Crosby, Stills & Nash - Wasted On The Way Lyrics

[Intro. (Acoustic Guitar and Electric Piano)]

Look around me
I can see my life before me
Running rings around the way it used to be

I am older now
I have more than what I wanted
But I wish that I had started long before I did

And there's so much time to make up everywhere you turn
Time we have wasted on the way
So much water moving underneath the bridge
Let the water come and carry us away

[Instrumental (Fiddle)]

Oh, when you were young
Did you question all the answers
Did you envy all the dancers who had all the nerve

Look around you now
You must go for what you wanted
Look at all my friends who did and got what they deserved

So much time to make up everywhere you turn
Time we have wasted on the way
So much water moving underneath the bridge
Let the water come and carry us away

So much love to make up everywhere you turn
Love we have wasted on the way
So much water moving underneath the bridge
Let the water come and carry us away
Let the water come and carry us away

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Crosby, Stills & Nash Wasted On The Way Comments
  1. Bob Ginn

    I am there. Did not think much of the lyrics way back but always loved singing it and everything else that came with it LOL Our Sunsets become limited. Too bad for so many the wake up call was not sooner (-:

  2. Jerry Brownell

    The best part of this video is that you can't hear the vastly overrated David Crosby singing.

  3. Richard Peninger

    I thank The Lord HE doesn't give us what "we deserver".  Hahaha. We fool ourselves well.

  4. Matt Higgins

    The ultimate Folk music to me.

  5. Maxxx Modelz

    This is a complete nostalgia blast. If you're over the age of 40 in 2020, this song is probably part of your childhood in some way.

    Andy Trullinger

    Maxxx Modelz you got that right!

  6. titus aurilius chariot maker to the gods


  7. Kevin o Brien

    I have been skimming YOUTUBE for more years than I care to remember but it has over the years some great gems a CSN are just one of many.

  8. Sthembiso Mthembu

    Oh i love this song

  9. cheryl grec


  10. Herysul Sulatan

    I mis the song so much

  11. Steven Gorum

    I just died!!!!😁

  12. Mike Carolyn Nuthman

    Acoustic all the way! Brings back memories...

  13. Joey Benoit

    crosby is still pissed! HE DOESNT LOOK AT ANYBODY EXCEPT ME!

  14. herostatus

    The mistakes we've made, the things we should have done, the people that pissed us off .. forgive and forget it all. Life is short, those we love will pass away, things we own will not last. Let the water come and carry us away,..

  15. William H

    "We spend our time because it's the only coin Life will accept; we never know how much we have with us, or how far it will take us. So, spend it wisely."

  16. Mark Linder

    I remember when I bought their albums new and couldn't wait for the next one✌

  17. daniel alfonso

    Very Good!!!!!!!

  18. Janis Hart

    BEAUTIFUL HARMONIES!!! Thanks for the video!!!

  19. Salnsd

    WHAT was the song that was about to be played with the piano when the clip ended??? ANYONE?

    Janis Hart

    *Salnsd:* We can't know what they didn't tell us! You would have to find a video with the rest of the concert.

    Mike Mayo

    I believe that song would be "Delta", by David Crosby...

    Mike Mayo

    Or, it could be "Wind on the Water"...

  20. 高橋豊


  21. Piri Urwin

    My favourite trio,

  22. norm atchue

    Crosby is such a dick !

  23. Had It All

    now I feel old :-)

    Gno Agbulos

    I used to play this song (and other accoustics to) on my guitar. Now i'm old and my fingers are riddled with arthritis!

  24. Sol Rosenberg

    Crosby was wasted on the way to the show

  25. Pkia 1050

    Graham Nash is the greatest harmony singer ever!

    Matt Geary

    Couldnt agree more.. an amazing man, his harmonies are truly second to none

    Roger F

    Van Halen didn't write protest songs, but the bassist, Michael Anthony, sang excellent harmony. Really "made" their sound, in other words the guitar was excellent but, you need more in a great band, than excellent guitar. Ever notice all the great bands sing great harmony?

  26. stapleskeri BTS ARMY borahae


  27. Richk lowell

    Three devils!!! Sold there souls,lord have mercy,yes they worship Lucifer,wake up people


    Stills is a well known Christian. Preached about it at many shows. Both theirs, and his solo tours

    Yee Haw

    gt seven 5 I’m sorry but those are the voices of angels

  28. Dennis Visitacion

    Oh when you where young did you questions all the answers did you envy alt the dancers who has all the nerve ...And there's so much time to make up everywhere you turn.. Time we have wasted on the way... so much water moving underneath The bridge.. Let the water come and carry us away..
    I don't get tired of listening with this music and the lyrics..

  29. mike styles

    Living is really all about learning.

  30. Sammy Scotch

    Crosby is pretty wasted here

  31. Gail Parker

    Time is never wasted with you 3.😊

  32. sam medina

    I truly love this song...brings vivid memories of the past

  33. Elvis Hommel

    Bombe !

  34. Ronnie Garcia

    What a harmony

  35. Taunao Vai

    Great musicians & are awesome.


  37. Carol Taylor

    Crosby and Nash are about polar opposites! Crosby is deadpan and just stands there. Nash's face is so mobile and full of expression, and he jumps all over the place (more so when he isn't playing guitar). It's kinda fun to watch.

  38. James Russell

    The unmistakable bright acoustical sound of masterful guitarist Stephen Stills. I would like to know what setting he uses to get that sound!

    Sandra Cummins

    One without drugs! 😉

  39. Jason Bair

    Helplessly Hopeing is their best song....I hope I spelled that right...I dont think I did...sorry

  40. Ulrich Wilke

    very great and very nice!

  41. Wild Rice

    that guitar sounds awesome......never get tired of listening to these guys

  42. Nini joy


  43. Arnieus

    Three guys destined to play together. Voice blend, similar writing style. Switch out one player and it doesn't work.

  44. MrDallman

    Being older now isn’t so bad because I was young then.

  45. Dreamster399

    Crosby and Stills are famous for trying to quiet the audience, which I always thought was stupid because you sold old the Forum and are selling beer and now you want 18,505 to suddenly sit still during some slow song while the band tried to navigate the percoset and cocaine. I mean, Stills literally would get pissed off at the audience. I once saw the Stills-Young Band play at Pauley Pavillion at UCLA and Stills was doing a coupla solo numbers and during one asked the audience to keep quiet, like, three times. The place got really quiet, and a girl next to me yelled "Fuck you! We want Neil!"

  46. bridudrum

    Beautiful. Thanks guys, what an amazing time for music. I feel blessed to have been part of the greatest musical innovation in history.

  47. puru batak

    If this can't calm a raging heart nothing can. So shooting.

  48. Lionel Villahermosa

    Excellent beautiful inmortal songs sublime.

  49. Ebel J. Drent

    I still love this after many, many years.

  50. Hilda Hernandez

    To All The 60+ Going back in time. We Must Continue to Make Up For Wasted Time Just Keep Loving Until Our Good Lord Calls Us Home!!!!

    Dan Blueneck

    Pretty cool Hilda.

    Hilda Hernandez

    @Dan Blueneck Thanks 👍

  51. Nicki Cruz

    September 08, 2019 still watching and listening 👍 👍 👍

  52. Cam Gibb

    kids need grd 6 scare tactics about sex, germs, cancer causing viruses, for more then just the grd 6 girls I learned about in 1970 grd 6 me bugged girl friend sorta what was that all about ... she told me ... said to promise on honor of our close friendship ... I agreed... geeze i said, sorry to hear you have that to put up with sometime soon... she said thx, dont forget I promised her to tell no one... i repeated yes agreed sorry for you ... she smiled, tilted her head, put her hand to my cheek and said thx I'll like you always if you keep your promise Cam... I said wow um ya I tell no one not even my Mom. Promise was kept. Grd 7 next yr we rode same school bus lol to grd 7... there and back holding hands lol... :-) just kids thinking nothing other then cared for each other due to promise kept we winked about ;-) We let it go aftrer while as kids do and go for other friends etc ... no biggy much to us I guess. Those how do i express, nice innocent just big caring times we shared ... wow ... miss that lol ;-)

  53. Cam Gibb

    nice food for thought ;-)

  54. Pete Liversidge

    Best version of this song! Blows me away every time I hear it X

  55. steve weiser

    I just love Graham's rises above the din..and lightens my spirit....but all three together can make or break a day in my life.

  56. steve weiser

    These guys sang some of the best songs of the 60's 70's and 80's
    pure magic!

    Cheryl Ricer

    steve weiser listen to Crosby’s new stuff. He’s still got it.

    Valentena Upton

    Certainly did ♡♡♡

  57. Daslow Aizelasi

    Peoples may think Crosby isn’t playing an instrument, oh but they’d be wrong! His moustache was an instrument in itself! Look at the size of that thing! It could be the fifth member!

  58. Rick Std

    I don`t give a F$/%/$ if I heard on the radio. Thank you Crosby, Still and Nash!

    Rick Std

    I love you guys!

  59. Seventies Memories

    Great documentary out now about Crosby - not to be missed.

    JPatrick Burger

    This was a very revealing documentary about David so much pain.I hope that he lives long enough to mend the broken friendship's before he or anyone passes away...

  60. Lloyd Claussen

    Wasted all the way

  61. liverpoollishgirl

    They always could sing about things they couldn't live. Wish they had learned from this moment...

  62. Katin Ka


  63. Albert Lianza

    love it never heard song good music to listening

  64. Bernhard Lohr

    A timeless jewel !!
    Simply "wunderbar" !

  65. J R

    Sni mi sie to co noc..

  66. Douglas McConnell

    Such a positive vibe in 2019 , this old man is feeling it. !!

  67. MsCowboy82

    The best what 3 guys any 2 guitars can do !!! point !!!

  68. angelblue1054

    When a group sounds as good live as it does in the recording studio.....Truly one of the best ever!

  69. mattelderca

  70. rocket49

    Truer words that have never been so important as they are now...

  71. sherry hatcher

    Does Crosby sing the lower key

  72. Ylt Sen

    385 people must be Bieber fans lol

  73. R ESP1000

    "Wisdom once thought to come with years, really arrives at the time your mind opens inside itself. Age has nothing to do with it, Its whenever we become open to all that is. " R.Eastburn

  74. Craig Monteforte

    What a great song and intro to it

  75. John Adams

    Great dynamics. They kept the guitar volume low when they wanted to vocals out in front. Perfect blend.

  76. Sean White

    In my youth Ireland, this group was the pinnacle of American values. Such talent that made America great.

  77. Ambria Daniels Band

    Harmonies unmatched by any, except the Eagles "Seven Bridges Road"

  78. Scott Walker

    Isn't it ironic about the current state of this band...

  79. Marty Palanos

    there vocals a gift from god

  80. B Haque

    Once in awhile you need a reminder of the perfect harmony of these three voices! Never gets old!!!

  81. David M

    Road trip! Manistee National Forest, weekend camping trips when we were young.

  82. Daniel Mesery

    Still they deliver the music::

  83. 0000 0000

    Just absolutely GREAT!

  84. Jericho Lewis

    No competition...Legends

  85. Bass Boat Hero

    I wish I had more friends like You!

  86. Christin Soriano, Jr.


  87. Christin Soriano, Jr.


  88. Christin Soriano, Jr.


  89. john west

    Still the best acoustical band ever!!!😎

  90. General Mosquito Spray

    David shushes the clapping audience. This is not a song to clap along to.

    The Mottoist

    Absolutely! Yes indeed; I noticed that and I gave it a mental thumbs-up. I was at a show by 'Fascinating Aida' when the audience started to do the same. They stopped the song and their leader Dilly Keane said 'Thanks for your support, ladies and gentlemen. We've been rehearsing this song for months; and I don't recall seeing any of you there.' Drastic response but it worked!

    General Mosquito Spray

    @The Mottoist Haha that is awesome!!

  91. Gary Skadra

    Good song but I wish they had a video with the original album version

  92. Mr Mugglez


  93. Tabea Schumann

    its so lovely song.....
    Thank you so much ....I'm new Abo
    gr.from Heidelberg 💌


    Tabea Schumann x

    Tabes how old are you 😎
    Greetings from switzerland

    Tabea Schumann

    Hallo.......I'm 34 years 🧚‍♀️
    I love musik like this.....;-)

  94. norm atchue

    Did Crosby wake up during this song

  95. Cris Tecson


  96. Will Itig

    Is there a song by them I don't love? ... Nope! Thankyou guys. I love ya. And I hope to hear ya in the next realm of living light.

  97. Lisa Shawe

    Timeless inspiration.,.. in a little song with a big message

  98. Joy Stinson

    Great song of youth, mistakes and evaluation of a life in maturity, what an important message then and for today.