Crosses (†††) - Nineteen Eighty Seven Lyrics

In the waves a shoebox of ashes
A silver casket
A mother dressed for eternity's breath

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Crosses (†††) Nineteen Eighty Seven Comments
  1. Brandon Rodriguez

    i dedicate this song to the one who got away

  2. lung butter

    This song gives me deja Vu bad.

  3. Karstenm1 Xbox

    cool I'm 1987

  4. Ricky Thurman


  5. Ricky Thurman

    Burn A Ken Doll !

  6. Joe Janedoe

    You are only what imaginations make of you.

  7. Robert Jr

    This is so mysterious.

  8. Olivia Morelli

    This song makes me feel like losing something I never had. It's beautiful and hard to explain.


    The definition of Saudade

  9. Willie Ellis

    I was born 7/27/1987 at 7:17 a.m. weighing 7'7

    John Frusciante

    Willie Ellis I'm replying to this post 7 months from the time you posted it. Trip.

    Nick Hillis

    John you are the GOAT lol


    this is my hidden gem from this band, I smoke a lot to this.


    me too bro

  11. .44 Magnum Opus

    August 25, 1987 ;)...

    Whore Mona Lisa

    10 rings Blake...

  12. Stephenie Hansen

    Just curious but when it comes to Chino some records have some random girl on them? Back story or what?

    Ruben da Costa e Silva

    He just like girls.

  13. Justin George

    sick throwback redone

  14. Rob M

    I loved the Poo Pourri ad

  15. Trixie Truelove

    This song makes me feel an emotion I have no description for.....

    Z V

    This is 1 year late, but that's Crosses for ya.

  16. Emme MMar

    This song is so Team Sleep 2.0ish

    Shauna Hatcher

    That was the point

  17. Miss Heathen

    the year i was born


    Jack Heathen how's 30?

    Shauna Hatcher

    The year she passed

  18. Josh Hall

    Like Coldplay and bring me the horizon had a baby


    Shut your fucking mouth, seriously.

    Josh Hall

    @MrStrokeAce Well, someone's bitchy ~(O3O)~


    @Josh Hall Well, someone is an ignorant.

    Trevor O Meare

    Coldplay lol Jesus Christ

  19. Niko Bellic

    Its okay im sad as it is it is just helping.. :/

  20. Matt K

    kinda like a slow deftones.. no one yell at me


    It's closer to what Chino did with Team Sleep.

    Matt K

    @kronvlat feedat


    More like a mellow Nine Inch Nails


    MrDickedy This whole album gives me Chino + NIN vibes, glad I'm not the only one

  21. Wade Forbes

    thats some depressing music

    Miss Heathen

    is that a bad thing or?

    A Person

    And I love it

  22. Mythrium15

    I really like how the actual crosses are everywhere. On the video, in the description.