Crosses (†††) - The Epilogue Lyrics

It's a strange day
The roses are in bloom
But in a strange way
I know somehow we're doomed

Look around through the town
Not a soul to be found
In silence, not a sound
There's no one around but you

In the back of the car
On the way from the bar
In silence, here we are
Reminding us of how we're doomed

Well, get set,
It's time, we come to the end
We've circled around our doom
And I won't stop,
Not 'til I get what I want
And all that I want is you

In a strange place
When the sun goes down, we move
Into a strange phase
Like we've got nothing left to lose

So we slip through the town
With our heads in the clouds
In silence, not a sound
For miles and miles around

Fall asleep in the park
Underneath all the stars
In silence, here we are
Reminded of how we're doomed

Get set,
It's time we come to the end
We've circled around our doom
Yeah, I won't stop,
Not 'til I get what I want
And all that I want is you

It's you
All that I want is you
Yeah, you
All that I want is you

So get set,
It's time we come to the end
We've circled around our doom
Yeah, I won't stop,
Not 'til I get what I want
And all that I want is you

Now get set,
It's time we come to the end
We've circled around our doom
Yeah, I won't stop,
Not 'til I get what I want
'Cause all that I want is you

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Crosses (†††) The Epilogue Comments
  1. tony garcia

    Hypnotic cool insightful

  2. makkuraazul

    Chino´s voice is reality and the universe having sweet sex

  3. Warcrazer

    This is such cool and beautiful song.

  4. Hypocrites Pun

    Oh my this song is hot as f*ck🔥🔥🔥

  5. Devin Up

    Thanks for the recommendation YouTube. Several Crosses songs in now and a fan. Normally I prefer female vocals, but Chino is a great vocalist. This is like a mix of everything I listen to... alt rock, trip hop, witch house, grunge, dream pop, etc.

  6. annmarieknapp

    Big deftone vibes from this band. Freaking fantastic! Really excited I found these guys and it was completely by accident. Thank you YouTube for once putting me in the algorithm correctly!

  7. Kamil Zambrzycki

    Found this in 2019 why haven't I heard this before? Keep up the great work Chino

  8. Johnny Silencio

    Es buenísima está canción. Wno!!!

  9. Dan Bisbee

    404 dislikes? Must be an error

  10. Being Alex

    So glad I rediscovered this stuff. I cant believe I forgot about it.

  11. Gade

    a very understated band!!!!!

  12. Judah Richardson

    Chino's voice is so cool OMG

  13. John B

    I hope they really are making a new album...

  14. drummer265

    I love how Chino structured his melodies and rhyme schemes in this song

  15. Chill2Music

    I feel that ✝️✝️✝️Crosses is underrated. This is just amazing like it has that Depeche Mode vibe to it.

  16. Zach Coverdell

    As a huge Deftones fan, I am appalled I just discovered Crosses. This should have been on the radio everywhere

  17. Oscar Balsas Romero

    I get bored

  18. Van Pedigo

    such A great song...

  19. Edward Diaz

    Mon,July 15th 2019 still fucking jamming this song

  20. Rob Banks

    When I hear a song again that I haven't heard in a very long time I always try to take myself back to the last time in my life when I heard it and oh my God I'm glad I am not in that place anymore the place I was the last time I heard this song Thank God everything has gotten better since then

  21. Farrah Pellegrind

    All that I want is Chino! Great sound guys! I can't believe I just discovered you guys, but now that I have I can't help, but to keep listening!🐍🌹🌹🐍

  22. Peter Sutherland


  23. Dandelion


  24. shaundis buddyguy

    amazing song Chino . Make more please

  25. Justin Robin

    Absolute gold! I could listen to this all day.

  26. LuVyLu OmD

    Get set!

  27. Lauren Gainer

    Dope band!

  28. neygo

    Way heartfelt.

  29. Dan LeBlanc

    just discovered this in 2019 like I've been under a rock. my 2 year old and 4 year old listen before bed! huge deftones fans

    Nicholas Maday

    That's too cool. I wonder if my five year old would like it

  30. Resistance Iron

    I heard this on the radio and couldn't find it for years and finally found it.

  31. Courtney Spense

    I wont stop till i get what i want and all i want is you!..

  32. Octavia Jones medina

    Very Depeche Mode :)

  33. Another Stranger

    i need new stuff

  34. Skull Knight Records

    This song is sooooooo addictive!

  35. Jessica Hans-Jorie

    I’m in love with gothic aesthetics

  36. Joe Janedoe

    Hot vid!

  37. Joe Janedoe


    If you can't come, can't you send a messenger?
    Can't you send a pair of your scent?
    A shirt, with you soaked into the collar.
    The pits.
    Without you.
    Won't you send a messenger?
    A hug, a kiss.
    Trade offs.
    The pits.


    instantly classic imo

  39. avedic

    Perfect brilliant dark pop song. Amazing surreal video. Love the vibe all around.
    What's not to adore about this?

  40. sir lance alot

    I bring myself back to this song. I have it on cd. I have it on my phone. But it seems i always come back to it even on youtube. It takes me to a time i was visiting my ex before we even started dating. She put it on a cd for me and i remember leaving her house to go to mine about an hour away afyer visiting her and her lityle ones. I was in my 4runner with the windows down on a hot, nice, beautiful summer day. I felt unstoppable in thay moment. I thought she was the one. This song is special. If you dont feel the happiness flowing when you hear this you're probably dead.

  41. NoviaDeGustavoCerati

    I know I found this song on my shazams list. I tagged it afound June 2017 but I don´t know witch show, movie or commercial I was watching but I´m dying to know. If someone know if this song is part of any soundtrack please let me know. The curiosity is eting me alive!!!. By the way the song is amazing.! Sooo f**** sexeyyyyyyyyyyy!

  42. Ely M-B

    I used to be obssessed with this song..back in 2014

  43. Rose.Corvin

    Super sad I found out about this project so late, but super happy I found it regardless. Chino's fucking amazing. I just keep hitting repeat. The beat, the melody, the lyrics. . . it's all gorgeous. Good job Mr. Moreno. ^.^

  44. YourDEAD btw

    So I actually almost died to the sound of this sweet lullaby of a beautiful song.

    I woke up, almost unable to breathe and woke up my parents trying to tell them I could barely breathe, but without talking because I literally could not talk. In the car on the way to the ER I said, very quietly “C-can you play... the epilogue...” And so on the way to the ER, we had this song playing on the radio. (BTW I couldn’t breathe cus of an athsema attack)

  45. Hugo Zorrilla

    excelente rola, chino eres el mejor...simplemente maravillosa.

  46. a lleiN

    Dammit, this song is so good. 90s Depeche Mode vibes!

  47. Asel Nurzhan

    Love this song

  48. Sandra Bautista

    😊 Chino!

  49. Faithleap

    Came 4 clickbait stayed 4 chino

  50. Neozzick Mixes

    I feel like this song is a polar opposite to Deftones - poltergeist . Maybe I'm biased as this is my most favorite song sung by chino, but I hear some counter themes I swear when I compare lyrics

  51. Bret C.

    Damm this song is dope.

  52. HateHater

    Never knew there was a video! I finally found out 13 years later..
    I'd would have rather found it when new but well worth the wait

  53. Mama B Ranting Therapist

    Why the fuck am I just now finding this? What? Do I live under a damn rock?????? I’m so in love right now!!!!

  54. Disteria

    not a soul to be found

  55. Ana Aranivar

    And all that I want is you 🎶🎵

  56. Aloysius .Septian

    Toto africa haahaa... i like you chino

  57. Lila Ysabel

    All that I want is you...❤

  58. Andres Ortiz

    Chino es un puto genio

  59. Matthew Robinson

    round and round...

  60. D Lover

    My cousin seany likes this tune, Sadly he died 20th October 2018..Love you cousin 💓

  61. salveig


  62. Julio Cesar Gonzalez Jimenez

    Love discovering great new music. Longtime Deftones fan, just found out about this a few months ago. Better late than never I guess! Thanks Chino!

  63. Jonathan Munger

    You can't hear those groovy bass lines. Why?

  64. 462298 0001850

    Totally obsessed with this song.

  65. Zen Sage

    Chino can never suck what the hell???!!!!! I listen to Deftones, teamsleep, and crosses. Every band now sounds like shit except Chino.....💓

  66. Malak Begore

    Love this. Who's the girl btw? Shes gorgeous

  67. Billy Times

    its September 1 2018 i still rock this song moreno awesome voice and song writer.

  68. Leslie Deanira Hernández Valverde

    I love the musical video, somebody knows who produced it?

  69. νικοσ κολλινιατησ

    παιζει κιο κοριαλασ στο βιντεο!! :0

  70. Mustard Fart

    deftones lgbtqp style.... wtf man

  71. Montserrat García

    I need a new album! 💜

  72. kitty kat

    Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck is all i think about :) *sincere smile!

  73. Brayan Pagan

    Its a strange day. Change has come

  74. Flor mary

    ♥ †an hermoso †††

  75. tiffany peper

    Chino is GOD.

  76. Reginald Eugene


  77. The Fox The Raven

    I love this song.

  78. marrow me

    this song is my other digital bath

  79. sky marie

    Fuckkk yes !!! This is badass. What fucking song from chino isn't . 🤙

  80. Erik Leos

    One of the best song of all time so glad I’d heard this in my lifetime 👍

  81. Chris Tomlinson

    I'm officially wet.

  82. Peter Sutherland

    Ticks boxes

  83. Erica Roldan

    I have no words for how magnificent this is. Chino Moreno is superb in everything he does. Love Love Crosses!!!

  84. Juan Chavez

    How could anyone thumbs this down?!

  85. Raul Navarro


  86. Roger Pessimistic

    Intro reminds me of Closer by Nine Inch Nails

  87. jonathan schulze

    I honestly think that this is the type of music that Chino loves making the most. As much as Deftones makes some epic fucking metal music, Chino is inspired more by Morrissey and The Cure. Which I love. He brought that aspect of inspiration to the last few Deftones records. And Crosses and Team Sleep is almost the epitome of that vibe that he loves so much.

  88. Steven Belcher

    This songs amazing

  89. TheGrungeAlien

    Chino is a God.

  90. Whitehorse 99

    More crosses 😔😔😔

  91. Tyler Lyons

    I'm so thankful for Chino's diversity. He never lets me down

  92. leo mendez

    What do you call this type of music??

  93. Luis Jofre

    Musica para mi oidos

  94. Michael Whitted

    I learned that he fronts another band from an interview that's posted on here. Proof that Channels like MTV & VH1 need to go back to showing music videos!