Crosby, Stills & Nash - Live It Up Lyrics

[Intro. (Synths)]

Live it up
Live it up

Don't need the look of a millionaire
Takes more than money just to live it up
Don't need designer on the things I wear
Takes more than fashion just to live it up

Don't need my home sitting in Bel Air
Forty room apartment just to live it up
Don't need Jacuzzis or midnight affairs
Neighbors in the nude just to live it up

But I need to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I need to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I want to live it up, live it up

Don't need connections for a ringside seat
Takes more than power just to live it up
Don't need the keys to the governor's suite
Takes more than politics to live it up

Don't like the tricks they play on Easy Street
So don't do me favors just to live it up
Don't need to mingle with the stars I meet
Backstage passes just to live it up

But I need to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I need to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I want to live it up, live it up oooh

[Instrumental (Electric Guitar)]

Just look around you
So many ways that you can live it up, really got to live it up
It's all around you
All you gotta do is open up, all you do is open up

Don't need to drink 'til we all fall down
Takes more than liquor just to live it up
Don't need no dealer pushing me around
Takes more than chemicals to live it up

Don't need a ticket to a gambling town
Twenty-one don't get it just to live it up
Why are we looking in the lost and found?
People try so hard just to live it up

But I need to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I need to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I want to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I got to live it up, live it up

But I need to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I need to live it up, live it up, oh, oh, oh
I want to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I got to live it up, live it up

But I need to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I need to live it up, live it up, oh, oh, oh
I want to live it up, oh, oh, oh
I got to live it up, live it up

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Crosby, Stills & Nash Live It Up Comments
  1. Aclyptico

    Tiffany Theisen is still hot!

  2. Nasty Hardcore

    There are four hot dogs in the album cover. Was this originally planned to be a CSNY album?

  3. sylvester quast

    this was the typical dumming sound of that time

  4. MrFloppy19

    Zack and Kelly FOREVER

  5. C.J. O'Dell

    Peaked at #7 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts.

  6. Bill Dollar

    This is the album that burst the CSN bubble. For some reason, the guys didn't argue when the producer said: Hey!...Let's turn the drums right up! yeah!...that'll get the kids to buy it!
    The abortion that resulted makes a mockery of the group's brilliance and musicality.
    So bloody putting lipstick on a monkey and calling it a ballerina....

    Carl Ake Jr.

    Bill Dollar great track. Not sure what your smoking!

  7. Zack McCrea

    I like the song but the album was a big flop

  8. kevin harrison

    Kevin fucks w/ this song right here. 🔥

  9. Striker92

    After years of wondering who did this song because of saved be the bell wedding in Las Vegas I finally know

  10. P Walls

    Didn't Metallica do a cover of this song?

  11. Frankincensed

    Yeah, when CSN go mechanized drum machine, it's time for retirement of a major change.

  12. Psykhedelic

    Different, not really sure how I feel about this yet

  13. William Gardner

    I thought this was a great comeback from the band at the time, Thank you for posting!

  14. trfesok

    Recorded in 1986, over 3 years before the rest of the album (along with "Shadowland" from "American Dream"). I think they were originally going to be part of a Graham Nash album. Both are in my CSN(Y) playlist. Thanks a lot for the upload!


    That makes sense, it definitely has more of a mid late 80s feel

  15. craig68able

    I love this song,but wish it was the video

    mike mikovich

    @craig68able there is a video but no ton you tube steven stills tries to do the alligator dance in the end-- it is horrible but funny too lol

    kcirred nosrednad

    mike mikovich
    Is there a link to the video? I have had no success in locating it. I remember Phil Collins playing the drums and riding in a limo with a swimming pool on the back. That's 27 years ago though I could be wrong.

  16. Eddie Delacruz

    Cool song reminds me of saved by the Bell in Vegas. Really sounds like Phil Collins on drums but maybe Vitale as someone said


    @Eddie Delacruz Vitale on drums, synths and songwriting!


    +Eddie Delacruz Yes, it was used as the opening theme to Wedding in Vegas.

    Cool Cat

    Yeah Joe played the drums but, if memory serves, Phil actually appeared in the video for this song. It was just a quick shot of him banging away on the drums & then he gave kind of a playful wink & smile to the camera. I'm sure this was jut becuz he & Crosby are friends though. It's just too bad the video isn't here on YT cuz I always liked it.

    Ma Chin Yun

    I think so

  17. Sky Black

    Haven't heard this song in 20 years, since I watched SBTB: Wedding in Las Vegas.

  18. MichaelRescigno

    This great song was written by Joe Vitale.  Joe Vitale also played the drums on it and co-produced the album.  

  19. Stephen Silva

    The album cover (pictured) should be rated in the 'top 10' of the worst album covers. Just a poor attempt to be funny.  

  20. Sterling Music

    This may be the greatest song ever recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash (and or Young). Blows the first album out of the water and makes Ohio sound like a third rate b side


    @Sterling Music You have an excellent sense of sarcastic humor.

  21. lurch321

    Phil Collins appears in this video.....................did he play drums on this?  Definitely sounds like his style.

    Cool Cat

    The album credits don't mention Phil so i'm pretty sure it was Joe Vitale on drums.  But you're right about Phil being in the video.

  22. Rob Marley

    Better late than never, for their really good stuff you got dig a little deeper on the older stuff, not so much the stuff on the radio but the lesser played tracks are really what CSN is all about.

  23. Rob Marley

    Maybe there was a little inspiration from the pop sound of the that era, but it was produced by the band with Joe Vitale and J. Stanley Johnson. I read that on the intranet, so it has to be true. I pretty much dig anything by CSN(Y) old or new with or without it is all cool with me brother.

  24. celticsdude

    Saved By The Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas helped me finally find this song!!!!!


    celticsdude i couldnt find it for the longest time. This song makes me think of that "movie" every time i hear this song

  25. JayDee

    Oooh, the fine days back in 2003, when Nickelodeon started airing here in the Netherlands and it closed down with Saved by the bell... Which was the first time for me seeing that show :D Me as a 8 year old kid loving the show, searching for more episodes of it on Kazaa... And finding the 'Wedding in Vegas'-movie in four parts. It took forever to download and the second part was corrupt so I kept watching the intro and every new bit over and over... Never knew what song this was. Thanks bro :D

  26. Rob Marley

    sounds a bit like Phil Collins

  27. Thehip22

    20years later I have finally found it!! SBTB brought me here.....

  28. Hajbiz

    Live it up.

  29. Goliam Nos

    this drum ... thats why i dont like the 80s and 90s

  30. Gus classic rock channel

    Ha ha, yes

  31. John32070

    Where's the video? Had lots of celebrity cameos. Great song, should have been a big hit.

  32. JayDee

    Nope. They used it FOR the movie, it wasn't FROM the movie. ;-)

  33. Paul Pirolozzi

    This Song Was From Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas.

  34. Marie Maria

    OMFG ... I've been checking on YT FOREVERRRRRR for this song and NOW FINALLY here it is !!! LOVE IT !!!! Thanks SO MUCH for posting !!!!!!

  35. antonio brooks

    thanks for posting this,have been searching for awhile

  36. Billybobjoey

    there is a video of this does anybody have it? please put it on here thank you