Crosby & Nash - Traction In The Rain Lyrics

It's hard enough, I know
To find the strength to go
Back to where it all began
It's hard to enough to gain
Any traction in the rain
You know its hard for me to understand

Hard to find a way
To get through another city day
Without thinking about
Gettin' out

Now the strangest thing I've seen
Was a tee-shirt turning green
In envy of a turtle dove
The dove's lady was the cause
Or maybe it was the olive branch she held in her claws
Or maybe he could see they were in love

You know it's hard for me to find a way
To get through another city day
Without thinking about
Gettin' out

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Crosby & Nash Traction In The Rain Comments
  1. Rolly Polly

    Crosby higher than a giraffes ass performing like an absolute virtuoso

  2. DanusMyName

    Man, that's a nice song.

  3. Bruno Reginaldi

    It's hard enough, I know
    To find the strength to go
    Back to where
    It all began
    It's hard to enough to gain
    Any traction in the rain
    You know it's hard
    For me to understand

    Hard to find
    A way
    To get through another
    City day
    Without thinking about
    Gettin' out

    Now the strangest thing I've seen
    Was a t-shirt turning green
    In envy of a passing turtle dove
    The dove's lady was the cause
    Or maybe it was the olive branch
    She held in her claws
    Or maybe he could see
    They were in love

    You know it's hard for me to find
    A way
    To get through another
    City day
    Without thinking about
    Gettin' out

  4. Eowens Pa

    Always my favourite on his first album. Astoundingly good live,l do
    miss the harp like sound though. Fantastic upload thank you.

  5. death2pc

    We the beneficiaries.........................................

  6. male genitals look like mushrooms

    in a lake , an endless horizon surrounded by grass , trees and mountains , its quiet and the sun is warm on your face

  7. Carol Ogihara

    They had such a rapport right from the start in the early days - they just really mesh together. It's a pity they aren't together now as there seems to be a rift. I hope time will heal. I hope I can see them perform one day.

  8. Gabe Thornes

    He wasn’t always the nicest guy, especially to SN and Y, but his voice is undeniably incredible

  9. Tonya Johnson

    David And Graham wow! Could not get any better than that ! A joint some incense and this duo !

  10. Anthony Nicolo

    The status quo hated the intense creativity of these times and sadly ended it forever . Compare this with the bass Harvey rap crap you hear from cars reflect todays world of so called artists

  11. Andrew Masset

    Never heard this one..Pretty..

  12. mariadpinto

    How I wish I was present during this taping!!!

  13. Joseph McKenna

    This entire BBC performance by Crosby and Nash is the best vocal harmonies I’ve heard live, ever. It really captures the two in a great place in their songwriting collaboration together. This surpasses the studio recordings, and the nuisances you get to see between the two both in playing and personally is really special to see. I’m a fan of Stills and Young, but the dynamic with just Crosby and Nash playing these songs carries so much better.

  14. DIRTYBOB59

    I think there's about 6-figures worth of Martin$, there... ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!...)


    Crosby sold some very fine guitars for drug money back in the day. Quite sad

  15. Sir Francis Drake

    Crosby accompanied by Graham and Sativa.

  16. Louise Ever Dancing

    This brilliant album still resonates as one of my favorites. TY David Crosby.

  17. Ian Mcdougall

    Fuck off Nash!

  18. Ulrich Wilke

    very great song, peaceful and with feeling

  19. Michele Austin


  20. Footstompin' Leroy Scott

    Crosby - out of his nut - pulls out this gem.
    Awesome vocal

  21. Kimberle Miskovsky

    its on my mind nearly all the time .....................i cover this @ irishseano

  22. Lori Moore

    Love this one. Always will.

  23. Michael Edwards

    David absolutely flying, love his 'If Only...' album, other worldly.

  24. Martine Ranguétat


  25. Bufatutu Agonistes

    Just found these four songs. Just beautiful. If only and some of Neil's stuff are the best of CSNY. Still exciting after all these years. Micheal Hedges was a fan and then friend of DC's,,.he would have loved this loved this loved this. But where is (1 of 5)?

  26. ALINA H

    So I'm a massive fan of these guys and have been for a while, but I'm just now coming across this song. What a haunting performance, and a guttural expression... I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to any produced version. How is this not a mega hit? Too, too real.

  27. Maria White

    These men put Angels to Shame.
    This is almost too Beautiful.
    The range, the acoustics. So PURE.
    It's Beyond healing!!!!!

  28. Maureen HORRIGAN

    A voice of an angel, David Crosby

  29. slitespd

    Doesn't get any better than this, now does it?

  30. TheUpsnDowns

    Graham has tremendous heart... and

  31. TheUpsnDowns

    Having David Crosby in the world is a great thing...

    Andrew sd

    What a beautiful gift to us all!

    Kimberle Miskovsky

    when he goes it'll be on my mind nearly all the time


    I’ll agree but only when/if he’s singing; he’s a bit of an ass when he’s not.


    It sure is. Hoping to see him in concert. I missed his last visit to Tanglewood.

  32. ddjdd wfgggb

    amazing song crosby is so loaded lmfaoo


    dude, get Crosby's solo album, if only I could remember my name, that has this song on it. That album is so freaking great.

    Jim Mcintyre

    Absolutely stoned !...I was there.....we went in our youth clubs minibus.....magical .....they were so funny as was edited to half hour for TV

  33. Jeff Smart

    oh my oh my..

  34. Bob West

    Love these guys and their fellows. Miss this sound so much…

  35. Bob Marshall

    Anyone who knows anything about music knows this is fucking brilliant!

  36. Peter Burnett

    dumb song. he should of stayed with the hollys

    Jerry Sirbaugh

    +Peter Burnett Crosby was not a member of the Hollys. Nash was. Crosby was a founding member of the Byrds. So you see,not only the song is dumb;though it is anything but.


    +Peter Burnett you're retarded

  37. Pedro Ventura


  38. Jeff Smart

    so peaceful

  39. Xania More

    nice one too

  40. Si Barron

    weird how everyone thinks 'If Only I could remember my Name' is a classic- I find it dull in the extreme- however this song is great (although it sounds much better here than on the record) Crosby is by far the most soul full outta CSNY, you gotta love the guy, even if he is a major fuckup

    Riff Bear

    i know nothing of his fuck ups and only of his greatness. pure, fucking, greatness. 

    Tom Butters

    Crosby's work is an acquired taste, like oysters, blue cheese, scotch and jazz. However, once you are tuned in you wonder what you were thinking of before.

    Sheriff Lophophora

    Hahaha it took me over three years to get into If I Could Only Remember My Name, it was way easier for me to get into Trout Mask Replica. Now I can see why it is one of the biggest masterpieces of Psychedelic Folk.

    Caleb Fringer

    👎👎.... If I Could Only Remember My Name is a musical masterpiece!

    Raleigh Wood

    SO think it is don't know Jack about music

  41. Alan Kennedy

    A wonderful song from a great talent

  42. Vincecouk

    Oh wow, how haven't I come across this video until now, it's been up for 6 years.

  43. yrtnook

    What superb talents they both are.  So glad David Crosby is still around in spite of himself.  Goosebumps indeed Davy Roderick.

  44. Davy Roderick


  45. Ulli K.

    Yes he is !!!!

  46. Nina Eckhoff

    The artistry in this song - live - blows me away. Restraint, passion, delicacy - and two of the most gifted musicians of my (or any) generation sharing this with us.

    Lynda Mclaughlin

    Have always loved this song. His voice angelic.

  47. Jordy Deco

    Beautiful End Of.

    Maureen HORRIGAN

    Crosby had an angel' s voice

  48. AviatorRider

    One of the most beautiful friendship stories of contemporary music. Those voices were meant to sing together

  49. dorseypender

    Just beautiful ethereal, my god.

  50. beachviewman

    This was always the most sublime song among all the great songs and arrangements on 'If Only I could Remember my Name'. It knocked me out the very first time I heard it back in the heady days of 1971 and I never tire of listening to it over 40 years later.

    Bradley Kravitz

    Not many songs i've listened to have been able to push me to the verge of tears like this one.


    again thank you

  52. Maure Briggs

    That is sooo beautiful !!!

  53. shakedownstreet48

    I keep comming back to this ,it's so beautiful

  54. beatmonkey

    This song actually takes my breath away

  55. timber tacoma

    Brother, it's on my mind almost all the time too

  56. Colin Blake

    lovely song sung so beautifully,they where the best then and still are now

  57. Stephen Barncard

    you got that right, brother.

  58. keith john

    Fucckin amazing and beautiful.

  59. Rikk303

    .the olive branch she held in her claws......dear me

  60. Mathew Tindal

    who's this prick in the white suite?

  61. jgschmitt

    Dear 6 dislikes. Go fuck yourself, you don't know music!!

  62. cameron platt

    And yet another underrated/forgotten masterpiece. Must be hard. Like . . . traction in the rain.

  63. joaobrum94

    dat moustache...

  64. Rikk303

    Graham was always looking out for David. Was a love that was obvious in the looks that were sent and the harmonies only love can reciprocate. Best noise I ever heard in this vein gog

  65. wk4max

    sends shivers down your spine,'' if i could only remember my name''is david crosbys first lp and is just superb, this song is track 2 side 2[lp]

  66. 1954telecaster

    do you really know them personally??

  67. veger1

    '69 & '70 was a special time for sure !


    It certainly was the best. Best music ever. Egalitarian, equality, jobs, . We had all the nice things

  68. W.L. Gladden Enterprises

    Awesome, real,pure,what a voice...

  69. Expecta Miracle

    @maximumunicorns Guenivere does it to me too

  70. Chris Shirley

    so beautiful i weep every time.

  71. Rikk303

    Never thought the Hollies were all that, so seeing Graham linked up with people I'd never heard of kinda suggested desperation or a death-knell. Marrakesh Express gave me a glimmer of what was to come. Poppy, radio-friendly until Dave came out screaming and shouting. CSN and occasionaly Y make an incredible noise. C with a 12-string on his own is mind-blowing as is S with a D-45. C&N are great...heavenly harmony! Did C&S ever hang their egos up and just play and sing? Would like to know

  72. Beep Beep

    C.S.N. have been an important part of my life. They helped me in good times and in bad and I have never heard better harmony from any one else! thank you guy' you Steve Stills!

  73. keith john

    Genius, beautiful harmony

  74. Ron Littlejohn

    John Bonham in the crowd

  75. vanessa greenwood

    I love the look David gives Graham just before 1 minute in. Respect to Graham Nash, it must have been an almost insurmountable task keeping David Crosby focused at any point that entire decade...Wonderful song.

  76. cpcnw

    So much better than the album version ~ music to take you out of your life for a few precious moments!

  77. Hellishcrusade

    @Vbossch - Hunter Muskett do!

  78. Liam Cundle

    How high was he when he did this!? :D

  79. SaxyDan54

    @Julo87 You get it! :) There is no denying their musicianship and devotion to love and freedom.

  80. GildorMusic

    a t-shirt turning green? thats strange alright! trrrrippin balls

  81. AXS TV

    Tune into HDNet May 22nd 7:30pmET to watch Crosby-Nash: In Concert, Broadcast LIVE from the Palace Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut

  82. jjj1951

    "Maybe he could see they were in love."

  83. human2011able


  84. Detroit1967

    @CRAXYFINGERS76 : Damn right.

  85. Mynrkeys


  86. TristanCoe

    @Julo87 not everyone was high at every moment of that era. Sure they did take drugs, but not all the time. It just looks like they are having a fun time. Just because they are acting silly doesn't mean that they are high.

    thomas Romano

    Exactly, couldn't agree with you more. Crosby had an off the wall sense of humor that a some people liked, and others found irritating. But a brilliant songwriter and singer.
    I just don't believe he could have been this good if he was stoned. His sense of humor and half-opened eyes made some people say, "oh, yeah, he was stoned," but I think they're jumping to conclusions. In later years Crosby went through some real drug issues, but here he's on top of his game and talent.

  87. Chip Amos

    @bookkeeper57 so I should assume that Stephan Stills, Neil Young, Dallas Taylor, and Graham Nash are not lead vocals alone?

  88. amosquitoz

    I watched the close-up on 3:56 about ten times. He enters a different realm there. Blows my mind.

  89. Laurie Jewett

    I only ever heard the most commercialized CSNY stuff. But, always liked Nash's solo album For Beginners. This is really beautiful. Thanks. Crosby truly does have an amazing voice and expression.

  90. Robert Laberge

    The harmonic duo is playing top-of-the-line Martin D-45's,
    just like Stephen and Neil did.

    Tonya Johnson

    Right on! David believes Martin is best.. I have to agree.. Then again David and Graham could have played any type and sounded supreme!

  91. Kerrgal

    David Crosby has the voice of the angel If you like this you *must* listen to the recorded version of "If I Only Could Remember My Name". Crosby's "solo" album w/guests including Jerry Garcia ~ Joni Mitchell ~ Neil Young. It's a musical masterpiece.

  92. Michael Gorman

    @MrSuedehead72 A really very fine album indeed, was always one of my favourites
    what a great title

  93. Michael Gorman

    @MrSuedehead72 that would be: "If Only I could Remember My Name"

  94. HeartoftheDragonColo

    @centralscrutinizer9 David has acknowledged as much. What it amounts to is a hugely talented man with a mind ascending to heights unknown and a voice and guitar to enrich the lives of those who hear. The danger is burning a wing, like Icarus. David has survived, and we are richer for it.

  95. TheNigelr

    Thank you so much I can die happy!

  96. centralscrutinizer9

    @HighMindedLunacy chill out it was just a observation not a condemnation
    David Crosby is a great musician from a era when the BBC was nieve to drugs he wouldn't even get through the door these days so regardless of what substance he was taking i appreciate these performances my comment was not meant as negative..have a nice day.

  97. Addison Dewitt

    @centralscrutinizer9 so what ? What that got to do with this beautiful song ? Its like saying "the sky is blue but there is bird shit on that tree"...It is even more to his credit that he can preform so well stoned, I bet you are talentless not stoned.

  98. StanBennet

    Imagine these guys around a campfire.