furbynerd7 YouTube

    I make music video but its furbys

  36. Susan R Archbell

    Your music is so joyful! ❤️🎶🎶❤️🌸🌸🔥🔥God smiles when you sing!🔥🔥❤️🎶🎶❤️🔥🔥🌸

  37. Benjamin Engle

    Can’t wait to see you at creation next year!!!!

  38. Creating Art by Marie

    Not my will but yours!

  39. Kathy Billingsley

    My only negative comment about this song is it to short! I want more!

  40. SugarRose

    Mandisa, I hope you know that the rain falls on both the wicked and the good.....:) You were referring to your friend who had a miscarriage about the rain..

  41. Sam Valladares

    0:03 Okay I'm already in love with this song.

  42. Shawne Albritton

    I love this by Crowder and Mandisa - the combination is best.

  43. Gina Cousino


  44. Kyo

    i love mandisas voice

  45. Kyo

    i love this song

  46. Carmine Rodriguez


  47. Carmine Rodriguez


    Caleb Leamond

    Carmine rodriguez, AMEN!!!

  48. Carmine Rodriguez


    Zachary Adkins

    Let it pour

  49. Elfego Diaz

    Hallelujah let it rain

    Zachary Adkins

    Let it pour amen

    Caleb Leamond

    Elfego Diaz HALLELUJAH!

  50. Laraine Smith

    This makes sense. :)

  51. Devon Garrett

    That good song

  52. Alexandru Fiu

    God bless you

    Caleb Leamond

    Alexandru Fiu, god bless you too! Have a great day!!

  53. SBrown4316

    Crowder's boss, Mandisa rocks!!!

  54. Elizabeth Tucker

    Let it rain..rain down on me....let it pour..let it rain 🌧 down on me

  55. David Camarena

    Let it rain

    Zachary Adkins

    Let it pour, Lord i need you.....

  56. MA MORT

    Come on! Praise Him!!🙌🙌🙌👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  57. Valarie Cole

    Great collaboration 🥰👍

    Caleb Leamond

    Valarie Cole, Preach!

  58. Marcela Lamtg

    I listen to this song over and over again. I have been waiting on the Lord for 18 years. It is painful to hear that others get their prayers answered and I am still waiting. It makes me feel forsaken. I cling to the word ( Hebrews 13:5) He will never leave me or forsake me. Build our faith Lord. Thanks Crowder!!! and God bless you.

    Zachary Adkins

    First song on my play list!

  59. Ally Plow

    I'm so inlove with this song!!! Lord let it rain, rain down on me🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  60. pandora new beginnings

    God i know i forgot bout u if u hear me i need your love guidance
    thru hard time put your arms around me and my 3 boys we need u more and more 😢❤😥😥😰

    Zachary Adkins

    If you have breathe in your lungs its not to late!

    Caleb Leamond

    Zachary Adkins, praise! I’ll pray for you, Pandora new...

  61. wayne47able

    This is kind of like a mixture of soul music, country, rock, R&B with a little touch of the lords good will

    Michelle Pinkney

    I call it gospel funk.

  62. Tropical Jewel

    Love this!

  63. mun dayn

    Lord I need you MORE

  64. Alexander Adkins

    My dad sent me this when I was having a rough week and it made at least these 3 minutes feel a whole lot better

    Zachary Adkins

    Any time praying, praising, loving God will make that time better

  65. Brandie woodcock

    This is the jam here. Thank you

  66. Sam Mclaren

    This is my new favorite song!!!!

  67. M Lo

    Glory be to God 🙌🏼
    Bless you both, and pray God keeps you both strong in the Lord.
    This song is a true blessing in my life, thank you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  68. Michael Crossley

    Mandisa's note at 2:35 is perfect

  69. Tea Bag

    Just beautiful!

  70. Aiden Delathower

    I LOVE this collaboration!

  71. Cha M


  72. tyler graham

    Need more and more of you Lord. Thank you David for your love of the Lord and your praise through you music and songs.

  73. mary ann Gonzalez

    Amazing song Praise God !! 2 amazing voices

  74. Christian Canadian

    Why isn't there a <3 button???

  75. Brian White

    ...…..God, do what you want, 'cause you are God and I am not!!!!

    Zachary Adkins

    My favorite part of the song brother!

  76. Red Leach

    Mandisa and Crowder sound great together! I love each of their music separately, and this was a treat. Great song, too.

  77. Dwight Wiltz

    I also wrote a song called let it rain ! Its great thanks for sharing this with me

  78. Andre Johnson


  79. Armando Cardenas

    GOD is good

  80. David Necessary

    Going to see him next tuesday at the appilachan fair he's amazing love his voice!!!

  81. Nancy Foroughi

    Great song!!

  82. Lindsay Malane

    Love this song! Nothing like praising the Lord! I need more of you God and less of me🙏👑☝️

  83. Gardy Reglas

    That was awesome

  84. rachelmm05

    Heard it a few weeks ago and I'm loving it 🙂

  85. Info Hub

  86. Issan Chavarria

    Beautiful song

  87. Elondra Rutherford

    God is sending fresh rain 🌧 over my Marriage Thank you Jesus you already spoke it!

  88. Tina Knight aka Katina Knight

    WOW...really it

  89. Maya 3

    LET IT RAIN!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  90. Jorge Vinícius


  91. Shadey Lady

    This song makes me happy.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  92. Tyra Estwick

    I LOVE Crowder and I LOVE this song! I keep playing it on repeat over and over!! He just digs down DEEP!! So soulful in singing for our Savior! And add on my girl Mandisa?! I am in heaven! Folks don't realize that Christian music can sound like this! Let's do it! LOVE!!!


    Love u Crowder, Mandisa so good to see u, Love u

  94. Danielle Ellis

    I love this song. Yes LORD!!!♡

  95. Slant Six

    2nd Corinthians 4:16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, yet our inner self is being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and temporary affliction is producing for us an eternal glory that far outweighs our troubles.18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.…

    Maya 3

    God bless you❤

  96. Lisa Swaboda

    LOVE THIS! need to rerecord the end with Mandisa adding "Heeeeeeeee." :)


    100% Zach Crowder does it again, what a blessing, so grateful

    Cordel Williams

    I agree, why aren't we hearing more from Crowder.? I can't stop playing this! Rain down on me Lord. Mandisa beautiful gift. 👌👍🙏

  98. Gloria Ramirez