Crosby & Nash - Teach Your Children Lyrics

You who are on the road
Must have a code
That you can live by
And so become yourself
Because the past
Is just a goodbye.

Teach your children well
Their father's hell
Will slowly go by
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picked
The one you'll know by.

Don't you ever ask them why
If they told you, you will cry
So just look at them and sigh
And know they love you.

And you, (can you hear and)
Of tender years (do you care and)
Can't know the fears (can you see we)
That your elders grew by (must be free to)
And so please help (teach your children what)
Them with your youth (you believe in)
They seek the truth (make a world that)
Before they can die (we can live in)

Teach your parents well
Their children's hell
Will slowly go by
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picked
The one you'll know by.

Don't you ever ask them why
If they told you, you will cry
So just look at them and sigh
And know they love you.

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Crosby & Nash Teach Your Children Comments
  1. Josie Corning

    Still listening at almost 80 y.o. The magic lives on!

  2. Ewald Spanner

    What a great song ! Yes, those lyrics are important forever.

  3. Michael Mathieson

    I was honored that my daughter chose this for our father daughter dance at her wedding

  4. Holladay Cummings

    I just lost one of the most important people in my life, my son. He refused to love back and I had to put a restraining order against him; I tried for years yet, I had to do it.

  5. Stephen Kerr

    Where did young come from

  6. Angela Maria D'Amico


  7. Alpacino

    The best sont ever i love it

  8. Master Moye

    That song is from the movie Katherine.

    Master Moye

    1975 version

  9. Joey Benoit

    We don't have any more DJs! You have to have disc jockeys! Like BillGraham San Francisco! Wolfman Jack! Computers don't know music! You got that XM Sirius music! You suck! You need a captain of the airwaves! People who love music! Not f****** computers!

  10. Joey Benoit

    I remember I was living in San Jose 1969! I was surfing Santa Cruz! This album and the previous album csny first album came out! Beautiful time for me and music! Surfing Carlos Santana! The Bay area! Monterey Pop festival Jimi Hendrix! Good thing I didn't walk to Altamont speedway!!!!

  11. tiago vitor

    Quem veio pelo Antídoto dá um like hehehe!!

  12. Kittawit Prachangkoon


  13. chris rucker

    I understand it a little more everytime I listen to is

  14. Stella Lush

    My grandma loved this song, when i was staying at my grandparents house, l was kinda goin through some shit. they were always there for me, she would come in my room and sit on the bed, she'd tell me how much she loved this song, she'd say how beautiful it was, i would get out of bed and get her to dance with me, hug her, love her... She was my angel, never gave up on me , God l miss her...

    Bill Barry

    I've got a good idea of what you had to go through and I hope you got through it okay.

  15. Pam Richardson

    I think these days the parents didn't do this............So Teach your Children well.

  16. Stanley Nhongonhema

    Was born in 83 grow up listening to the records and fell in love with it❤️❤️💕

  17. Minoru Fuzisaki


  18. The Single Homemaker

    Great song, one of my favorites! Its almost 5 am, I just got through feeding my baby, and had to listen to this song, it was stuck in my head lol

  19. Bailey Carter

    anyone from the office?

  20. Cesae Sepulveda

    que gran tema de este super grupo

  21. my melody

    This lyrics are more current than ever... I wish so much, that there could be more peace, respect and understanding between the generations!!!

    Pam Richardson

    amen girl..................

    my melody

    Peaceful and merry christmas everyone!!!

    Mike Duffy

    Yes and wth Christmas and the sesson of joy and giving what do you all say we give each other a deeper richer more lovely sense of love peace respect understanding and a learning attitude for all stages of life as the nice lady advocated for 💝

  22. Travis T

    Can we all agree that of the 4 that Nash is by far the least talented?

  23. Anomaly88man

    Anyone here for just CSNY and not the media they heard them from instead. Great music never dies.

  24. 村松忍夫

    65 years old. this lovely song reminds me highschool time,
    One of my friend is gone and miss him , wonderful era.
    I love Csny. Please come to Japan!

  25. pmccachren

    Classic songs just get better!

  26. uncooked chicken


  27. Guido Famil

    Ze zijn nu al volwassen maar laat ze regelmatig horen

  28. Taunao Vai

    A lovely song

  29. Connor Dodsworth

    What Genre would you classify this as?


    When my father introduced me to this song... He taught his child well.

  31. robert bennie

    I have six, count 'em, 6 great grandchildren. You know each generation was positively affected because I understood what this and other 'message music' brought forward to our here and now. It was a kind of magic age and this song keeps bringing it all home.

  32. mj. rock

    brain dead folks think this music is positive ,its communist inspired,wake the heck up.

  33. Zolkiewska

    I miss my dad so much... fortunately we got closure; i told him about the things that he said that had hurt me on my childhood, he apologised, we patched up. sometime later i had to say sorry about something that i had done when i was a child, he accepted my apologies and said things that showed me that i had taught him something. i think he really knew i love him
    he taught me so much too, of course. it's for his music taste that i ended up here, tonight, trying to get something from this song, as i'm crying my heart out. i know you loved me

    Andrew Leeming

    Zolkiewska k

  34. Monaghan54

    My lovely Barb taught our children well and now that she has been taken from us they stand as a monument to her love and care. We all miss her terribly. (Everybody should donate to cancer research and help towards that day when it will be beaten)

  35. toyplum

    i love this song

  36. huepix

    I thought the Mike Curb congregation did this

  37. RayNDeere

    I love the arrangement of the song: A couple of acoustic guitars with a sinple tambourine beat with Jerry's pedal steel at just the right points. The story went that Jerry played in return for David and Graham teaching the Dead about harmony singing. David denied it, saying the Dead always had good harmonies

  38. William Harvey

    I knew Jerry played the steel on this but , I didnt know the year . 1970

  39. willard2729

    Do as I say not as I do. Raging, hateful intolerant, angry leftists Crosby and young don’t believe a word of this

  40. Marta Cabrera

    amo esta cancion !

  41. Paul Goodier

    Please please I had a rendition of de ja vous but on this great track Grahame had a little giggle in his solo part and the end finished with an AHAA....does anyone know where I know that from?

  42. itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis

    Still a beautiful song, in 2019. The harmonies are so tight! The steel guitar is so wonderfully played.

    Brian Esposito

    Steel guitar by Jerry Garcia of "The Grateful Dead."

    itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis

    @Brian Esposito Wow! Didn't know that.

  43. Alvaro Garcia

    From Spain, many thanks CSNY, your music cleans my soul.

  44. Shaun

    Love it

  45. journeystarr

    Why would 990 people dislike this song?


    @The Daily Snail some people don't appreciate good music

    The Daily Snail

    @journeystarr yeah

  46. Eddie Bryan

    Who wroted this one?

  47. Michael Fricker

    According to Graham Nash, Jerry was given a demo and sat down to record this song. After the first take,Graham said that is a take wonder


    You, who are on the road
    Must have a code that you can live by
    And so, become yourself
    Because the past is just a goodbye

    Teach your children well
    Their father's hell did slowly go by
    And feed them on your dreams
    The one they picks, the one you'll know by

    Don't you ever ask them why
    If they told you, you would cry
    So just look at them and sigh
    And know they love you

    And you (Can you hear?) of tender years (And do you care?)
    Can't know the fears (And can you see?) that your elders grew by (We must be free)
    And so, please help (To teach your children) them with your youth (What you believe in)
    They seek the truth (Make a world) before they can die (That we can live in)

    Teach your parents well
    Their children's hell will slowly go by
    And feed them on your dreams
    The one they picks, the one you'll know by

    Don't you ever ask them why
    If they told you, you will cry
    So just look at them and sigh
    And know they love you

  49. mikedicko1

    Absolutely TIMELESS ! ! Beautifully sung, with Excellent Steel Guitar throughout !

  50. pytlozvejk1

    Here's Graham Nash's description of how the song was recorded:
    The Dead and the Airplane were also at Heider's, but in adjacent studios, working on new stuff. I didn't know Jerry Garcia too well, although I knew he was a fine musician, so Crosby suggested I approach him about playing on "Teach Your Children". I had played the song first for Stephen after completing it at the Caravan Lodge Motel. He listened distractedly, then said, "Okay, I've got it, but in all due respect I think this is the way it should go." And he gave it a country arrangement that ultimately turned it into a hit. In any case, I'd heard Jerry had just started playing pedal-steel guitar and asked if he would add a pedal track to my song. After the first take, I said, "Thanks, Jerry, you're done."
    "No, no," he protested, "I f---ed up that part when we go right into the chorus. Can I do another?"
    "Absolutely, do it", I told him, "but I'm never going to use it. The first one was exactly what I wanted."

  51. Kathleen Johnson Miller

    My son sent me this with one gift of my life.

  52. Jessica LeBlanc

    A beautiful gift of life. Appreciations! xox

  53. Saset Andromeda


  54. Roger Meeschaert

    J adore les voix!!!!

  55. Lee Kasselman

    Rip Leslie lee kasselman

  56. Lee Kasselman

    This song makes me think of my dad

  57. Filip Plášek

    office .. :) thank you for discovering this ..

  58. Dick Schulte

    Jerry Garcia of the "Grateful Dead" plays the steel guitar for this song - it makes this song!

  59. TheDustysix

    970 people have no code.

  60. FMsoundpix

    Excellent and wonderful music. Too bad, nowadays, we no longer listen to this kind of music, because everything has become commercial, without feelings, words that make no sense, and everyone thinks they are professional in music .. . !!!!

    Often, we see people who give negative opinions on stars they do not know yet like Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, etc.

    Tom Page

    Especially in today's "so-called country music.. Country ain't Country anymore.

  61. Teresa Anthony

    Love this song

  62. Georgina Paño

    Teach your children one of the best music i do like to sing and play guitar....😊🎶🎵🎼🎻

  63. Gerald Edelstein

    The 1 Concert I never made it to!

  64. Manny Badabing

    Are you ready for the country. Is that Jerry Garcia on steel guitar? Yes, I think it is. Goddamned pot smoking hippies.....😡

  65. Nathan Garcia

    Michael Scott brought me here

  66. Cam Gibb

    kids need grd 6 scare tactics about sex, germs, cancer causing viruses, for more then just the grd 6 girls I learned about in 1970 grd 6 me bugged girl friend sorta what was that all about ... she told me ... said to promise on honor of our close friendship ... I agreed... geeze i said, sorry to hear you have that to put up with sometime soon... she said thx, dont forget I promised her to tell no one... i repeated yes agreed sorry for you ... she smiled, tilted her head, put her hand to my cheek and said thx I'll like you always if you keep your promise Cam... I said wow um ya I tell no one not even my Mom. Promise was kept. Grd 7 next yr we rode same school bus lol to grd 7... there and back holding hands lol... :-) just kids thinking nothing other then cared for each other due to promise kept we winked about ;-) We let it go aftrer while as kids do and go for other friends etc ... no biggy much to us I guess. Those how do i express, nice innocent just big caring times we shared ... wow ... miss that lol ;-)

  67. Ellen Doucette

    As a teacher, this song never grows old. I loved it as a child and I love it even more now after having spent many years with young children.

  68. James wingert

    Wow, I’m looking
    at this record album and played it many times as a kid but never knew that it was Jerry Garcia playing the steel string guitar so iconically. Beautiful. He played the banjo, too. I used to play his recording of “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” to my kids; Garcia was amazing!

  69. กิ น เ ห ล้ า เ ก่ ง

    It's a nice song.

  70. paul ramsey

    I hereby dedicate this song to every single parent on this Earth.

  71. Clinton Pienaar

    What a song. Brings back such good memories. Beautiful, also sad

  72. Divina Ledwith

    How they are estelling. They we get inbell is should be in bells that is estect

  73. Roberto Gatchalian

    Remembering my childhood days....

  74. Irene Ramirez

    Zxx. Yo no sabia que tenías un hijo de 45 años.

  75. 1955annemarie

    When I was a struggling, very young, single mother, there were many times when I just felt that I didn't have the strength to go on...but I loved my babies so much... So I would put on this song, and I'd listen to it, and it ALWAYS made me feel so much better. In fact, this song deserves much of the credit for getting me through so many stressful times. After listening to this song, I'd be calmed down and smiling, realizing how very blessed I was to have such sweet, lovely children, and I'd go into their room, smiling, basking in their sweet "childhoodness."

    Thank you so much, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young...

    Brian Wolf

    I remember two weeks after finding out I was going to be a single parent of three young kids. I layed in bed one night, too tired to take my cloths off, and this song came on the radio. I cried like a baby. The next day I got up and realized I had just got "hired" for the most important job any human could have. The rest is history.


    I feel you and send you so much Love, 1955annemarie.

    David Shifley

    There is nothing better than a Mother's love ❤

  76. Gar Goil

    So sad that so many American parents in the late 20th century chose to teach their children to be Nazis. Now we must determine how to deal with the aftermath for generations to come.

  77. William Gilbert

    for Kevin cooper and Chris andry at food net christo rey

  78. Walter Nemasasi

    Used to listen to this in the late 80s starting my career. Now ending it and still listening

  79. Fitz Yehboah

    Pure and True..

  80. Mauro Ramos

    Tristemente se prohibió la música para la humanidad, y dio un pasó a la actualidad 😿

  81. Artur Silva


  82. Joy Stinson

    I sang this song to my country Alabama grand dad after came out who loved to sing and played several instruments....he quietly listened and enjoyed it...

  83. Claudia Katz-Palme

    Hello from Berlin, Germany, aint that great !!! I do not have children but try to keep this spirit to the grown ups as well

  84. peony Roses

    I heard this beautiful song many donkey years ago but totally forgotten about it until I scroll tru Melody movie. It's like stumbling upon ur old discarded treasure n how it suddenly brings back pleasant memories.

  85. Katin Ka

    🙈, das haben wir in den Siebzigern im Schulchor war das schön 😊

  86. Joanna Covington Imberi

    One of the BEST albums ever released!!

  87. Jennifer Bryant

    I was just looking for something to listen to and came across this I haven't heard this song in forever and forgot how much I love it

  88. Nina

    Missing my mother today. Regrets are hard. Things I said and did, things I should have said and done, and didn't. We always think we have more time, until our time's up.

  89. TheHighTower

    Jerry Garcia on pedal steel guitar!

  90. Hideo Kashioka


  91. Vivian McClure

    teach your children by EXAMPLE .. morals, values, decency... HONESTY.. and protect them through true PARENTAL care... parental APPS on all their computer devices, KNOW your kid's friends and their addresses and phone numbers and their friend's FAMILYS.... teach your kids NOT to take rides from strangers... teach your little girls to DRESS appropriately because there ARE predators out there who are aiming their sights on sexual abuse to YOUR kids/ boys or girls! TEACH your children by NOT abusing them yourselves.

  92. pati baumberger

    The harmony, the lyrics, the music, the instruments, everything about this song is superb.

  93. Josiah Quincy

    Jerry agreed to do the steel if they showed the dead some harmony lessons

  94. Len - Zeplin

    You know what? That sounds just Like Jerry Garcia playing Pedal Steel Guitar in the Background!

  95. Ed Johnston

    wonderful memories

  96. Erick Paolo D. Santos

    It was used for family rosary crusade life of the children in he Philippines in 1996

  97. Ryan Dzirnis

    I'm 36. My parents always played their songs. Grew up listening and loving this music!

  98. Alan Walthall

    we are the generation who were blessed with the music of a time to bring back memories of good things to remember oh the good old days