Crosby & Nash - Southbound Train Lyrics

Liberty, laughing and shaking your head
Can you carry the torch that'll bring home the dead?
To the land of their fathers whose lives you have lead
To the station at the end of the town
On the southbound train going down.

Equality, quietly facing the fist
Are you angry and tired that your point has been missed?
Will you go in the back-room
And study the list
Of the gamblers using the phone
On the southbound train going down

Fraternity, failing to fight back the tears
Will it take an eternity breaking all the fears?
And what will the passenger do when he hears -
That he's already paid for the crown
On the southbound train going down.

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Crosby & Nash Southbound Train Comments
  1. Scott Greasey

    One of my favorite Nash songs!

    John Wood

    This song and Military Madness are the best of his work

  2. Joachim Dahl

    What a song!!! wonderful

  3. jan mccoin

    Looking for a song about a southbound train headed nowhere?

  4. crobarus

    These guys were so good. Drugs and Crosby stopped them from Beatle Like.

    Mitchell Scott

    They weren't good; they were great. But Beatle like is a stretch.

  5. Treebard

    Glad someone recorded this for posterity. Enjoyed the lyric change: the gamblers "taping" the phones.

  6. Yorst Kiddeen