Crosby, Stills & Nash - For What It's Worth Lyrics

[Intro. (Electric Guitar and Keyboards)]

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I've got to beware

Think it's time we stop
Hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

[Instrumental (Keyboards)]

There's battle lines being drawn again
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong again
Young people speaking their minds once again
So much resistance from behind

Think it's time we stop
Hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

[Instrumental (Keyboards)]

What a field day for the heat
A thousand people standing in the street
Singing songs and carrying the signs, oh no
They mostly say "hooray for our side"

We've got to stop
Hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

[Instrumental (Electric Guitar)]

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
Step outta line the men come and shoot you down

Think it's time we stop
Hey, what's that sound
Hey, hey, hey we've got to stop and take a look around
No, no, yeah stop, hey, what's that sound hey, hey, hey
We've got to stop and take a look around

[Instrumental (Electric Guitar)]

Think it's time we stop
Hey, what's that sound
Look what's going down yeah, yeah, yeah

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Crosby, Stills & Nash For What It's Worth Comments
  1. 82Echo411

    A lovely update. A great addition to the original cut.

  2. Paul Baransky

    Stills could have played the song as it was originally written , as an acoustical shorter song. He chose this version for crowd participation and to get all his backing musicians involved. Judging from the response of the crowd it was well accepted.

  3. pinocico

    Non si finisce mai di essere sorpresi da questi GIGANTI della MUSICA Meravigliosamente BRAVIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  4. Alberto Sánchez Gutiérrez

    Que rollo que tenían los cabrones, esto si que es puto rock and roll no la mierda de hoy en día... LONG LIVE ROCKNROLL!!

  5. kdeltatube

    Does anyone else find Nash to be annoying


    He is simply Wonderful like the Other two

  6. JStarStar00

    All the organ and keyboards fiddling around detract from the lyric. Too bad Neil wasn't here.

  7. Jericho Lewis

    Always love watching these guys. Cros is the calm stoic one. Nash loves to move and jump around. Stills just plays man.

    Awesome shit.

  8. Rose Blake

    Nash seems to be having a party here by himself. He’s marching to the beat of a different drummer.

  9. Sean

    Hmm I love this version AND the OG version but everybody in the comments is complaining... What's wrong with me?? Oh yeah nothing cause I understand that as a musician you like to switch things up and give your live audiences a different experience than a carbon copy of the radio version and that music is by definition FLUENT. Cool out my 60s cats this version is FAR OUT if you open your mind and the doors of perception!

  10. Virgolino Luis

    Great song. Stills superb, one of the best musicians/guitarists in the planet. B3 master Mike Finnigan. Awesome mood. What's not to like? Greetings from Portugal.

  11. Cezary Dąbrowski

    First time I've heard this, I had to have a break and go for a smoke, as I did not believe it. I mean the bass player - remarkable, completly badass, genious bass playing. Been in my head for couple of days now. Absolutley brilliant.

  12. Martha Williams

    80s ruined everything the 60s was the best version

    Paul Baransky

    This rocks. Sixties version needed an update although still very good. This version utilizes the crowd and the full band and let's the song stretch out a bit. Judging from the crowd reaction, which was cut off here, pretty fantastic.

  13. tackless

    A shit cover of a great song. I know they could have done better.

  14. Dave Sims

    Wow how they managed to turn this amazing song into a generic open mic blues jam is beyond me

  15. tie oneon

    nice jazzy arrangement 

    you cant have the band recapture the vibe FOR YOU

    thats your job

    Dominic Devereaux

    Original " for all its worth. G,S,N.

  16. Mike Burg

    Buckle your seatbelt kids! Some real Rock n Roll.

  17. Mike Burg

    Things seem to never change in this country.

  18. surfdogdude

    Terrible! How stoned was he????

  19. classic kool

    Fucking Classic  ....... Kool!

  20. Dewey Wise

    and our Joe Vitale from Canton on the Drums! you go Joe!

  21. coralfrank

    A cool and different version.

  22. Astra Kelly

    Such an amazing tune for right now! Check out my version...

  23. raoul diblasi

    Nobody's right if everybody's wrong!

    braf zachland

    that's the problem with a 2 party system my friend. it allows everybody to be wrong

    raoul diblasi

    Precisely my point!

    braf zachland

    @raoul diblasi well that is two of us on the same page. 318,997 more to go

  24. Nicolo Arena

    live bellissimo soprattutto quando stills e Crosby urlanl

  25. Doug G

    if you like the old version buy the record. Stills likes to change things up live. Put the song is 50 yrs old. He can do whatever he wants with it

  26. lobur12n12

    this sucks, it's terrible

  27. Joe Giliberti

    Can Nash please put on some fucking shoes?

  28. Chris McRae

    Mike Finnigan on the keys!


    +Chris McRae Good to see him out there!! the Hendrix alum.

    Chris McRae

    +Johngonefishin I seem to find him everywhere, he was great with Dave Mason

  29. M Brock

    So freaking awesome

  30. trfesok

    This version is also on the "Allies" album. I'm not really crazy about this rearrangement of this song, which they didn't change after that. It totally misses the subtle, ominous creepiness of the BS version.  An old roommate of mine told me the he thought it sounded like Dave Mason doing the song. Interesting, since he didn't know that Dave Mason's organist was in the backup band at this time! In my CSN(Y) playlist. Thanks for the upload!

    Warren Lauzon

    Agreed, the Buffalo version is much better.

    William C Francis

    song was written by Stephen Stills.

    Rhonda Laffey

    Stills shines in this version (not my fave, either), just as he did in the original...

  31. Koert VAN DRIEL

    Poor Joe, his drumkit is short of cymbals, I'll buy him a few more .....

  32. Rob Chapman

    Best thing niel ever did was leave CSNY..Saw CSN in Hersey of the worst shows I have ever been to...they are a joke.

    Tom Marks

    @Rob Chapman Loved your album from the 60's what was the name again? BTW It is (Neil) not Niel - and Neil was always a guest on albums.

    Rob Chapman

    @Tom Marks ya...I don't write symphony's either but I know Mozart was great... And thanks for the English lesson

  33. Deke Sanders

  34. Keaton Smith

    Stills is a sweaty bastard. But he rocks. I love this song.

    Wm Wardwell

    +Keaton Smith What a change in appearance for Steven Stills,though. Age has not treated him well. His memory seems affected also. At least Neil can still remember the chording and words to HIS music. Gone are the halcyon days of Southern Cross and CSN.

    s1ck m3m3

    +Wm Wardwell you say that as if Stephen and Neil are rivals. If you knew anything about Stephen Stills, which you probably don't considering you've spelled his name wrong, one of the first things you'd know is that he doesn't like to perform songs like they are on the records. He changes it up every time so they don't wear out to him or the listeners.

    Erik Flinsch

    "Ever stand in front of stage lights?" They can radiate a lot of heat.

  35. dawn fillinger

    I knew one song of buffalo Springfields, this one, i didnt realize until you tube ,( Ikr it taught someone something, the posters did.).  i could hear N.Y, wasnt sure but thought so,  what i didnt know was it  spawned C,S,N,&Y, ProcoHarem, and Crazy horse (if i forgot any id love to know, nicely) and I realize that Young isnt in this but the original with the cowboy hat wearing B.S., was way before I was born and I didnt recognize by loos a single one.. So How cool or I dont know why but the amount of talent back then astounds me.. i heard Nash saw Young driving down the street so Nash did a U-ee and grabbed him and said hey join us..  and then legends were born.. it really amazes me, and it amazes me more that on Neil young's benefit for his kids school, the real youngsters, are talking how bad these old timers sound and blah blah blah.. yet all this generation has done (the ones  bitching)is wear others designs and trends "ironically" they will not be known for any great works of art period, not by song, prose, or designers of clothes, they will be known as the generation of what????ill speak their very limited minds about people that have more talent in their pinkies then they do in their collective generation.. Even my generation the one full of excess had its one look ushered in a new musical era, made our own statement on clothes and gender roles, and were in a lot of cases a cautionary tale tale as well.. so to the whole YOLO generation , take your own advice and YOLO, live your own life, leave a mark aside form the first generation to be assholes in the internet g.. wow good sons generation may be the first too eradicate smoking , now that's a YOLO, thats living and leaving a mark, i hope they can do it!! I also hope they see these videos and want to make great music again , because as i see it once all our idols , icons die , there will be no more music.. not good music, music form the heart and that will stand the test of time.. okay off of my soapbox now..

    Robert Sanborn

    You missed Poco,The Souther,Hillman and furay Band.  Loggins and Messina, Mannasas and most recently The Rides.  And I may have overlooked some.=)

  36. Kandi G.

    I'm also tired of  Stats/ comments being disabled.

  37. Kandi G.

    I'm tired of trying to make a comment, then you tube putting on a commercial, while I'm typing,  loosing my comment. It happens mostly if I am making a negative comment. I'm surprised I 've gotten this far with this comment. Stop, screening our posts or comments.  It's just wrong.

  38. Hans Hoog Stoevenbelt

    Great song, great bass player, who's the Guy?


    Sounds like George Perry.

    José Luis Felippi

    @Hans Hoog Stoevenbelt It's "Chocolate" George Perry.

  39. Darren Dixon

    sorry i got it mixed up w/ buffalo springfield vid. graham hash....duh

  40. Darren Dixon

    who is that fool who looks out of place tween 2 legends ?

    dawn fillinger

    umm nash.... pretty iconic too

    Ed Cheng

    Haha! Graham Nash, from The Hollies. He's also the least I like in the group but... Stills drinks, Crosby drugs, Young was too poetic ... Nash's the only sane and sober and pulling things together. 

    dawn fillinger

    ok..too poetic for you? that doesn't make him stupid just smarter than most

    Maarten Mens

    @Darren Dixon It's a concert by the legendary Crosby, Stills & Nash. I know Crosby and Stiils, but I wonder who the third guy is... Seriously?

  41. Darren Dixon

    crosby would've looked better if he kept on wearing that siily hippie cowboy hat all these years. neil young must be a major pain in the ass.

  42. Juliane SC

    Maravilhoso =)

  43. SoulSurvivorX2

    Love listening to live recordings. Great song

    wade luther

    Agree , god bless

  44. David Reynolds

    meh. Like the original by Buffalo Springfield better. Usually love these guys on harmonies but...

  45. chuck wilson

    chek out mike finnegan the coolest

  46. Kathy Bayer

    Holy crap!!!!! THE BEST!!!!!

  47. ptorres109

    great job by all

  48. George D

    Stills, a rock poetic.

  49. MsSillygirl77

    I love how Stills dresses onstage. The talented preppy guy that you loved to hate back in the day. But in reality you adored him under the radar.

  50. WysteriaGuitar

    Stills is one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

    Doug G

    especially on acoustic. Listen to Treetop Flyer, Black Queen or Bluesman

  51. trfesok

    I don't know -- not bad. Bluesy, but the "haunt count" is much higher on the original BS version. A friend of mine said it sounds like Dave Mason covering it (maybe because FInnegan was in Mason's band?). Thanks for the upload.

  52. Craig Leavitt

    Michael Finnigan on keys - also prominent backing vocals

  53. gaspumpguy

    Stephen on a great "blonde" Telecaster! Whew !

  54. Patricia Paquette

    Xy..Stephen Stills is and was a was Neil Young..this is meant to be enjoyed & carried on

  55. bluezer88

    this is actually good shit

  56. paul j


    Doug G

    Because it wasn't the studio version? That's how they roll in concert.

  57. xylemphoenix

    I am the 1 dislike because it isn't Buffalo Springfield.

  58. David Evans

    ...there's a man with a water gun over there, telling me I ought to beware...

  59. salvatore chessa


  60. Patricia Paquette

    There's somefin happinin oveaaaaaaaaa here it! oh la la Stephen Stills

  61. criticalcommonmind

    Bing's best performance EVER ... ;)
    Thanks for uploading!

  62. Mike Lusby

    Mike Finnigan on keyboards!

  63. bethhurd1

    Love love love love love Stephen Stills!!!

  64. Merton Hayford

    This version is tame and sucks as compared to the 2011 live versions by the reformed Buffalo Springfield.

  65. LemonFaceFunnies

    Who is the bass player?

  66. Juan Sandoval

    Great song, great music, great concert, great musicians... i love it!

  67. Kimberly Phoenix

    They sound good but only Graham is thin now..ah yes the harmony of a life time.