Crosby & Nash - Guinnevere Lyrics

Guinnevere had green eyes
Like yours, mi'lady like yours
When she'd walk down
Through the garden
In the morning after it rained
Peacocks wandered aimlessly
Underneath an orange tree
Why can't she see me?
Drew pentagrams
Like yours, mi'lady like yours
Late at night
When she thought
That no one was watching at all
She shall be free
As she turns her gaze
Down the slope
To the harbor where I lay
Anchored for a day
Had golden hair
Like yours, mi'lady like yours
Streaming out when we'd ride
Through the warm wind down by the bay
Seagulls circle endlessly
I sing in silent harmony
We shall be free

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Crosby & Nash Guinnevere Comments
  1. P C

    This is just to let you know kids your grandma and grandpa weren't just cool -they were sub zero.

  2. Damon9

    The youngsters really ought to hear this...

  3. Jim Smethurst

    The second album of my long lost youth. The first? Why that was stand up by Jethro tull. Happy days. Great track. Unusual guitar tuning I reckon.

  4. Paolo Magherini

    Sono appassionato di diversi generi musicali dall'hard rock/heavy metal alla musica operistica, generi in cui si ascoltano voci di straordinaria qualità vedi Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Robert Planr, Roger Daltrey, Luciano Pavarotti, Carlo Bergonzi, Alfredo Kraus, ma le armonie che sanno creare le voci di David Crosby e Graham Nash sono incredibili. Questo pezzo, Guinnevere, è un concentrato di raffinatezza, dolcezza e qualità vocale di prim'ordine. Da sottolineare anche la parte chitarristica di Stills altro grande musicista.

  5. mbfenner

    Has a definite eeriness to it.

  6. Reese McHenry

    I let my "Guinnevere" go. She had green eyes and golden hair. WTF was I thinking??!!

  7. George Eldon

    In the early nineties I would play this song for one friend at a time...we would sit back to back, lightly touching
    And sway to this while we were really stoned

  8. Lewis Nash

    Music has a wonderful way of reminding you of a time in your life. I had a "Guinnevere" and messed it up , so when i hear this song I will always wonder, "what if"? But then, I spend far too much time looking in the rear view mirror when I should concentrate on whats in the windshield.

  9. john thompson

    This song conjures up the feeling of sitting by a crystal clear brook in a serene medieval/temperate forest with a guitar, wooing most beautiful woman you ever saw, with music and song.

  10. Bob S

    hauntingly beautiful, kind of like pretty ballerina !!

  11. Dale Griffim

    David Crosby was special talent, and believe me he had alot of issues like we all do,but that man was just a music genius

  12. Maggie Schmidt


  13. us and them

    Guinnevere had green toes, like those, lady like those

  14. The Anxious Pagan

    Childhood memories ♥️

  15. Nicole S

    Love this song

  16. Ashra Tempel

    Never gets old.

  17. brian miller

    Oh the memories, the memories.If I could only find a time machine

  18. cathy struska

    The most beautiful tranquil song. It sounds like a sweet dream you don't want to end. And sad when you awaken. Only to wish you could stay forever....TJ STRUSKA

  19. Tara Spring Music

    This song brings back sooooo many wonderful memories of running through a field of green with the wind in my soul and the light in my hair.

  20. AltarEarth

    God what a beautiful song . Genius.

  21. Mark Gregory

    By anyone's standard, a wonderful, wonderful song. Top of his game.

  22. Like Dislike

    Miles' cover is better

  23. Scarlette Sinlorde

    This has been my favorite song since I was a little girl, I feel a strong connection with gwennivere, we both have golden hair and green eyes, this song is the reason I carved a pentagram onto the thigh. It gives a deep sense of connection with the maiden aspect of the goddess . Blessed be!

  24. Ashley Terzado

    Guinnevere had green eyes
    Like yours, mi'lady like yours
    When she'd walk down
    Through the garden
    In the morning after it rained
    Peacocks wandered aimlessly
    underneath an orange tree
    Why can't she see me?
    Drew pentagrams
    Like yours, mi'lady like yours
    Late at night
    When she thought
    that no one was watching at all
    She shall be free
    As she turns her gaze
    Down the slope
    to the harbor where I lay
    Anchored for a day
    Had golden hair
    Like yours, mi'lady like yours
    Streaming out when we'd ride
    Through the warm wind down by the bay
    Seagulls circle endlessly
    I sing in silent harmony
    We shall be free

  25. Bruce Hutchison

    Float away

  26. Jj F

    I believe the year was 1969 and I was just 14 years old. CSNY and Co were playing in Dallas Texas and it was my first concert ever. We had 10th row center section seats (that I believe cost either 13.00 or 17.00 each). I remember when they sang the song GUINEVERE, it was beautiful and in the solitude of that moment around 4 minutes in, a tiny baby began to wail. It was serendipity at it's finest.

  27. Ronald Charles Epstein

    Who inspired that song?

  28. Kimberly Brittain

    How beautifully tranquil!

  29. robert logan

    have you been to this place?? I feel that I have. down the slope to the harbor. and the pentagrams on the wall too. bob

  30. Bernie Brio'con

    Hard to top it

  31. robert logan

    excuse,, seagulls circle endlessly I sing in silent harmony we shall be free. bob

  32. robert logan

    seagulls circle aimlessly. we shall be free. bbo

  33. Ann Wilson

    I did a lot of deep meditation listening to this song.😌

  34. kostas nousis

    someone lyrics if u please

  35. Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    I was 14 yrs old when I first heard this. I've never forgotten it and I never will.. beautiful.

  36. Ziggy Zagged

    I saw crosby stills and nash in 1985 with my brother at the Worcester Centrum when it was called the Worcester Centrum in Worcester Massachusetts one of the best concerts i went to along with seeing Rush 7 times.. Van Halen.. Pink Floyd. Yes. Heart . Aerosmith. Zeppelin. Joe Walsh. George Thorogood. Grateful Dead. The Doors. The Beatles. Joan Baez. Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix. Sly and the Family Stone. Ten Years After. Joe Cocker. The Rolling Stones. David Bowie. Elton John. Donovan.. Thats about it. Unfortunately I only saw the Beatles once and Pink Floyd once in Germany at the Wall concert that was amazing the best time of my life! 💃 ♥

  37. Đina Vejin

    The Best

  38. J Santana

    God bless hippies. They made it cool.

  39. fs2728

    One of my favorite songs whenever i smoke dope.

  40. Just Wasting My Time

    m'lady (tips fedora)

  41. axs203

    I hope they can come together for Woodstock 50 and just put all their arguments aside

  42. plurbodude

    This song is beyond good. It is the essence of Psychedelia itself. The good part,the innocent yet insightful beauty of psychedelia. Pure talent and beauty. David Crosby at his absolute best

  43. Jon Hansen

    Stephen Stills keeps his feet off the couch. Manners. Good parents.

  44. Josh Aubrey

    Angel. Had green eyes . Like yours my lady like yours. She walk down to the crowd in the morning. Why did I see them both there behind me that night. As she appeared in Gray and black .with eyes so green. Nero ducks below and comes up so swift. Captin America with his gun and the bus so full of drifting spirits caught in the windows and below the seats ..this man holds a lady with hand so round and armored. He takes his place in my mind's eye. We get to the open spaces. I'm picked up by the mustang ninja himself. A long line of short white people are going to the house. After a hello and a drink I'm by the fire the ashes of what seamed like a spiritual snake are burning and the ashes go up one by one a person is in the smoke catching each spark and making designs. The forest shows a horror..a peaking elephant with a turtle shell . I see three of teenage mutant Ninja turtle elephants..and they get real close to me in my lawn chair that reclines ..a small trouble bubble walks over to me blending in as the table . I feel something touch my back and like install.some thing on my back...the trouble bubble starts to fill up. With blood ..I drift off and my friend jaun mancara says....hey it's time to go in.

  45. betterstill100

    Grew up to this music. Can’t listen to today’s except for Contemporary 💕💕💕💕💕Christian. Magnificent songwriting

  46. Andrew Phillips

    One of those tracks you’d hear on the local FM station at 4am on a Sunday morning. Very, very, VERY laid back.

  47. R Gjr

    I have absolutely no idea who this is but it's absolutely gorgeous and it is like the 1960's version of Pink Floyd hit me if I'm wrong but that's the genre

    R Gjr

    Oh...i see who almost blind, really😎

  48. Edward Munhoz Mundy


  49. Victor Duffany

    This song makes me miss someone named Bonnie who I knew long ago.

  50. cathy struska

    Beautiful, hypnotic hippie trip

  51. Jinson Twapoa

    probably the best 90s alt rock song of the 60s

  52. Lawrence Kenchen

    Sweet, soft and beautiful! Always.

  53. ryan Mckinstry

    Hypnotic ...synapse soothing...makes the dead world vanish ala some rope of sand...Q.E.D. ad infinititum....

  54. peter ryder

    It's worth having a whole career just to create one song as great as this. Sublime!

  55. Mark Patrick

    Coconut Grove in Miami....

  56. Larry Reid

    This is a masterpiece. It does not need "remastering." I started college in the fall of 1969 when this was released. I had just come home from combat in Vietnam and this song took my breath away. I didn't appreciate the symbology until later. Still one of my all time favorite songs.


    Thank you for your service.

  57. Carolyn Boyd


  58. Charleybones


  59. North Woods

    When is Opeth going to cover this?

  60. Tveshag

    One Of The Best songs Ever…...
    Thank You For Sharing Quality Music.....

  61. Lisa S

    Very sad that the latest comment was 5 yrs ago!! Kids need to be introduced to good music!!

  62. DustInTheWind54

    David Crosby’s voice is like the gentle caress of a lover.

  63. DustInTheWind54

    Hauntingly Beautiful ~ Acoustic & Vocal Alchemy.

  64. Edward Hdez

    Fun fact Hiroki Kikuta the music composer of the snes game secret of mana, composed the song "Into the thick of it" inspired by this song.

  65. M Rodgers

    God I love this album

  66. Julie Casey

    Well I'm here, it was the last song before he was gone forever Chris Rose Works...only for some.

  67. Jett Rink

    You 68 yr olds understand...
    Seems we had just smoked some good hashish while listening to this. In that state of mind this song seemed to go on forever.

  68. Peggy Kaufman

    One of my favorite songs in my life😏Love Crosby Stills and Nash

  69. Christian Nantel

    Listening to this in 2019

  70. bonbon2355

    I love this time in our lives. The songs were amazing.

  71. Mal te

    Am i the only one who thinks that this sounds like one of the soundtracks of "secret of mana" on SNES?

    bill ding

    It's not a coincidence. Kikuta used the same chord changes.

    Mal te

    @bill ding but was it on purpose? I mean, did he was inspired by exactly that song?

    bill ding

    @Mal te Yes. He acknowledged this in an interview.

  72. robert logan

    the beauty of this song is unreal!!! the story down by the bay. we shall be free a cool trip the lyrics and the tune are awesome bob

  73. Tom Pearson

    it feels like tripping in another dimension.

  74. John Rapp

    For J. J., 1974.

  75. Cabbycabbage

    For the last 35 years I have loved this recording and so pleased to hear it again. The album has been lost for so long. Thanks for uploading. Almost made me weep to hear it again. But what it reminded me of will remain no business of anyone else. Great stuff.

  76. distracted spaces

    Capolavoro, dovrebbe essere proposto più spesso in radio

  77. Klaus Toth

    These guys played Woodstock. More legendary is not possible.

  78. Gene Partlow

    It's astonishing just how good they were.

  79. - XxJimmyPagexX -

    What beautiful guitar. Never heard this song before. New discovery $$$

  80. alton faircloth

    A place & time where magik filled the air and sometimes some pot to get you there.....A long time ago....???

  81. Carolyn Boyd

    A sense of timing.Always their forte.

  82. Kent Aldrich

    Unusual modulation: starts on minor key then up a minor third to another minor key. Makes the song. So if he started out in E minor he alternates with G minor.

  83. Kent Aldrich

    The year was 1976. CSNY came to UNC or Duke for a concert. I was there.
    In the midst of a great show, they changed the pace a bit and launched into Guinevierre. One guy in the audience, high up in the crowd, was not pleased. Loud chants of "Rock and Roll! Rock and Roll!" drifted down to the stage, disrupting the beautiful song and greatly annoying Crosby. The guy wouldnt stop. So Crosby, mid song, simply stopped singing, turned around and screamed "Shut the f*ck up!!!", then quietly resumed as the crowd roared in approval.

    It's a sacred song. Too sacred to be spoiled by some jackass probable Stones fan.

  84. Kent Aldrich

    Every time I hear this now, I am reminded of how Crosby lamented how hard it was for him to write songs at times. He was comparing himself to his friend at the time, Joni Mitchell. Joni wrote effortlessly. Crosby was a bit jealous, and I think Guenivere was especially hard with weeks of agonizing

  85. june 01

    it feels like 1969.

  86. Professor Time

    It's 2018 and the entire world has gone to utter and complete crap.
    But if you put on headphones, lie on a couch, and listen to this with your eyes closed, it's 1969 again.

    Dale Griffim

    Lee Torry yes, i definitely agree with you about FLEET FOXES,they are one of my favorite folk bands

    John M.

    For me, it's 1980 again, I have a Walkman on my hip, and I'm taking the chairlift to the top of the mountain somewhere in Colorado, surveying the snow-covered landscape, ready for another downhill run. A rare moment of peace & beauty.

    Andrea de Giudici

    Sì, ritorno alla mia adolescenza ormai lontanissima


    @Kent Aldrich 1974 Day on the Green CSNY AWESOME concert. Met a girl there and we really hit it off. Unfortunately she went
    to the Lady's room and never saw her again. Lisa where are you?????

    Patrick Sharp

    the world went to crap in 1969 too. the music was better but the world was VERY fucked up then too.

  87. Peter Fountotos

    I was lucky enough to find this vinyl record in pristine condition years ago for a few dollars. I gave it a bath and oh my, there is some amazing music in those old grooves.

  88. Smufter16

    One of my Desert Island songs....haunting, beautiful, and sad. 
    R.I.P. Christine (Crosby's girlfriend and the muse for this song who was killed in an auto accident)

  89. AlyssaQ420

    Such a magical song.

  90. Péter Mai

    How human, how clear!

  91. Martin Franco

    I actually like Miles Davis version better (for meditation) although this is undoubtedly beautiful.
    Same with Wooden Ships, I like Jefferson Airplanes version best. But, Crosby definitely an awesome songwriter and excellent singer as well...

  92. Martin Franco

    Dig Miles Davis version for a DEEPLY psychedelic take on this song...

  93. Isabella Bresci

    Reminds me of my teens.... nostalgia...

  94. degaulle30

    Somewhere in Switzerland there is a field where I still am 8 years on, and this is still playing.

    Janet H

    What a beautiful memory.

  95. ruben hinojosa

    She’d walk down thru the garden in the morning after it rained. I was there, and she left no footprints just a fragrance I will never forget.

  96. Jose Assunção