Crowded House - Nobody Wants To Lyrics

Down on the ocean floor
That's where I'm heading for
Hold on to a sinking stone
Until the worst is known.

Nobody wants to think about it
Nobody wants to talk about it
Nobody Protects you

They make it go away
Pretending that it's all ok
Broken pieces on the ground
And everyones tip-toeing round

Nobody wants to think about it
Nobody wants to talk about it
No-one Protects you

Are we losing something
We used to cry
We used to say why
For all I know
I might not get home
But I found out
If we open it up
We could work this out

Nobody wants to think about it
Nobody wants to talk about it

What you suspected all along
Everything he told you was wrong
And you can see it if you want

But nobody wants to

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Crowded House Nobody Wants To Comments
  1. Unknown User

    so many years later and i still find this extremely difficult to listen to. even though the subject matter is handled with expertise. they were best mates. this is agonising pain. i think that better be home soon is referenced in this song and that's another one about him. i am grateful this song has not been hidden away and hold on to a sinking stone could not be further away from weather with you and i've never heard an album start off with such sorrow. my best regards to all still affected, even if you dont want to, you should still talk about it, it really helps and you *can* work it out.

  2. tom hester, comedian


  3. Alan Scott

    Some bands just have the magic.

  4. john asson

    thats where it is down with the frown. a sad clown laughing alone in the winds of change. rearranged.

  5. Tracey Banting

    I remember an ad campaign in the UK which had the strap line ‘you know more Crowded House records than you realise’. That was spot on at the time. However, with Time on Earth, they have, in my humble opinion, excelled themselves. Nobody Wants To and Pour Le Monde are another level of fantastic! 😍😍😍

  6. Shannon Harrison


  7. Annmarie Schramm

    One of my favorite albums. Resonates deeply.

  8. Matthew Hoult

    Neil is so good at touching the soul deeper than most gifted!

  9. Kelly Pettit

    I always come back to Neil Finn and Crowded House songs to remember what real music is. I'm a songwriter and inspire to be half this good. Because Neil's not British or American he'll miss becoming a legend where the history books are written.

    Otto Pärt

    Oh, I think he'll be in the pantheon. Ask Paul McCartney and Richard Thompson. They're fans.

  10. Sipho Mabaso

    The greatest band of my teens, still sounds great

  11. Michael Crosse

    Love Crowded House, I love this style of dreamy, pensive songs, makes you think of the things you love, sounds corny I know but...

  12. Marty Knowles

    Another stupidly brilliant song. I wish the outro went for another 3 minutes or so.

  13. TheGodParticle

    Together alone was their best album. And all their music before that now I think about it, they seem to have lost the spark since 96.


    No, Together Alone and Time on Earth are my favourite albums. Though I have favourite songs on others. But, we all have our own taste 😊

  14. Queen Cassie

    asome music i am learning how to drum this song

  15. Mitch May

    I hope Hessie is drumming up in heaven...

  16. Jack Ricardo Ricardo

    esta cançao e uma HOMENAGEM ao saudoso AMIGO e Baterista do CROWDED HOUSE PAUL HESTER........Neil chorou muito a sua perda!.

  17. John Watts

    I agree with the previous writer--ONE of my favorite moody blue Neil songs.  Being in a funk never felt so universally OK and empathetic!  Weird to have a down mood sound SO good on a SINGLE.  I played this over and over on my car stereo!

    2 Hearts

    also one of his best vocal performances ever in my opinion

  18. tony cotter

    This is one of my fave songs off of live on earth, but I wouldn't say this is the best song on the album imho, silent house is another kick ass tune from this album. It is so hauntingly beautiful!!!!!!! I saw Neil Finn live at The Cork Opera House last night, he was breath taking!!!!! One of the best live artists I've seen, what a fantastic musician he is. He and his back up band were AWESOME!!!!!!! Neil Finn for president!!!!!!


    I adore Silent House, but it makes me cry.

  19. Darrin Moff

    RIP Paul Hester

  20. tony parsons

    crowded house 2 one of the best

  21. Dyonisiux

    This song, make you think to much, but just good feelings

  22. Lee Mccrea

    cant believe*

  23. Lee Mccrea

    Tune and a half this and believe it only has 15k hits :(

  24. Lloyd Radford

    I always think they should make video clip out of this song this could be one of the top songs out of this album. It rocks anyway.

  25. Ken Koenig

    Neil Finn is why I write songs!

  26. MrRobfullarton

    It was so sad about Paul Hester. This song reminds me of him and the gossip that surrounded his depression and his suicide. It is horrible to here that an ex-lover took a huge part of his estate, thats just evil!! RIP

  27. soulcornflake1

    As someone who had a suicide in my family several years ago, I completely understand this song. With a death by suicide, nobody wants to talk about the event or let you talk about your grief. So you just have to wait until things get better. I can't help but think Neil was writing about Paul's death here and getting his grief out with this album.

    Deirdre Lee Macdougall

    I agree and so sorry for your loss of a loved one. I understand far to well."No one wants to talk about it " RIP 🙏 to those we loved and lost .💞

  28. Gelsyviolet

    Grande e dolcissimo Neil. Grazie! Please in Italy

  29. voodookook

    Now this is a masterpiece!!

  30. Lloyd Radford


  31. tooterlix

    @Crowden666 I know... Right?

  32. tooterlix

    @Crowden666 I know... Right?

  33. Rich McMickle

    Crowded House should be in the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame.

  34. BobPizzaman

    love this