Crowded House - Private Universe Lyrics

No time no place to talk about the weather
The promise of love is hard to ignore
You said the chance wasn't getting any better
Labour of love is ours to endure
The highest branch on the apple tree
It was my favourite place to be
I could hear them breaking free
But they could not see me

I will run for shelter
Endless summer lift the curse
It feels like nothing matters
In our private universe

I have all I want is that simple enough
There's a whole lot more I'm thinking of
Every night about six o'clock
The birds come back to the palm to talk
They talk to me, birds talk to me
If I go down on my knees

I will run for shelter
Endless summer lift the curse
It feels like nothing matters
In our private universe
It feels like nothing matters
In our private universe

And it's a pleasure that I have known
And it's a treasure that I have gained
And it's a pleasure that I have known

It's a tight squeeze but I won't let go
Time is on the table and the dinner's cold

I will run for shelter
Endless summer lift the curse
Feels like nothing matters
In our private universe

I will run for shelter
Endless summer lift the curse
Feels like nothing matters
In our private universe

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Crowded House Private Universe Comments
  1. Holly Anne

    Love this song so much! ❤️Great to see everyone together.

  2. Duke6564

    Neil Finn is a beautiful man. To write so many awesome ballads, I take my hat off to him.
    NEIL 1 - HATRED 0

  3. EricaMTB

    Good to see this is back. What was the bogus copyright claim about?


    @Ben Hughes it was pulled by a copywrite claimant about three weeks ago

  4. Danko Hollando

    Fantastic songwriter much respect

  5. Todd Henry

    ya holden astras

  6. Greville's Review

    Flippen hell. I love this. Takes me back, wow. Yes, agree with many other comments, thank you for your music. Inspired to do a similar music vid :-)

  7. SamValiant

    This is, always has been, and always will be my favorite Crowded House song. Possibly my favorite song period.

  8. chill pill


  9. Marcel Versteeg

    their MAGNUM OPUS!

  10. trfesok

    In my Shawn Colvin playlist with her cover. Thanks for the upload!

  11. clare davis

    Crowded house!

  12. Sean Kerrigan

    Cheers Neil, I'd mostly forgotten what year it even was. Fun day!

  13. makeCNC Workshops

    Best Song you ever wrote and the best Kiwi song i have ever heard

  14. Aevion93

    Is this a different mix of the song? Sounds a bit different than the album version.

  15. Crimsonking5150 Bishophell

    This video and the lyrics so abstract truly a surreal experience

  16. Sarah Riley

    This song still moves me to tears.......So beautiful!

  17. LJ C

    Thank you Neil for this song and all the others X This is the song that I go back to x

  18. tony bird

    Cheers Neil, your music has been the soundtrack to most of my life. Much appreciated

  19. luxuryandleisure

    Were the creator of the video on crack while making this video?😂 Most psychedelic video ever but one of my favorite songs ever!
    Thanks, Neil to your fine contribution to the music world.

  20. lance south

    no comments Sandi?

  21. Richard Ayton

    I love this song, I still have the album on cassette

    Elizabeth Sayle

    Me too!

  22. Micheal Mullen

    One my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Tiffany Blackford


  24. Misse Viscous

    I adore this song. There’s nothing else like it. I still put it on repeat. Feels like Dylan Thomas on a mushroom trip.

  25. holboroman

    Hey Neil: Love this song, awesome chord progressions, so addictive.........beautiful!

  26. K Matsu

    Neil, thank you SOOOOO much for putting these up on YouTube. So nice to have them available when one is desperate for some authentic music in these troubled times. (I know I should probably just upload all my old CDs to every device I own, but Im a bit of a lazy barstid...)

  27. Only me

    Neil...shld I go left or right? Take t blue or red?

  28. Niemémij

    My favourite🎸👍

  29. Atif Suleman

    Absurd video! But yet another beautiful song by Neil Finn.

  30. Steve Hunt

    I miss the 90's

  31. Steve Hunt


  32. CelestialMusicCan

    This is the trippiest video I've ever watched, and it's a great complement to the song.

  33. Harald Selke

    It‘s so great to be able to watch all those videos here - many of which I have never seen before while having all your albums here right next to me. Thank you for all those great songs you gave to the world - be it with Crowded House, Split Enz, your brother, family or solo. This one is one of my favourites!

  34. Paul R

    “It’s a treasure that I have gained”. Thank you Mr Finn, for this and everything you and your fellow musicians give us 🙏🏻

  35. Elizabeth Long

    "◔◔¨ *

  36. Mice on Stilts

    Hi Neil, is this the original video? was there a different version?

    Neil Finn

    This is the original and only official music video for the studio version.
    Team NF.

    Only me

    Neil did u sell ur soul?