Crosby, Stills & Nash - Unequal Love Lyrics

[Intro. (Acoustic Guitar)]

Like a whisper on the wind
Sometimes the wind don't want to hear about it
Like a sailboat on the sea
Sometimes the ocean just don't care about it

There are many, many feelings that can tear your soul apart
But the pressure of unequal love is hard
'Cause the price you have to pay is that the pain won't go away
Unequal love

Did you ever stay too long
With a lover who was over you
You had the feeling it was wrong, so wrong, so wrong
But you loved so hard there's nothing you can do

There are many, many heartaches when you're up against the wall
And all the love you give won't come back at all
And no matter what you do it really hurts to know the truth
Love is unequal sometimes

[Instrumental (Harmonica)]

When you have a change of heart
'Cause you've found that you can trust somebody Trust somebody
They'll tear the arrow from your heart
It's you they'll love it's not just anybody Anybody

There are many, many reasons not to play the game at all
But in the meantime you are bound to fall
'Cause your wounds are gonna heal you're gonna learn just how to deal
How to deal with unequal love
Unequal love, unequal love

[Ending (Electric Guitar + Harmonica)]

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Crosby, Stills & Nash Unequal Love Comments
  1. renato sipe

    Beautiful song ever great to hear again..

  2. Bob Cochrane

    Where'd you get that pic? It's great. What memories. Great tune also. Thank you.

  3. stuart halley

    Welcome to to the SIXTIES BAYBEEE!!!!!!

  4. Jeannah Swick Haber

    beautiful and love all the imagery, thanks for putting this together!