Crowded House - Catherine Wheels Lyrics

No night to stay in
Bad moon is rising again
Dice rolls
And you burn
Come down I fear
As that cold wheel turns
I know what I know
Sad Claude's been sleeping around
To stroke the right nerve
Whose needs do I serve
As Catherine's wheel turns

She was always the first to say gone
she's got her catherine wheels on
Always the first to say gone

Go kindly with him
To his blind apparition
His face creases up
With age gone grey
He'll back here one day

She was always the first to say gone
she's got her catherine wheels on
Always the first to say gone
She's got her catherine wheels on
Wheels on
Catherine wheels

She's gone
Vanished in the night
Broke off the logic of light
He woke
Tore the covers back
Found he was empty inside
So they were told
When the moon would rise
The best time to leave with your soul
She's gone
But towards the light
Watching her whole life unfold
Bruises come out dark

So strong was his hold on her
Regarded by some as his slave
He spoke as in a stranger's tongue
Despair us and drive you away
Bruises come out dark

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Crowded House Catherine Wheels Comments
  1. Michael Service

    This is a perfect song , Paul McCartney.

  2. Ken Scott

    Why this wasn't a single I'll never understand.

  3. Craig Hinkle

    The most underrated band in the Universe.

  4. Doug M

    I was dating Catherine when this song came out and I loved it..she hated it but like the song, she was gone....Farewell Cathy, I hope life has treated you well and your future is secure....

  5. Denise Morissette

    Very special album for me.

  6. marcel bastinck

    fel in love with this band when house was comming up verry verry good

  7. Sinisa Samardzija

    great song great band greetings from croatia

  8. Derek Thibeault

    great article about Together Alone

  9. Mary Mitchell

    This song, for me, is a tribute to a girl I once knew who left her life in the depth of despair, a woman who could take no more and I pray she has found peace. All she needed was love. I adore this band and their depth of feeling in songs such as this one, She Goes On and Fingers Of Love. Beautiful in the knowledge of pain.

  10. Shannon Harrison

    One of the best songs ever.

  11. Jace

    Thank you for uploading this!!

  12. Michelle J

    Stunning song, the whole album is genius.

  13. maryamakiling


  14. Marc Domicello


    Jack F

    Or perhaps the took it from an actual Catherine Wheel?

  15. Marcia Leite

    Oh my God! I am one of those that are constantly searching for hidden treasures. This is too good!!! Thank you.

    Beauty and the Beast !

    Marcia Leite Iv loved Crowded House since the 90's and they will not fail to move

    Marcia Leite

    Yes, the 90's! and yet feels so refreshing. :) Thanks Darren.

    Ken Scott

    Together alone and wood face are both brilliant albums well worth a listen to but be warned it'll hook you big time.

  16. Louise Stinchcombe

    They still are!!! If you want bitter - sweet there don't come much better than Crowded House...

  17. Gelsyviolet

    Vi ascolterò per tutta la vita

  18. C M

    thats why i dont really want to listen to others anymore

  19. C M

    So i guess they hired ppl to check if ppl are smart or insane. But brainstorming the use of a mirror is a step to far for them :P

  20. Leigh Webster

    Just another one of Neil Finn's hidden gems...

    Tania Phillips

    And Nick!!!

  21. keith moore

    top song- very underrated,the Finns must be two of the best writers and musicians last 20 years

    L van der Valk

    he is.... brilliant song writer/ singer

  22. talenttrading

    This is a great song!!

  23. william mcmonagle

    I still think they are the best song writers since the Beatles, the construction and harmony and melody are fantastic. Bold statement i know, but as song writers of pop music they are hard to fault..

    Tony Coz

    Take me to another place and time


    For me, until I heard Neil Finn, The Beatles were the best songwriters/performers. Finn shifted immediately into first place, and McCartney, Lennon, Harrison and Starr moved into second! Finn's music is utter brilliance.

    Derek Biggerstaff

    Neil was able to stand on The Beatles' shoulders though. Cheers

    John Grunwell

    I'm in total absolute agreement with you. Neil Finn's music is sublime. Have you heard his latest solo album (I think it's three years old now)? I've been falling in love with for about six months now. Some of his very finest writing EVER. More subtle and less direct than CH, but very rewarding.

    Ken Scott

    Don't think it's a bold statement. Many a time I've played their music and it's been mistaken for beatles tunes.

  24. Julie Keast

    Don't know why but whenever I hear this song, I get the image of people sitting around a campfire singing this song. Weird.


    I can understand that. It often makes me think of Halloween (although a Catherine wheel is a firework so it should really be bonfire night)

    Joe Mulgrew

    I think that about all Crowded House songs. Neil is the kind of guy you want to take camping to get the singing going around the camp fire.

  25. Weillfanatic

    This STILL sounds so great so many years after the fact.

  26. YaroSz.

    ...i też się nie oprę...

  27. Jeff Spicoli

    Haunting...right up there with the Beatles and the Beach Boys....just awesome harmonies!

  28. moreheff

    Along with Fingers of Love and Private Universe, they make the most magnificent trio of haunting beautifully written songs ever to grace a single album :-)

    Ken Scott

    Whispers and moans too

  29. hornseygirl82

    my dad played us crowded house since we were babies on 10hour car journeys across france on camping holidays. something about CH and the open road...

  30. eurochrissy2

    dice rolls,and you burn.......just something about those chosen words!

  31. steamer846

    Haha, actually I have a similar memory linked to this song /album, summer 1994, I was working in Cornwall and my student gf lived in Perthshire, driving up the motorway in the sunshine, all the windows down, wonderful summer, beautiful carefree days!

  32. eurochrissy2

    0 dislikes-so it should be!

  33. Rosa Rubiginosa

    One of the most beautiful voices!

  34. eurochrissy2

    naw Catherine Wheels,in other words the 'wheels'she wheels from sad claud's violence..

  35. beaglehowl

    hmm Catherine Wheels were a inquisition era torture device. Don't tell your girlfriend you think of her when this song comes on.

  36. NurseKitty1986

    Beautiful song. I wish it didn't have my name in, because I would like it so much more.

  37. Surfsurfsurf

    CH was always great driving to see your girlfriend music - stereo loud and a passenger seat of nibbles..

  38. Rosa Rubiginosa

    Just amazing

  39. eurochrissy2

    how do you say what's needed?

  40. ACETONElandslides

    THANKS :)

  41. Krista Johnson

    I could listen to this gorgeous song forever.

    Beauty and the Beast !

    Krista Johnson Hey, I could so beautiful, romantic, haunting....Crowded house were so awesome! Beautiful summer