Crosby & Nash - Laughing Lyrics

I though I met a man who said he knew a man
Who knew what was going on
I was mistaken, only another stranger that I knew

And I thought that I'd found the light
To guide me through my nights and all my darkness
I was mistaken, it was only reflections of a shadow that I saw

And I thought I've seen someone who seemed at last
To know the truth
I was mistaken, only a child laughing in the sun

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh in the sun

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Crosby & Nash Laughing Comments
  1. sneaker face vids

    Not csn

  2. James P

    Well first thing this isn't CSN! This is off David's first lp If I could only remember my name!


    James P ...and placed on this CSN Disk #1

    Cynthia LeVeque


  3. Jen Robbie

    Fucking awesome song!

  4. Diego Martinez


  5. Tullio Moras

    Very great song and elegant execution by CSN

  6. wayne moores

    But it's not CSN only. It's from Crosby's first solo album and a whole bunch of people helped out on the record.


    wayne moores ...but, it was placed on the 4disk CSN collection...great tune!


    James P

    Thx should of scrolled if u like Crosby add him to your Twitter favorites.. he's active on Twitter and answered my tweets & likes! Try it!

  7. Bobby Hamilton

    Beautiful song 😊