Crosby & Nash - Michael (Hedges Here) Lyrics

I saw you there like a fire in the sky
Then all I knew of you was gone
Except your music that I know will never die
Going on and on
Going on and on

In my life you were such a shining star
Burning bright for all to hear
And in the distance is the sound of your guitar
Playing loud and clear
Playing loud and clear
Michael, flame on
Michael, bright eye
Michael, shine through
Michael, goodbye

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Crosby & Nash Michael (Hedges Here) Comments
  1. Mark McCabe

    Great tribute to Michael Hedges - thanks for posting

  2. Marilyn Stephenson

    Beautiful tribute. Got to see Michael in Davis California at Palms Playhouse around 1999 and it was awesome.Have seen Crosby Stills Nash and sometimes Young around 3 times all in CA. Love all of you and miss Michael's music continuing on. Loved the song you guys did on his CD. Thanks.

  3. John Sagnella

    Great , great, great eulogy!! His Spirit lives.