Crosby & Nash - Live On (The Wall) Lyrics

I can't say we won the war,
But I can say we survived
Unlike some of your close friends,
Who died standing by your side
Did they serve their country well?
Fighting in a winless war
Soldiers on both sides can't tell
What it is they're fighting for

What were they dying for?
I guess somebody lied
And families felt the pain
As many mothers cried
And when we bought into the lie
Who was counting up the cost
Underneath a foreign sky
So many lives were lost

Their memory will live on, live on,
The wall and all its casualties
Live on, live on, carved in stone
For all to see, live on, live on

Serve to remind us all
Of the soldiers who have died
And the names upon the wall
Forever carved in stone,
The names of those who died
The soldiers on the wall

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