Crowded House - Together Alone Lyrics

Together alone
above and beneath
we were as close
as anyone can be
now you are gone
far away from me
as is once
will always be
together alone

Anei ra maua (here we are together)
e piri tahi nei (in a very close embrace)
e noha tahi nei (being together)
ko maua anake (just us alone)
kei runga a Rangi (Rangi the sky-father is above)
ko papa kei raro (the earth mother is below)
e mau tonu nei (our love for one another)
kia mau tonu ra (is everlasting)

Together alone
shallow and deep
holding our breath
paying death no heed
I'm still your friend
when you are in need
as is once
will always be
earth and sky
moon and sea

[Maori Chant]

Anei ra maua (here we are together)
e piri tahi nei (in a very close embrace)
e noha tahi nei (being together)
ko maua anake (just us alone)
kei runga a Rangi (Rangi the sky-father is above)
ko papa kei raro (the earth mother is below)
e mau tonu nei (our love for one another)
kia mau tonu ra (is everlasting)

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Crowded House Together Alone Comments
  1. Hamish Lambert

    This is one of their least cheese factor songs. Very gritty! Love it

  2. Steve Grimes

    U had to be in the UK in the 90s to get it it was a moment in time but that said crowded house are top draw but wasnent for the masses in the 90s noel and niel both respect each other you know and both were heavily influenced by the Beatles

  3. Danko Hollando

    Colour is it's own reward

  4. 087mail

    Pure Brilliance

  5. Trev Mahoney

    Purealternative FM Request Rock Show tonight Request for Paul

  6. Nancy l

    Not only an amazing singer..but an amazingly haunting voice!!!

  7. stevo1878efc

    Transports me back to the mid 90's when I was really into this album and in a great relationship with someone who I unfathomably broke up with. A great time filled with a tinge of regret.

  8. Tiffany Blackford

    Epic music.... dear to my heart

  9. Cathy B - CBRadio Band

    Haven't heard this in forever.

  10. Krzysztof Stanczuk

    Simply masterpiece; one of the best songs ever written...

  11. Rachel Brudenell

    still rate this band, great songs and beautiful lyrics

  12. Sinisa Samardzija

    great song great band greetings from croatia

  13. Don Brown

    The best lyrics of all time :)

  14. Philip Halpenny

    Tragic, to think that while Oasis, a fourth rate tribute act, were being grossly over indulged in the music media, Crowded house produced 2 back to back albums as good as The Beatles , to only moderate acclaim. All life is absurd...


    Personally I don't like it when Crowded House are compared to the Beatles. It's very unfair. Sure they're great and made good songs/albums but they're no Crowded House.


    ​@CRACKEN GEEK PRODUCTIONS Thought that was going in a different direction for a second XD. Good save!

    John Smith

    4th rate? You gotta be on drugs. But Crowded House are a superb band

  15. Crazy Cooter

    Stunningly beautiful

  16. Annmarie Schramm

    I can feel this song as if it moves through me.

  17. Juliesunshine 333

    In 1995 I had horriffic back surgery. I thught I would die from the pain. I ye da rned for it. Then I listened to a Crowded House album I ad. Fingers of Love was on it. Boy, I sure could escape the Hell my of my pain--racked-body-trap. Gratefull beyind words or measure. Lovd.

  18. Steven Ruane

    Even though they were a pretty big band, I still think they were under-rated. This song is perfect. Lyrically, musically. Perfect

  19. Carl Carter

    Beautiful song beautiful band!😍

  20. zak sam

    An ode to onanism

  21. john asson

    just lovely!

  22. Mike R


  23. Stephen Jones

    beautiful. beautiful. how quickly time passes

  24. Georgina ANDORRÀ


  25. balucious

    Don't do drugs kids. Every time I find out who this song's by I'm surprised to find it's not Blur. It's like a time-loop out here.

    Paul newsham

    balucious the wildhearts man.

    respect. sometimes you gotta get through what you gotta go through, huh?


    @Paul - Yup. But sometimes you gotta know what you want before you can get through what you gotta through.
    And there's no way out but through!

  26. balucious

    Don't do drugs kids. Every time I find out who this song's by I'm surprised to find it's not Blur. It's like a time-loop out here.

  27. Dennis Folker

    "color is its own reward" pure art!

  28. TheN0odles

    "I hear the endless murmur, every blade of grass shivers in the breeze." Pure poetry.

  29. Athanasios M

    Simply sublime

    william mcmonagle

    +Athanasios M I agree, brilliant song, pain and suffering and wrapped in a cloud of love and hope.

  30. Todeswalzer Levanthus

    played at my best friends funeral several years ago... means so much to me...

  31. drumheadthe1st

    Probably my fav CH song, ever

    Juliesunshine 333

    drumheadthe1st mine too. Magical. God its good.

    Rachel Brudenell

    I love this song

  32. Moderately Minimalist

    "Through waves of joy and clarity a fallen angel walked on the sea, and I'm playing in the shallow water laughing while the mad dog sleeps." Now THAT is poetry! These lyrics grant permission for people with mental illness to love,  and to appreciate the extremes of human emotional experience. 

    Athanasios M

    +Moderately Minimalist During our mortal lives there are rare, fleeting moments where there is a thought process or a spark of sheer enlightenment that resonates with the collective memory of mankind.  A brief moment in time in which the light we bask tells of another world; a world where all individuals can realise their full potential.  A world where all aspirations of civilisations can be realised.
    Such moments are volatile, often combusting as soon as they are exposed to air.  Without a continuous supply of oxygen they wither and die, leaving the creator to ever doubt their existence.  There are those – however – who can harness this collective memory for longer.  Such sustained exposure leaves a legacy behind in this realm; paintings, sculptures, buildings, books, song and dance; geometry, the pursuit of mathematical formulae and the mapping of stars.  All that has inspired mankind to greater heights; or madness; or both.
    Imagine if we could cope with this remembrance?  Not for a moment or for one life; but for generations.  Imagine the beauty we would see.  A human race, forever aspiring to the lightest of lights; the ultimate truth.  The ultimate beauty.  Imagine the pain and suffering too.  The need to scour out our eyes to make life tolerable; to make us forget.  Devoid of memory man could live with his actions, view the past through rose-tinted glasses, distort the truth to suit his own, personal interests and learn to exploit the absence of memory in others to derive power through an alternative history; a personal history.  A romantic history.  A series of romantic histories that subject the weak and vulnerable to the destructive nature of force.  But is force not elusive like beauty in that man cannot possess either?

    Rachel Brudenell

    Brilliant song

  33. TheAlbanda89

    What can i say. Neil, simply the best. stop

    Kane Alson

    Why do want him to stop if he's the best. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Oh my god I'm so funny sometimes.

  34. bollocknaked1975

    The man was put on earth to write songs.Perfection.

    Juliesunshine 333

    Well said. ♥️

  35. moreheff

    I really cannot describe how much this song moves me. It touches me in a way no other song does :-)

    Rachel Brudenell

    Deep and meaningful lyrics

  36. Paul Lvamp

    Neil Finn.....Take Me~!!!........ * )

  37. DeeCeeCT

    Lisa, you nailed it! Maybe one day songs will be constructed in this manner again. Music used to be art.

    Juliesunshine 333

    DeeCeeCT tool is good like this. Check them out.

  38. darren websdale

    epic awsome song :)

  39. Lisa Novosel

    This is what music perfection sounds like.
    Instrumentally gifted.
    And when it stays with you forever and haunts your memories that's when you really understand how special this is ~

    Juliesunshine 333

    Well said. 🎼♥️❤️

  40. Nikki Wall

    This song always brings me peace...

  41. Martin Biddulph


  42. Lloyd Radford

    this reminds of my family especially in the 90's and still reminds of them to this day.

  43. Anouchka Groce

    Fuck you!!!!!! I need Blair Booth!!!!!!

  44. aimi bell

    I have been entranced with the array of sounds at about 3:30 for many many years ..I feel very blessed to have been brought up with crowded house.

  45. xr8362

    reminds me of lovely times.... now missing

  46. Robert Konza

    this song often moves me to tears. brilliant.

  47. Michiru Yuki

    This song reminds me of Croydon

  48. Matt

    This is pure poetry. This is what love making should feel like imho - the sensuality, the underlying intensity and the build up...

  49. MrRicardo11

    Great song, brings back memories !!

  50. madgooner

    "Can you imagine that
    A itch too sensitive to scratch
    The light that falls through the cracks
    An insect to delicate to catch
    I hear the endless murmur
    Every blade of grass that shivers in the breeze
    And the sound that comes to carry me
    And I can't look up
    Fingers of love move down
    And I can't look back
    Fingers of love move down"