Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - On The Way Home Lyrics

When the dream came
I held my breath
With my eyes closed
I went insane,
Like a smoke ring day
When the wind blows
Now I won't be back
Till later on
If I do come back at all
But you know me,
And I miss you now.

In a strange game
I saw myself as you knew me
When the change came,
And you had a
Chance to see through me
Though the other side
Is just the same
You can tell
My dream is real
Because I love you,
Can you see me now.

Though we rush ahead
To save our time
We are only what we feel
And I love you,
Can you feel it now.

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young On The Way Home Comments
  1. Green Earrings - The Steely Dan Experience

    The definitive version. Brilliant.

  2. Lydell Cristobal

    Classic listening to them since the nam days all hawaii

  3. Damien Faure

    "Though we rush ahead to save our time. We are only what we feel".

  4. Damien Faure

    That version is probably the best.

    Travis Bennett

    The version on Neil Young Live at Massey Hall 1971 is killer too!!

    Jerry Howard

    They were at their absolute best here.

    Damien Faure

    @Travis Bennett Yes, that version is great too.

    Damien Faure

    @Jerry Howard You're right! :o)

  5. X Hippy

    CSN were a great band. With Neil they became transcendent.

  6. Barbara Butler

    💕 💞 💓 💗 💖

  7. Carolyn Boyd

    [email protected] finest.

  8. northern tassel

    Wonderful.. really great song in every way. Thank-you

  9. Sabin Sundas

    Always love CSNY...
    From Darjeeling 👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍👍 👍

  10. Ronnie

    Neil was reticent to sing this whilst in Buffalo Springfield; he thought Richey Furey could do it better justice. This is great.

    Guy Sharwood

    Both did it plenty of justice and more.

    Jim Brew

    Great song, but it's a little flat with this rendition. A bit over orchestrated with Buffalo Springfield.

  11. Paula Wheeler

    Great harmonizing . Every so often you come across one of their different type of music that is soothing and is quite nice for a change.

  12. PariSanGennar

    S U P E R !!!

  13. freedom77

    Listening January 2019.
    Played this album to death in the I'm


    my god freedom, lost my mind listening to these boys. now i'm 65. feel like brothers....

    Enri R.

    I did the same from the other side of the ocean, Italy here...... Magic seventies and my english was quite poor, yet I loved these songs so much!

    X Hippy

    64 here and still listen to this masterpiece. Transcendent, still and forever.


    Same here

    craig taylor

    Same here, and I'm 60 too, Still play a lot of Neil, People love it,,,Just learned ( the right way ) to play "dont let it bring you down ",, I had to laugh, I said it took 45 years to learn this the right way... lol,,, 4 way street is a great Album..., Inca Queen is great to play too, I think I got all his tunings down now,,, He made a great life for himself for such simple ( but meaningful ) Music