Crowder - Great Rejoicing Lyrics

There's gonna be, a great rejoicing
There's gonna be, a great rejoicing
There's gonna be, a great rejoicing

Troubles of this world, will wither up and die
That river of tears made by the lonely, someday will be dry

There's gonna be, a great rejoicing
There's gonna be, a great rejoicing

Questions of this world, someday will be known
Who's robbing you of peace, and who's the giver

There's gonna be, a great joy river
There's gonna be, a great joy river

Someday you'll find me, guarded in His fortress
Open-hearted wings that, never touch the ground
Someday we will gather, in the grand reunion
Debts of this old world, are nowhere to be found
Nowhere to be found, are nowhere to be found
(There's gonna be, a great rejoicing)

There's gonna be, a great rejoicing
There's gonna be, a great rejoicing

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Crowder Great Rejoicing Comments
  1. Christian Rebel

    This song really reminds me of Luke 15 when they rejoice for the lost.

  2. Ari Thongtsar

    May God bless all the listener

  3. Two to Offload Two to Pick Main

    I think when we come down to the end of our lives, and all of the worries of this world are left behind, there will be nothing left for us but to rejoice in the Messiah, to rejoice in his victory of sin and death. The joy and the praises to God the father and Jesus the son will run like a river through heaven. Love this song because it tries to put in our simple tongue a moment so indescribable.

  4. Marcy Ankerbrand


  5. •Gracefulpiløt•

    Btw i have the amaricain prodacal

  6. •Gracefulpiløt•

    Praise da lord and crowder i love u

  7. Steam Brigade

    God bless

  8. Cindy w

    The Holy Spirit speaks through this band for sure!

  9. John Downer

    Love, love, love this song. Does anyone know who is doing the background vocals on this track?

  10. nice-new

    I ordered the album, received it and this music is not even on it.
    This smell money.


    @P.U. S.H. Because you bought the "Deluxe" version.
    "Deluxe" in Christian music, what a sick heresy.
    Make me think of the merchants in the temple.


    I realize how old your original post is, but do you see how because of things like YouTube and Spotify, you also get to enjoy this song and didn't have to spend more money?

    Monay Brown

    Check out "God I Love You" by Kevin D Jimison! Thats a good Christian song I can listen to over and over and never get tired of it!

  11. magicberu

    I prefer Thad Cockrell's version, but it's good anyway. :)

  12. Erick Zelaya

    I could listen this song ALL DAY LONG

  13. YJ2009

    Anyone else reminded of Mario Kart when hearing the intro?

  14. M3M3M3

    Wow just Wow. 😃

  15. emily vicente

    yes amen I love this song gloria,gloria aleluya!!!❣ 😇 💟 💙 💟 💙 💜 ⛪ 👆👏 👍.

  16. Cory Michels

    Awesome song! This album is his best to date. ✝✝✝ praise Jesus 🙌🙌🙌

  17. Child of God None

    Crowder is you

  18. Amy Robert

    On Repeat!

    Robert Tillman

    "God I Love You" by Kevin D Jimison is another good Christian song you can listen to on repeat! Check it out! I'm 100% sure you're gonna love it!

  19. Canor Silva

    amor essa música$

  20. vegacool1

    "Debts of this world are nowhere to be found."

  21. Maryann Austin

    Crowded is so anointed, what a Blessing for us all!

    Robert Tillman

    Yes he is! Kevin D Jimison is also anointed! Check out "GOD I LOVE YOU" by Kevin D Jimison! I love that song and I think you will too so check it out!

  22. Anthony Carpenter

    Awesome. thanks for the worship song. I saw crowder live in Orlando. God is doing wonderful things through them.

  23. Newton Roland

    Loving this, transcribed on genius.

  24. Ravi Tej

    All glory to Jesus ... great track... all together prefect...

  25. Jess


  26. Andood James

    Crowder Killin It!!!!

  27. Joel Perez

    i want to listen the classical country music

  28. quinten knutson


  29. Giovanni's