Crosby & Nash - Lee Shore Lyrics

Wheel gull spin and glide... you've got no place to hide
'Cause you don't need one

All along the lee shore
Shells lie scattered in the sand
Winking up like shining eyes, at me
From the sea

Here is one like sunrise
It's older than you know
It's still lying there where some careless wave
Forgot it long ago

When I awoke this morning
I dove beneath my floating home
Down below her graceful side in the turning tide
To watch the seafish roam

There I heard a story
From the sailors of the Sandra Marie
There's another island a day's run away from here
And it's empty and free

From here to Venezuela
There's nothing more to see
Than a hundred thousand islands
Flung like jewels upon the sea
For you and me

Sunset smells of dinner
Women are calling at me to end my tails
But perhaps I'll see you, the next quiet place
I furl my sails

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Crosby & Nash Lee Shore Comments
  1. DomLomYTP

    Fucking incredible. So happy to be alive to hear it.

  2. Turtle Creek

    He's been my least favorite ... but my most favorite! Hope you can relate. This is the best CSN Lyrics & Vocals ... but the 'tides' change my friends!

  3. tobythewuss

    Beautiful af

  4. ker bear

    David Crosby has the best voice and vocal range!

  5. James Williams

    Thank you for posting this. One of my favorites.

  6. Marty Palanos

    four way street version to me just a hair better, that album is in my top 5 of all time. MAGIC

  7. bodhi heeren

    Strange no one gives credit to the marvelous solo guitar from Stills.

  8. Anthony Monaghan

    Sublime...why was this never released as a single I wonder. Such a strong Crosby tune. Take me away...

  9. Gerard Stothard

    This is what you could call the miracle of musical evolution. Three musicians from buffalo Springfield, the birds and the hollies joining forces and becoming the best harmony group ever.

  10. krobk1953

    Oh those voices!  They will never come our way again.  Pure magic.

  11. Robbie

    David has one of the most beautiful angelic voices in music history

  12. Tony Dibble

    Amazing work of geniuses.

  13. Leonor Paqueo

    still the best and i'm singing! remembering my friends in college 1977-1982. i still love it and captivated my soul. tanx for publishing.

  14. byron suey

    this reminds me of some Doors songs that were released in the late 90's....HOW DID THIS NOT MAKE IT ONTO AN ALBUM???? Great song and recording!

  15. Fuudge

    This version is very nice, I live it! The song is a perfect one. The Four way street version though is the best.

  16. Ronnie

    This should have been on a studio album. But turmoil within the band scuttled a lot of good things (see Neil Young's song "Thrasher")

  17. Harrison

    I bought the album that had this song and let it play whilst going for a long drive. Immediately fell in love with the song. It paints a picture using words. David Crosby's lyrics and voice are so captivating and immersive

    Dove beneath my floating home down her graceful side in the turning tide to watch the sea fish roam.

    It's older than you know, it's still lying here forgotten long ago by some careless wave.

  18. Sicon000

    Check out the 1974 Live album track for this song. Crosby and Nash's harmonies are mesmerizing

  19. Dennis Hastings

    Fantastic version.

  20. tom johnston

    this one should have gone on the first or second album for sure big mistake not to include this little gem on one of those albums

  21. ltschmidt02

    To me this song is about death. I don't know why. But it is. I listened to it over and over when both my dog and a good friend died. I think it is the sincerity and seriousness of it.

  22. quogir1

    Dallas Taylor

  23. Rock Singer

    Let's see this is 10/17/2018 these guys are toast ~ Not talking to one and other ~

  24. M.J. Music

    One of my favourite David Crosby songs. Love it on 4 Way Street, but this Version is perfect. For more good music take a look at my Playlists. ;-)

  25. Mark S

    Beautiful rhythm and groove. Love it. Stills guitar not be underestimated.

  26. Scott Rogers

    Try the live version from "The Best of Crosby & Nash: The ABC Years", pretty awesome..

  27. Gui seven

    Love it..

  28. Hold The Bacon

    This is the most beautiful and favorite of all their songs for me. I love it. It reminds me of a time in my life when someone dear to me left me a compilation of CSNY at the hospital I woke up in in the 70's after I'd been hit by a car. I listened to it over and over again...and in my rehabilitation, after being told I'd never walk un-aided...I showed them though. Good prevails out of awesomeness...this song and Simple Man...there's nothing to say except they are the diamonds in my life...And life has been VERY good to me...!

  29. Kenny Chaffin

    They Don't Make Music Like this Any More. :(

  30. aline c.

    Moby dick

  31. Carolyn Boyd

    Play Steven.

  32. tim brady

    Wow. Great version. At their best. I will miss seeing them live but am grateful for all the CSN (Y) concerts of the past.

  33. Cowboyangel

    extremely beautiful version of this song

  34. Schnorbi

    Crosby such a cool dude

  35. Von Hindenburg

    I think neil

  36. Von Hindenburg

    Who does the solo? Neil? Or graham?

  37. acommondisaster

    Find the 4way street version much more of a haunting soulful version. this is nice in its own way, but it lacks the wistfullness of 4 way street.Enjoyed the video along with this one.

  38. edward

    Great, great, great, when Crosby sings "EMPTY AND FREE".
    Before, never belived in american romantism.
    So much touch this song.

  39. Susan Bryce

    your songs here are indentical to a mix tape i made many moons ago and to happen upon your channel today is like a happy gift of timeless memory and refreshing reassurance in this new year 2018

    Galah Townsville

    "mix tapes" ... I grew up on them and still have them in a box under the spare bed.

  40. Neilmoth1


  41. radiootoo

    Beautiful job with the visuals!

  42. Jonathan Harrold

    David's songs are my favorites

  43. Di Sun

    My favorite CSN song...beautiful lyrics

  44. Beatrissa Sibirskaya

    I love this!

  45. Diane Lyon

    This is the BEST!!

  46. Gerard Stothard

    close. your eyes relax , and picture the part where music and the written word transport you to a place you can see in your dreams, all this without drugs.

  47. ac_metalgods

    this song takes you somewhere...just close ur eyes and go.

  48. Tim Smith

    The Best!Post 215🏆

  49. Malcolm Platt

    Never heard this version, great rearrangement.

  50. Manuel Theunissen

    This is the best version of this beautiful song !!!

  51. Tom Redd

    nice version. never heard this cut before.

  52. gary

    thats what you call singing

  53. Paulette m

    love this song. brings back memories of days sailing in Bahamas and keys, Sweat.

  54. Johnny Russell

    If the last thing I hear in my mind as I am leaving this world I will go out happy.

    John Andrews

    Completely agree - I'm going to put this on the sound track that will be played at my memorial service, along with "Desperado".

  55. RG Fontaine

    One of David's best songs.

    Boz Ajanovic

    If not the best.

  56. cruisin jude

    Perfection. No music around like this these days.

    Thilo Klingel

    Here you go:

  57. John Cardona

    Still resonating

  58. Chris Degenhardt

    Thank u

  59. rollerpuppy

    Don't hear this too often...that's a shame

  60. triptoyourheart

    This is the definitive version of the song. It was originally recorded for Deja Vu album but didn't make it to the final product. It was then finally released on the CSN box set after David sang the beautiful new vocals in '91. Also Stills' and Nash's harmonies were added then. Although the original vocals were amazing, they completely lacked the dynamics and the drama of the '91 vocals and obviously David wasn't happy with the original take.

  61. Peter van Zetten

    Close to perfection!

  62. Richard Franklin

    A surprisingly difficult song to sing and get exactly right like David Crosby does. This version is so smooth with some great guitar solos.

  63. Dazzar wildcamp

    my favourite,love the 4 way street version

  64. Pablo Hoving

    OOooo , beatifully !

  65. William Daley

    Don't make music like this no more too bad


    they do, you just gotta look a little harder :)

    Steven Brooks

    you look hardest when you're in your 20s

    สาระ และความบรรเทิง

    William Daley that's a double negative.

  66. Oded Fried-Gaon


  67. Ronnie

    this has to be one of their top 3 songs, but didn't make it onto a studio album! A shame.

  68. Margriet den Tulp

    I could wander around for years on the lee shore..

  69. Margriet den Tulp

    there's an other Island .... empty and free sunset smells a dinner....

  70. Steve Herb

    Very interesting, however I prefer the stripped down version on CSNY 1974. Love the pics!

  71. Samantha Stern

    This song is perfection. It gives me the shivers every time I hear it. Croz's voice just soars, doesn't it?

  72. Kathleen K

    Thank you, this is one of my favorite songs, never heard this it!

  73. Howard Shapiro

    By far the best song written by Crosby and one that stands up to the standard set by Stills and Nash. A classic.


    +Howard Shapiro I'd be happier if it were about 55 minutes longer. The best by far, you're so right.


    Errr, uhhh... Although I love this song... I point you to... david crosby if i could only remember my name (Play the whole album,not just the song).

    Zandra Platzek

    Howard Shapiro well said

  74. Julie Johnson


  75. Steadman Uhlich

    Such a beautiful song, with soul and harmony.  As a sailor this one speaks to me. 

  76. Paulette Horn

    This is my favorite version and the hardest to find!! I've already played it 10 times already!! I don't know why but it just takes my mind somewhere else!! I just love it!!!

    Joseph Brooks

    Me too!!

    John Andrews

    Yes, distinctly better version than the one I originally downloaded, and more to the point: I completely agree, I'm transported to somewhere "between here and Venezuela" with the breeze filling the sails.


    def best version from the 1991 box set, which has some GREAT CSNY unreleased tracks (homeward through the haze...almost cut my hair long version......taken at all.... they have some other great tracks they never released, such as CSN's cover of How Have You Been... Crosby's stuff with the dead etc... too many great songs to count

    James Alexander

    professormacdeezy thanks for the info! Agree with all the comments here about this version. Listening to this takes me to a distant beach at sunset

  77. Riff Bear

    I like how lee shore sounds like leisure, because this song is so chill! 

  78. Timmypeck

    This here is a version from CSNY rehearsals for the 1970 European tour. I believe this was done on Dec. 28, 1969 at the house Stills rented from Peter Tork....I'm pretty sure this was done outside....could be wrong about that though.  They were at The Royal Albert Hall In London on Jan 6. I never have heard of them ever doing this style live version...although I do recall hearing a real shitty version at Oakland in 74...but then just about everything they did that tour was shitty. They must be really sugarcoating that live record Nash is putting together........think I'll skip it.

    Diane Lyon

    28/12/69 was my husband's 18th birthday...he loves this too!

  79. swingmanu

    They keep changing their versions, and that's keeping them inspired!! 

  80. Robert Aptheker

    Holy shit! That's beyond words. Different than Crosby-Nash Live 1977.
    That was a great backup band with David Lindley and such.
    But this is mind blowing! The harmonies toward the end of the lyric could be the best ever in my opinion. Thank you for the natural high!

    Diane Lyon

    Well put, Robert! It is sensational!

    Tony Dibble

    Pure skill, genius and beauty all rolled in one

  81. Boz Ajanovic

    All kudos to David Crosby for writing and singing this marvelous song. I loved it since I was 16. :)

  82. nikkythanh

    bonne annee 2014 et tout ce que l'on peut espérer pour avoir la paix !! immense .....

  83. nikkythanh

    Géant  ! top +++

  84. GopalaJaiJai

    First heard this special song on Four Way Street. Enjoy seeing the photo of Laura Nyro at 2:15 helping in the studio. Great harmony.

  85. B Malatesta

    Henry Diltz with his trusty us all these wonderful memories from the past

  86. eugenio dante guerra

    where are they now ? really miss them.....

  87. doorbell5

    a beauty

  88. Kevin McCabe


  89. triptoyourheart

    Actually, the backing track is from 28 of december 1969. Here you can hear it with Crosbys original '69 vocals: (that he was obviously not happy with.) /watch?v=RD_qaDqXklg

  90. triptoyourheart

    Yes it's true that Crosby sang this lead in '91 to a '70 backing track (from the Deja-Vu sessions). Also all the other vocals by Nash and Stills were recorded in '91. The C & N live version from '76 is pretty good but this is the definitive version, absolutely.

  91. Jim Mycock

    My awesome jack Russell is named Crosby. Nuff said :) x

  92. Jubach

    Yeah it's totally him. Just listened to it at full volume, haha.

  93. Jubach

    Is that really Neil saying that?

  94. KALINKA NomadXperience

    Oooooh, just the best ever,....

  95. awena9

    On what album is this version of the song ( not the one from 4 way street) except on the box set edition?

  96. quogir1

    best ever.deep emotions

  97. Bill Turley

    I got very emotional when i read your note, I guess because I have felt the same way about Crosby for a long time. CS&N music has been an intimate part of my life for a long time. thanks for your comment.


  98. StanBennet

    And no, I don't want to read a book. My imagination reading an author's words wouldn't do me justice towards just watching a film play out.

  99. StanBennet

    I'm not the biggest fan of these guys -- HOWEVER -- I've always been extremely curious about them and had always wished someone would've done a film on them.

  100. quogir1

    this is evil. must cannot describe it otherwise :) ´´sunset smells of dinner