Crossbreed - Pure Energy Lyrics

Intercept your intellect waste the lines on all the sex intercept your intellect
nothngs left to erase inside your mind open up, open up, open up your mind

Your Mind

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Crossbreed Pure Energy Comments
  1. Godzilla Destroys Cities

    Fucking knew this song existed and it wasn't a figment of my imagination during a caffeine induced alnighter downloading everything in site via limewire.

  2. Heinrich the White

    Whoever thumbs this down is a fuckface.

    That is all.

  3. God Man11

    i remember gaming with this shit and i always won for some reason

  4. M. L.

    Love it

  5. Forté

    I shot still photographs of this group live for a film company. This was by far one of the BEST shows I have ever seen. This song happens to be my favorite. Pure Talent right here. Visually stimulating and everything needed to draw in listeners & keep them wanting MORE.

  6. Frank Gonzalez

    still here

  7. Frank Gonzalez

    good days at the ranch with pops slicing boars throats

  8. Сергей Невзоров

    static x for poor

  9. Pillow Warrior

    Love this band. My second cousin was the guitarist

    Jay DeGeo

    Roach? He was awesome

  10. only1clover

    Please come back! :(

  11. riner9

    Walshy #1

  12. Izayah Luna-Goddard

    Good stuff.

  13. Paige

    this is my jam

  14. Eatacheese

    11 people didn't open up open up open up their minds.

    Timo Arnaldo

    you can add 12 more people to that list!

    Paul Jameson

    Opened mine up a few times, mind altering experience for sure.

  15. Kris Prutzman

    ahh the days of halo2 montage's



  16. Deformed Asphyxiator

    482 people found strength 💪💪💪💪💪

    Deformed Asphyxiator

    Update: 604 people found strength 💪💪💪💪💪💪

  17. creepyd444


    Ryan Gee

    LOL he was a beast too

  18. Chris Thomas

    9 people didn't find strength

  19. Freqface64

    Been looking for this for years. Finally found it :)))

  20. Chaos Bunny


  21. TriforceEra

    is this saying finding strength or shrek

  22. AwbeeX57

    Crossbreed so underrated :(

  23. Yaros Krasnyy

    So fucking awesome...!

  24. Slate Revolver

    This band was the best thing in high school in Pinellas

  25. Narrator1

    Sucking the hallucinatory acid in the system

  26. Derek Toppa

    the is the first song on my workout playlist it gets you so pumped

    David Betarte

    Second song underlined for maximum pump

  27. Kreutz

    Gotta thank the Ogres for showing me this song.

  28. Adam Zimmerman

    aww yeah!! gotta love nu metal!!!

  29. Chris B

    I actually met these guys at the Bomb Shelter in Manchester, NH. These are the coolest guys ever. They chilled with me and my buddy for like 20 minutes after the show and chatted with us. Wicked cool guys.

  30. Douglas West

    Maybe, "you must find strength" is taken from brain from planet Arous. Crossbreed being crossbreed, samples with dodgy sources abound.

  31. SargentandGreenLeaf

    @Bastardoom Strength

  32. Hugh Coley

    You must find DERP. I mean strength, to much LSD.

  33. The Dude

    @Bastardoom How the hell do you get Shrek out of strength?

  34. Franco Albanese

    Fiona ate him and digested this song for all the mass's

  35. Krakle


  36. Kreutz

    @MonstercoreXFilms NO IT IS SHREK, YOU MUST FIND HIM

  37. Annexishead

    the quote "Pure Energy" I think is taken from the movie Lawn Mower Man. Anyone vouch?

  38. MonstercoreXFilms

    @Bastardoom you must find "STRENGTH"

  39. Zestaru

    @Bastardoom ...strenght.

  40. Mike Howard

    holy shit...i accidently found this cd at the this old music store back in 02...bought it cuz i liked the cover.turned out to be money well spent.

  41. Xaris Kouletakis

    @KreutzVids Yep music tastes vary from people to people

  42. Kreutz

    @Ak3rf3ldt i dont mind the vocals whatsoever. apples and oranges i guess

  43. Xaris Kouletakis

    They would be rly famous if the vocals were better, instrumental part is rly nice but vocals make them simply average

  44. jake wlof

    Pure energy rocks but my band is pretty good

  45. Kreutz

    hell yes

  46. cyan romain

    Pure sountrack for the upcoming apocalypse

  47. Chris B

    I saw these guys play with Mushroomhead a while back. I got punched in the face when they started playing this song. I call that a good concert.

  48. Buddha420z

    crossbreed is a fucking amazing band i started out in just rock went 2 shit like crossbreed and then 2 rap (stfu) and now i still have massive respect for bands like crossbreed, orgy, etc

  49. Carpals

    Sounds like Dope. \m/

  50. titocr2

    they sound like static x and celldweller... fucking good

  51. umbadooki

    202 people found strength

  52. MetalKeys

    @simplytragic i can back them being this nice... i seen them WAYY back (during their tour for NSN) and i was talking to chris and it was kinda coincidental that their show the next day was in Virginia where I'd be going for my vacation.. i shit you nto he gave me his cell number and said call him when i'm there.. so i did.. he got me in free.. vip pass a shirt everything.. most wicked thing anyone from any band has done in my eyes..

  53. Colten

    @Forthias dunno. Sounds like industrial. Meh, then again who cares, it just sounds amazing! :P

  54. dark1ankh

    The guitars are very Ministry-esque !

  55. La Raptura

    Noisuf-X - Just a Trip

  56. Katie Burak

    Crossbreed and co. are, hands down, the best music for a sci-fi movie soundtrack.

  57. AnonymousLoki

    @Animatronicon ;
    hmm, they sounded kinda close to it. but oh' well
    dispite me bein' wrong,I still think they're awsom {:-)

  58. Anthony Sirianni

    @AnonymousLoki this isnt industrial kiddo. its just metal with a keyboard player.

  59. AnonymousLoki

    Are these guys still around?,
    If not, they should be !
    I like thease guys BETTER than Mushroom head & slipknot(older stuff)
    put together, But thats mostly cause I love the Industrial stuff better than Metal though.

  60. AnonymousLoki

    HOLY GOD, I miss this song.

  61. SergeantCha0s

    @PublicKenny Do you have yours with Ranch? I pref mine with ranch...

  62. KennyHoste

    I love eating babies to this song

  63. ALIFOUAD71

    COOOL XDD !!!!!!!!

  64. Shiroky

    This song gives me a pure boner

  65. Slacker43


  66. It's Watson

    Crossbreed are the nicest guys irl. I met them before a show once, talked with them, and I offhandedly mentioned Pure Energy was my favorite track of theirs. When they played it, I was near the front of the crowd, and the vocalist put the microphone to the crowd and let me shout a verse of the song. It was fucking awesome.

  67. The�AriaWithin

    yeah!! vuvuvela button!!!

  68. Freddy Fog

    @TheForlornDreams They're from an Industrial Toolkit loop album called "Methods of Mayhem."

  69. DaCrackPOT91

    this is so industrial metal sound

  70. Ben Patrick

    if u ever get a chance to see them live trust me there heavy enough as it is everytime i saw them live back in st pete they blew my ear drums out

  71. Ben Patrick

    listen to marazene machine they are amazing too

    look up there song xecute

  72. 666EdWood666

    Now that I actually listened to the whole album, you're right. KE 101 is great stuff! Crossbreed has an awesome and interesting sound and deserves more public.

  73. 666EdWood666

    I don´t like their KE 101 samples on myspace. More Nu Metal than industrial.

  74. Kip Pinder

    hell yeah ninja!

  75. TheForlornDreams

    Was wondering if anyone could tell me where (and who) each of the vocal samples are from.

  76. rochet75

    wehat did i say lol i got minus 6

  77. John Doe

    I get in trouble with this song.....the last 20seconds of the song hitting on my Dual Ascendant Chaos 12's always tends to happen when I'm next to a cop and I don't realize it till he's pulling me over for shaking his windows.

  78. Jairo Henriquez

    this song is fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  79. Connor Mycroft

    ...........august 11th now. stupid record companies going bankrupt.

  80. Frans S.

    Runescape <3

  81. Connor Mycroft

    new album,KE 101, coming May 19th

  82. rochet75

    Runescape <3

  83. ardley216

    awesome band!! this band better still be making music!!

  84. david portilla

    it makes me think of marylin manson, i don't know why but i don't care this fucking rocks!

  85. Walter White

    my cusin is going out with criss and hes realy nice u guys should meet him

  86. thunderreef

    my favorite :D